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  1. Hello Stephen. Thank you for your time troubleshooting this issue. I've attached the screenshot you've requested. I'm using a modified fuel policy based on the EU-OPS. I've thought about it and I've experimented with other standard fuel policies and the results were the same... yesterday. Today I've just run PFPX again with the same planning and everything worked perfectly fine. I have FHAW and it's fuel on the OFP. Everything is back to normal. Yesterday it wasn't showing. I did restart PFPX yesterday and the alternate fuel did not appeared for this particular flight, even though it was appearing for other calculations with different city pairs. And now with the same aircraft (performance file, etc) and same conditions on PFPX (fuel policy, etc) it is calculating just fine. Consider this issue self-solved. Strange but solved. Best regards. TAP8057 FACT-FHSH (25-Feb-2019) #1.pdf
  2. Thank you, David. I'm aware of the user defined directs. That's not the issue I've found. The problem is the absence of the ALTN FUEL figure in the OFP. I've entered a valid route for the FACT-FHSH and a valid route for FHSH-FHAW. The FHSH-FHAW fuel and route disappear from the OFP as soon as the flight is "Released". That's a bug, I believe!
  3. Hello all. It's not the first time this happens to me (I believe already happening before this major v2 update) but I've noticed an issue with the flight planning tool. I'm trying to plan a flight from FACT (Cape Town) to FHSH (Saint Helena). The route finder isn't able to find a proper route for the flight (I do have NG1902 and the FEB routes and directs installed properly). When I plan a manual route and calculate the flight (either using EDTO or disabling EDTO) the OFP comes without fuel for the alternate airport. Only the route, contingency, taxi, etc. I believe this is reproducible. Here's my data: FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 14155 ........ 03:47 CONT 5% 708 ........ 00:20 FINAL RESV 1054 ........ 00:30 ETP ADD 221 ........ MIN T/O 16138 ........ 04:37 ..................................... EXTRA ...... ........ ..... CAPTAINS SIGNATURE (....) TAXI 100 ........ 00:10 RELEASE 16238 ........ 04:47 I ACCEPT THIS OFP AND I AM FAMILIAR ARR FUEL 1933 ........ 00:45 WITH THE PLANNED ROUTE AND AERODROMES This flight was planned with FHAW (Ascencion) as Alternate using the following route: SH DCT ASI (also manual since the route finder wasn't able to find a route for this pair). I've tried with other alternates with the same result. Is there a connection with the route finder being unable to find a proper route and the contingency fuel being omitted from the OFP? Best regards, Pedro Carvalho Is there a co TAP8057 FACT-FHSH (22-Feb-2019) #1.pdf
  4. Hello. First of all: congratulations on the V2 release! It's so good to see development continuing for this great software. I'd like to ask what's the current status regarding the tropopause values. The vertical profile chart doesn't display the tropopause value and the commands shown on the (old) flightplan template guide are not really helpful. The command <&Tropopause> appears to be broken and the command <&TOCTropopause> is still showing FL361 for all calculations. The last information I recall stated something like the weather provider not releasing acceptable values for the tropopause and thus this parameter was inhibited from the PFPX interface. I assume that if this was the case then, this situation continues today? Is there anything that can be done regarding this issue? Best regards.
  5. Beautiful! It will be a very welcome version!
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