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  1. I dont have anything pass local/packages
  2. I am experiencing the exact same thing, is your nose hear turned hard to the right too?
  3. I am experiencing severe issues with this add on. Nothing turns on, the sim never initialized the airplane after it said to wait 10 minutes or more. The ailerons on the aircraft are up on one side and down the other and the nose wheel is at a 90 degree angle, the screens are black and I cant turn the EFB on at all.
  4. I should also note that I never experienced a loading time on the first start up, it just loaded right into the sim no wait or anything.
  5. Hello, Im having an issue with the aircraft being totally unresponsive. The screens including the EFB are black and wont turn on. I've adjusted the brightness but still nothing. I waited a half hour in case it was still loading. The nose wheel is stuck at a 90 degree angle, there are no cockpit animations either. If i hit ctrl+e the engines start the aircraft will move but the nose gear is still turned hard left even if the aircraft goes straight. The logo, nav beacon lights are on and cant be turned off.
  6. As the tittle suggests I am experiencing a very strange issue with the A330. When I try to taxi with the aircraft I can put the throttles at TOGA and it will not move. I can put the throttles at any percentage and the aircraft stays still. Then about twenty seconds later the A330 will move as fast as a jet on takeoff even if the throttles have been reduced to idle. It seems like the power being applied to the aircraft is delayed by half a minute then it moves to where it should have been at almost lightning speeds. Is there a conflict with the A330 and Ezdok v3? This problem did not start until I installed Ezdok. None of my other aircraft do this. I have re-installed completely three times with no luck.
  7. Can't wait!! It looks incredible, thank you for dedicating so much time to make this repaint.
  8. Im literally dying for a Hawaiian or American 330.
  9. I have I do like it but was wondering if the other way was possible. Thank you for an amazing bus!
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to have the wing views separate from being tied into the "spot, lock spot" category. To get to the wing views I have to cycle through views including lock spot. I like to just hit A key to bounce between them.
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