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  1. Hi! Mathijs, I sent you a PM. Thank you, Alain
  2. I could have not explained it better, Aerosoft is a great company and as been in the market for a long time, they DO care about their customers.
  3. Are you serious? Please, tell me you understand the point I was making. Look at it from another angle, let say that Nick as nothing to do with GEX, will this make what he posted in his link no true, of course not, so what he posted is not only for GEX but for ALL 3PD to be aware of. Nick is not talking about GEX only but about ALL developers, all customers from Aerosoft or any other company may have a problems with their add on because of the way FTXG is configured, like it or not, that as nothing to do with being involved with GEX but more about a company trying to take over FSX. There is already problems with some developers, here is a quote taken from another forum, I don't want to post the link here because it's from another forum but if I have permission I will. Quote" I contacted Beeteprint, the guys who make Experience X ...their nightnights( and even actually show the streetlamps) work perfect in DX10 mode and it is scaleable to how much or little you want....They made patches to make it work with UTX as well. Their reply: "Hello Steve, unfortunately our product is not compatible with Orbx. The team ORBX does not respond our emails and also ignore our desire to make ExperienceX be compatible with Orbx. Sorry." I guess FTX lead man is talking out of both sides of his mouth asking for help then refusing to work with other devs.....maybe they should rethink their stance eh? They shouldn't have tried to make a hack of using trees for lights, it doesn't work because trees don't have lights.... Unfortunately now I can't use this addon anymore due to having installed FTXG. I fly a lot at night kind of a bummer and really ###### me off for a $90.00 add-on. DX9 drops me from 60+ fps to 35 and I really don't want to go back to OOMS and slower framerates. The other thing is I don't want to hear how it's unfixable. If a 1 man dev team can make night lights using autogen and have it working perfect in DX 10 then there is absolutely zero excuse. Sorry I don't want to be fed any more BS. End of quote" To each his own but I sure don't want a 3PD telling me from whom I should buy my products to be 100% compatible with theirs because they are trying to take over, they should all be able to be compatible with FSX if the SDK is followed as Ace intended to be, and if you don't think that a take over can happen sooner than later you just have to wait and see, after that it will be their way or no way, $$$ talk and bull ### walk.
  4. That was fast, thank you for your answer, I understand that one can't be 100% compatible with whom does not follow the SDK but to whom does there should be NO problems as far as compatibility what so ever. Stay safe flying Mathijs, Alain
  5. OK Mathijs, here is one for you, I don't know if I can post this link here but if I can't please feel free to remove it but I think that this thread is VERY informative as to help making a informed decision about this product, http://www.simforums.com/forums/ftx-global-and-gex-important-update-on-8-2-2013_topic46632.html Here is my questions, what is Aerosoft position regarding FTXG, another word, will your products (any or all of them) be 100% compatible with FTXG or have you decided not to supply what's needed for Orbx to make sure they are? Another word, what will happen if one customer (after buying FTXG) find out that (for what ever reason down the road Orbx decide change something) his favorite developer(s) are not in compliance with FTXG (compatibility) or locked out of it? The problem I can see happening down the road is that a customer will have to chose camp, (Do I hear Flight war all over again?). I know you as a straight shooter. Alain
  6. Hi Mathijs, since XP-10 went 64-bit I guess there is a reason for that, the main one should be for the sim to be able to use more than 4GB of ram if necessary (using a 64-bit OS of course) so that developers can put more eye candy in their addons without reaching the usable memory limit set by the 32-bit sim, that is why I asked if Aerosoft will in the future make 64-bit addons, am I right by assuming that your are saying that 32-bit sceneries is the same as 64-bit ...how does this work?
  7. Thank you for your reply Mathijs, do I understand correctly that Aerosoft as no plan of making 64-bit sceneries for XP-10 right now, is this something already discussed internally, anything planned for the future about 64-bit sceneries for XP-10 from Aerosoft? Alain
  8. I don't visit Aerosoft that often but I will now, what a breath of fresh air, seriously...when other companies are banning members just because they disagree with them Aerosoft is telling us "Ask what ever you want".. I've been keeping an eye on XP-10 for awile now, I do not have it yet as I think it's not ready for me...getting closer though....they still have a lot of things to implement BUT they have a good engine by today's standard and because of that they are building around it from the ground up compare to P3D where they have to go back to basic (engine wise) to try to fix what's not working properly... As of now scenery for XP-10 (unless I'm wrong) are converted scenery from FSX, so my question is this, will Aerosoft make 64-bit scenery from the ground up (no conversion) for XP-10 64-bit using all the possibility of the engine, what I'm looking for is eyes candy like never before on the same principal as your City X (including night textute...lol) ?
