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  1. Hi. Please make sure you are following the below procedure. I presume you are doing this from cold and dark. • Ensure you have fuel in the left and right wingtanks. • Start the APU • On the overhead panel ensure the fuel pumps are on. • Ensure bleed air is on. • There is a knob next to the Bleed air, I think it is the bleed air valve. Ensure it is set to Auto or On. • On the pedestal right click the knob so that it turns to Ignition. • Click the switch for either engine 1 or 2. The engines should now start. Chris
  2. I love Aes, but it doesn't stop me from flying from airports that don't have it. Chris
  3. Hi. Unfortunately you can't set speed or altitude constraints. As for entering waypoints like in your example, the best thing is to use a flight planner like FSCommander. Chris
  4. Thanks Shaun. I've posted the issue on their forum. Chris
  5. Try loading your flight with a default aircraft and then load the Airbus. Chris
  6. Guys, I've not noticed your issues but will try and test it over the weekend. Note for the ILS you only have to put in the freq or the prefix i.e. ISX (Rwy22 Stansted) and then enter the course. Maybe this will work better for you. As for the TOD; the lower flight level needs to be entered prior to TOD i.e. when cruising at FL330 enter FL200 and push the alt button. Then at the TOD the descent will start automatically. Nothing will happen automatically if you do it at TOD or after. Chris
  7. Hi. Installation of FDC 2011 goes fine; after installation running the program for the first time asks for the user to click 'Yes' for English, and then state if you want the auto update notification program to run (I said yes). Once this has been done FDC exits. Clicking on the shortcut or the executable in the directly results in the FDC window image appearing, however it then closes. In Task Manager, there is no indication of the program running in the background. Looking at the manual I should be presented with a tool to select/configure aircraft. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue here? Thanks, Chris
  8. That was quick Bob, I was just about to link your comments from a previous post Chris
  9. Hi. In your account you will find 2 download links for V1.21. The 1st is a complete (full) install of V1.21, that is the one you need. Below that there is a 2nd V1.21 that says update V1.20 to V1.21. I believe that is what you have downloaded. Chris
  10. Are you experiencing issues with this feature? Chris
  11. Hi. It's not possible at the moment and I appreciate it is a real pain! But it is being looked at the next update, so it will get corrected. Chris
  12. You are out of line disrespecting another developer on these forums. Nick's advice has been very good over the years and has influenced the system I have today. I am sticking up for him here, but I have had disagrements with him at times. Some tweaks work for some and not for others. It really does depend on your set up. I use very few tweaks now as technology/drivers have advanced. I am very grateful to him re-engineering the Nvidia drivers that are used on the GTX 480 amongst others i.e the latest drivers. Nhancer was taking no effect and the anti-aliasing was terrible. Thanks to Nick the drivers now work fine with the the GTX 480 and FSX. If you have an issue with Nick please go on the Flight1 forums and I'm sure he will be happy to challenge your points. Don't bring your arguments here. Chris
  13. Unfortunately Shaun that won't work and it can even lead to further problems with your flightplan. Hopefully Finn will address this for the next update. Chris
  14. Hi. Unfortunately there does seem to be a minority that are struggling with Airbus X and your comments are being noted. V1.21 is in the works but I think it will be done in slower time and not as a hotfix. I haven't had any major issues flying the aircraft manually or using autoland. It largely only gies wrong when I don't do things right. Perhaps you could explain the difficulties you're having and maybe the guys on the forum could advise you. Hang in there Chris
  15. I'm also having no issues with the toe brakes on my G940 pedals. A number of the Beta testers have this problem too. Chris
  16. Hi. You're not doing anything wrong, it is just a current limitation of the MCDU. Basically, I think it has been programed on the basis of doing a single flight i.e. what a typical user would do. Currently your best option is to load the flight plan for the second leg. Chris
  17. It was noted after release that SP2 vs Accel could cause some issues, one of which was regarding climb rate. Given this it is good to identify any common factors between users configurations. Chris
  18. Assuming you have bought it you need to ensure couatl.exe is activated. It can be launced manually from within the fsdreamteam folder, but it should be included included in your exe.xml document (located where your FSX.cfg is). Chris
  19. Spot on. It is a mipmap issue however it isn't really Aerosoft's fault as they're only the distributor and not the developer. It is beyond me why the developers mipmaps some textures and not others! Aerosoft should engage with the developers and ensure the textures are delivered to the highest standard possible. Chris
  20. Are you engaging AP2 when using Autoland? Chris
  21. cbd80


    Hi. No there is no other command setting. Very strange. You do appear to have pushed the HDG knob for managed mode, however it can clearly be seen that it is still in select mode. Chris
  22. Not seen this during Beta or with V1.2 so far. What start-up config are you encountering this with i.e. Cold & Dark etc? Looking at your screenshot it appears to be your Ailerons that are activated not the speedbrake; note the deflection of the left and right ailerons. Is your joystick calibrated correctly? Chris
  23. This is an issue I highlighted alot during Beta; however in crosswind landings the Airbus seems to correct itself pretty well without pilot intervention on the rudder. Right or wrong it doesn't seem to be hindering Airbus X. Chris
  24. Those having issues, what is your FSX version i.e. SP2, Accel etc Chris
  25. Hi. Problem has been noted during Beta, however still awaiting a fix from the developers. As for the right hand PFD its appearence seems to vary system to system. Chris
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