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  1. Update worked fine for me using legacy mode - KBOS to CYUL
  2. On my first flight with the new CRJ 1000. However at cruising altitude (28000) the speed tape is not smooth but is jumping down by 20nm at a time. Is this a new bug?
  3. Your com buttons appear to be switched off
  4. Actually Moridin's ongoing commentary is very interesting and helpful. I don't see why it should bother anyone if he continues to jot down his experiences in this thread.
  5. Do we need to delete the m-files we used for the temporary speed fix or will the new installation do that automatically (AS store version)?
  6. So just to confirm, we have the option of a full download from the aerosoft shop if we prefer that to using the updater?
  7. Yes i just had a flight with fast wasm off and speed tape is working
  8. Why dont you try my setup for the dc6, which is to bind throttles 1 and 2 on one thrust lever, and throttles 3 and 4 on the second lever. Yes I know this means you cannot control each individual throttle independently, but how often would you need to do that anyway? Works very well for me.
  9. Thank you. Do aerosoft have any information from MSFS as to when the next sim hotfix will be issued? There are multiple problems the SU5 has introduced, so really they do have a responsibility to fix this urgently.
  10. To press the heading bug, first press the right mouse button and then press the left button, it works
  11. Yes I think you should turn off fast wasm, close msfs, delete the m files, open msfs and then turn on fast wasm and then load the crjs
  12. try again it should work. I deleted the m files and turned on the fast wasm and then loaded in the 700 and then the 500 and both temporary fixes were working. I hope this stays for tomorrow!
  13. Thanks Hans, also much appreciated and your detailed information is also helpful and interesting. Until asobo fix the problem, can you advise if you are aware of any downside in using the fast wasm compilation? Someone seemed to report a loss of fps, but I cannot be sure about this. Thanks.
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