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  1. e3eretiko to repaint sou tis olympic air!! 8a borouses file mou na kaneis kai me CFM kinitires? 8a to ektimouusa idiaiterws!!

  2. Here at AVSIM : GermanWings Airbus x A320 CFM !!! download.php
  3. Now, it's available at AVSIM library. !!!! Happy flights.
  4. UPLOADING, ....still not working.
  5. If you want to have cargo lights,.... just add this lines under A320 Lights in aircraft.cfg : light . 8 = 4, 25.00, 0.00, -5.50, fx_vclighth light . 9 = 4, -23.00, 0.00, -5.50, fx_vclighth light . 10 = 4, -25.00, 0.00, -5.50, fx_vclighth Cargo lights 're same with the panel lights.!!! Happy flights.
  6. UPLOADING, still not working.
  7. Now, it's ready for take off.!!!!! Happy flights.
  8. onyx

    Coming soon !!

    It's ready, but can't UPLOAD my work... or any screenshots !!
  9. onyx

    Coming soon !!

    Will be ready next week !!
  10. I will post more screenshots ... i hope soon !!
  11. Now, it's ready for take off.... Happy flights.
  12. It's in progress....
  13. It will be ready for take off... tomorrow !! Happy flights.
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