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  1. Hi, I just saw a Video of a Gamecom Demo of ZuSi 3 and found it really interresting, do you plan on any official previews on that title? I am eager to learn more about it. EDIT: This Video I saw: thanks, br alex
  2. Of course I meant QNH103 for FL150 @Mathijs Kok And that amazes me, to be honest. To be that highly trained to have a mental picture of what the aircraft can do at any given moment
  3. If we consider the following: 15000 feet indicated at QNH 1030 and standard atmos temperature of -15°C If we consider a "standard" descent speed of 290 IAS we get a TAS of 365 Kts. 30 Kts Headwind means 335 Kts Groundspeed. (used ) How many minutes for 24 miles to calculate: (24 miles / 335 Kts) * 60 = 4,298 Minutes so to go from 15000 feet to 3000 feet we need to decent 12000 feet in ~ 4,3 Minutes = 2790 feet/minute decent rate. The Question is, if the Airbus is capable of this rate below FL 100 according to until FL100 a decentrate of 3500ft/min is possible with 290 Kts IAS, but I do not have any info found on the sharklet version oder belo FL100
  4. This looks definitely good if someone wants a good and relative cheap nvme SSD. Thanks for pointing this out
  5. Bernd, ich hab den 16000er HOTAS und keine Probleme in P3Dv4. Installiere den Driver der dabei ist und ignoriere die Target GUI komplett. Danach kannst du alle Controller in P3D direkt zuweisen, das funktioniert großartig out of the Box. Bernd, i have this HOTAS and no Issues what so ever with it in P3Dv4. I have installed just the hardware driver and NOT the Target GUI it came with. Afterwards, just assign every function in P3Dv4 natively - it just works - regardless of 2 USB Inputs. Happy flying.
  6. Any chance of a fictional Austrian Repaint? Like the crj200 they had: or a Tyrolean fictional like the crj200:
  7. Really looking forward to the3 Busses for P3d V4 - the WIP Shots are amazing Will there be a A318-A321 Bundle? Or do I have to buy them semperately?
  8. Danke für die Info, wird bestimmt spannedn Thanks for Information, looking forward to it
  9. Don'T you ever get snowblind making this scenery, Sascha? -g-Looking very good, I have to say
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