  9. OK, good enough for me, let see if somebody is welling to do it beside Poland.
  10. Hi! Mathijs, thank you for answering my post, what I'm looking for is a bigger coverage, not cities only, as you can see in the vid I posted. So is it something Aerosoft can do from with XP-10 from photo-real scenery with road not cutting thrue tiles and buildings? Thank you.
  11. Not sure I can post this here and ask questions about Aerosoft making something like that since it's from another company but knowing Aerosoft is selling XP-10 I'll take a chance, anyway if the adm. want to delete this post please do so. Here I go, I have FSX, I tried Flight but have not tried XP-10 yet, I saw this vid. and the only thing I can say WOW!!! I mean talk to me about immersion, I know I know XP-10 as some flaws...ATC, AI and plausible world...pfff....but still XP-10 as a solid based we all wish other sims had. I'm trying to imagine the X cities from Aerosoft incorporated in that kind of scenery so my question is ...can Aerosoft make something like that for the USA, cause if you can I'm in, I don't care if I have to buy the badest and fastest 4TB SSD because of the high resolution associate with such scenery, just let me know how much it will cost me....oh! and start with Florida State.... If you can build it I'll come.......
  12. It was Memorial day here in the US yesterday...a lot of store were closed.
  13. As of totay the one not able to use DX10 or 11 are the one on XP system assuming you have all your hardware DX10 and DX11 compatible. This question should be ask on Prepar3D forum, "Will Prepar3D be a full DX11 compliant platform?" There is no way around it, if Prepar3D become DX11 and you want to use DX11 all new addons will have to be DX11 compatible and the old one will have to be patched. Crysis 2 is the best example (I have the game), Crysis 2 was not DX11 at released but some time after two patches were released, one was Crysis_2_DX11_pack, the other one was Crysis_2_HiRes_Texture_Pack. Here...that's DX11 fully used... [media=] Do you think Prepar3D will come up with something remotely looking like that with the old FSX's engine....if they do...good for them.... I'm not holding my breath.
  14. Hey! don't kill the messenger here.....lol I thought this tool worked for what the OP was asking...sorry.
  15. I think somebody did make a tool for that....not sure how it work since I don't have Prepar3D. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/373307-fsx-to-prepar3d-migration-tool/
  16. Mathijs, I think we are saying the same thing using different words, by the way, my intention was not to sketch a bleak picture of anything, sorry if I came across like that. To whom is reading this and is not sure of what the whole thing is ...here is a good example using a GTS 250 graphic card to illustrate the compatibility between DX. Full DX11 support is actually a combination of software (API) and hardware features of the graphics card. DX11 is still backwards compatible with DX9 and DX10, but to be able to use all the advanced features of DX11 such as tessellation and shader model 5, the hardware must be capable of those features. The GTS 250 lacks those advanced features (no tessellation unit and only shader model 4) and therefore will run only with DX10 features since DX11 will automatically detect the capabilities of the graphics card used. For Nvidia cards, full DX11 features are only available starting with the 400-series cards, and the HD 5000-series cards for AMD/ATI. Edit: Mathijs, I may also have come across as a jerk talking about $$$ for a patched addons and for that I am sorry, I've never for one minute thought that your pricing were not fair, as a business man myself I was just explaining the possibility a company is facing when an upgrade is needed for their products.
  17. Mathijs, I may have not made myself clear enough, stuff like that is confusing, lets start fresh, addons made for FSX are compatible with DX9 for sure, it is up to the developers to also make them compatible with DX10 in FSX, as you already know some addons that are NOT DX10 compatible for FSX will give you some problems in DX10 mode, white skin plane, flickering building and other problems. The same principal apply for Prerpar3D as of today, all you addons will work with Prepar3D if they implement DX11 for their sim and keep DX9 and DX10 BUT you will not get the benifit of DX11 for your addons unless 1: you get a patch from the developers making your addons compatible with DX11 = $$$ or you buy brand new addons already DX11 compatible. The same did happen with Crysis 2, that game was not DX11 compatible so they released a patch making the game compatible with DX11. So one of two things will happen here, the developers wanting to have all their already on the market addons compatible with Prepar3D DX11 will issue a patch for each one of them (the question is "Will it be a free patch") or they will sell new addons DX11 compatible, the bottom line is that all the addons will already have will work with Prepard3D DX11 but we will not see any of the DX11 benefits unless we get a patch or buy the same addons again DX11 compatible. So, been a developers yourself, what is the best way for you to make money with Prepar3D DX11?
