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  1. Mathijs, I gotta say, I'm a bit perplexed by your response. You do not want hardware to be maxed out, you want the hardware to be able to max out the game, or in this case the game and the add-on. If the game is maxing out the hardware then either the hardware is not sufficient for the game/settings, or the game is terribly optimized. In this particular situation I am going with the addon is not optimized, which is why I posted. The "2018 compilers" make it possible for the developer to take advantage of more of the hardware's ability, especially newer technology not previously available on this platform, the intent is not to completely max it out as if it is a stress test. If you're running with a CPU/GPU maxed out, you're going to end up with high temps and potential throttling, causing less performance. Surely you aren't trying to say we want our addons to max our hardware so that we get less performance? I made this topic because I can be sure it is not my settings, and I am sure it is not my hardware being insufficient. I run all of my other addons, many very complex addons, and this is not an issue. The B717 had this issue and TFDi went to work to fix it and did a great job fixing it. No addon should be maxing the CPU and GPU when at cruise, that's ludicrous. There is nothing at that altitude for the simulator to render in high detail other than the airplane. The bottom line here is that the aircraft has bad performance and needs to be optimized.
  2. Thanks for the reply! So, maybe if I walk you through it things will make more sense. - I flew the ILS 16R at KSEA, scenery is by Dzwekici Designs. It was the return leg on KSEA-KSJC-KSEA, and I did not shut down the sim at KSJC. - Upon touch down, I engaged my thrust reverse and sat the nose wheel down, after rolling out a little bit (roughly 130-120kts) everything stopped, my thought was that it was frozen/ a stutter. - After a few seconds everything began to move again, reinforcing the thought of a bad stutter - After a few more feet (now at roughly 100kts or so), it stopped again. Frustrated, I moved my throttles to to see if anything would happen (moved it forward and back, which would disengage reverse) and then it started moving again. I'll note that the gauges responded to the movements, in other words, I could see the engines spool up/down each time I did this throughout this incident. - It moved a little bit further down the runway, so I applied reverse again, and then it stopped again. I moved the throttle and it began moving down the runway again. - After a few more feet down the runway, now roughly 100-80kts, it stopped again. Moving the throttle didn't unlock it, but I could see them moving. I could move my view around with the hat switch, I could interact with the menus at the top of the screen. The sim was not frozen, just the plane. I could not get it to move at all. I was between taxiway J and N, hoping to exit the runway at N. - I thought perhaps hitting Y to slew and then hitting it again would fix it, but instead I was launched 6,000 feet in the sky at 500 knots. That was the end of that, I exited the sim. I did just now fire up at KPAE and fly over to try it again, all was fine. Perhaps it was just a random glitch? I'll likely do another round trip tomorrow so we'll see if it does it then.
  3. I just made a post and after landing I have a new issue that I am not sure where to post, so here we go again.... I landed at DD KSEA 16R and the aircraft came to a complete stop randomly. After touching down, it came to a full stop instantly, then went back to the speed it was at (after disabling thrust reverse), then stopped (with thrust reverse enabled), then went back to normal, before finally becoming completely stuck (thrust reverse did not matter). It sounds like a bad stutter but in fact it is not, the plane came to an instant stop. From 130kts to 0 in less than a second. Thinking the sim froze or something I tried to move my view, and I could. I can interact with the menus, move my view, press buttons, and when I hit slew I can move the plane. Protip: don't press slew with this unless you want to be launched into the sky. Nearly every flight I do is into and out of this scenery, I have never gotten stuck until now. Perhaps something about the scenery doesn't work with the plane, or there is some sort of bug, but none the less, it ruined the end of my flight.
  4. Hello, I'm using an i5-8600K OC at 4.7Ghz, GTX 1070Ti, 16GB DDR4 3200, and they are both simultaneously (CPU/GPU) running at over 90% at cruise (FL380). Sometimes even 97-100%. The rest of the addons I have do not do this (NGX, Q400, B717, MD80), even on the ground at a payware airport such as FSDT, FlightBeam, DD, T2G, Orbx etc. Checking the "Force ECAM Software Rendering" doesn't really do much, and I'd argue a GTX 1070Ti should be plenty to support hardware rendering of the ECAM anyway.... I assume there are some optimizations that are needed/ planned for SP1? If not, I hope this can be something that is looked into. Maxing out this level of hardware is pretty crazy for P3D.
  5. Did not change the sim time. Didn't try to reload it either.
  6. Nope, it only happened after changing the different a/c states. When I went to cold and dark from turn around, and then started everything up it did this. If I load up in another state and there is power to the aircraft it does not happen.
  7. Hate to keep pushing the issue, but why? You make the claim that this was started from scratch, and this was highly requested in the old version. I can't imagine why it wouldn't make the release, it's a simple feature literally ever other add-on has. Good flow control in your programming would've accounted for needing to be able to switch between both units and thus it would've made release. Seems to me you guys skipped it, once again, because you don't care and will get it done when you feel like....or this is in fact not from scratch.
  8. After doing a cold and dark start up, I had this issue. The rings/ lines around each indication are not rendering. I took the screenshot during push back and am flying alright, but it is annoying and I thought I'd let you guys know there is a clear bug here.
  9. It is the GearWind and GearWindOff sounds. First time I had the issue was while taxing, any time I went about 20kts it played the sound. Second time it was 13kts.
  10. Would love to see some more SkyWest aircraft. SkyWest Airlines American Eagle CRJ700 Delta Connection CRJ700 SkyWest Bluetail - Extra Picture
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Frontier Airlines N920FR repaint Repaint by Ryan Parry
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Frontier Airlines N919FR repaint Repaint by Ryan Parry
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Frontier Airlines N918FR repaint Repaint by Ryan Parry
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Frontier Airlines N912FR repaint Repaint by Ryan Parry
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Frontier Airlines N910FR repaint Repaint by Ryan Parry
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