  18. To each is own. As for me, I have so much money invested in addons for FSX that if I had to choose between a new PC or replacing all my addons because of incompatibility with DX11...hummm...it will be a lot cheaper for me to buy a new PC and stay up to date with new hardware.
  19. As stated before DX11 will break all compatibility with your addons so why will the developers do that, it's because they can sell us the same airport twice, something they were suppose to do with Flight. IMHO the bottleneck problem we have on a today's high end PC with FSX is the PCI-e 2.0, compare a 2 lane highway with a speed limit at 75 MPH against a 3 lane highway with the same speed limit, FPS wise they are the same (75 MPH) but you can move a lot more cars (data) on a 3 lane highway, from where the stutterings problems we are experiencing with FSX on a PCI-e 2.0 PC with very demanding addons. If, as I suspect, the answer to the FSX stuttering problem (popping autogen should also get better) is the PCI-e 3.0 you will not need Prepar3D, give the mobo manuf. and GPU manuf. (GTX 685 or better) another six month to mature their hardware (including better driver from Nvidia for the GTX 685 series) and I think we will be very please with FSX on a IB....lets see.
  20. Sorry for asking again but can somebody show me a vid. of Prepar3D maxed out with 3PD scenery as I did above....I'm just trying to see the difference between both sim. I hear that Prepar3D will be the bomb for the next 5 years, that Prepard3D as better perf., is smoother with better colors but I can't find a vid. showing all of that? I suspect that Prepard3D may be running better on a mid range PC compare to FSX but run the same as FSX on a high end PC, I'm always welling to try something new but if some claims are made about Prepar3D being better I would like to see it. Mathijs, this question is for you, I also have a ton of 3PD scenery and I would like to know if Aerosoft will charge a fee to make the scenery I already have from you DX11 compatible or will it be a free upgrade?
  21. Simon, Thank you very much for your fast and greatful reply. My post may have being perceived (by you or others) as pompous or should I say a little pretentious, I can assure you that my intentions were pure. Please, I urge you to show me, your humble Evans reader, where I wrote that Prepar3D had no educational benefits, what can I do if after asking some fair questions one reader perceive them as picking a fight? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so I'll ask again, after viewing my vid. poster above, can you (or other readers) show me in what area is Prepar3D better, a vid. showing Prepar3D in action under the same conditions as my vid. will be welcome for comparison purposes. Before I forget and with all due respect, whatever floats your boat is fine with me.
  22. 1: As Prepar3D is not for the personal/consumer entertainment product as stated in their Prepar3D license comparaison, and since I don't qualify under the umbrella's of any of the other licenses can somebody tell me how can it be possible for me to use Prepar3D in good faith? 2: To whom is already using Prepar3D can you tell me what more I'll get over this vid. I made? This vid. was made for testing, everything maxed out but car traffic at 20%, all FPS killers enable, bloom, full clouds coverage, lightning +++., keep an eye on the FPS counter...(unlimited), is FSX perfect....naaaaa but show me what Prepar3D maxed out can do with a vid. over FSX. Will the developers make you pay to have your sceneries (you already paid for) patched up for DX11 using Prepar3D when available?
  23. Mathijs, don't get me wrong, I completely understand your point about night texture, it's a business decision on your part, I was just saying that I love flying at night so for me night textures is a must, I would have done the same thing as you if the market for night texture was not there. I also agree that MS should be more open with their customers but hey they chosed not to. Quote" They could not care less about a serious simulator at this moment. "end of quote. That's exactly what I'm trying to explain, so far Flight is not for the hardcore simmers but it does have a LOT of potential, MS is in business to make money, (are we not all in business to do the same) in the future if something specificaly release by MS for hardcore simmers is a success you can bet your shirt they will release more.
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