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  1. I did few tests last week and can confirm that the landing checklist works perfectly only with CFM versions.
  2. You can be right. When I was flying A319 Lufthansa (CFM) everything was right but when I switched to A319 British (IAE) the landing checklist disappeared. So it's not a patch problem as I thought.
  3. I recorded a short movie showing the problem.
  4. No, I mean Landing checklist that is starting automatically after flaps full and before landing. Landing gear Ground spolers Autobrakes Exterior lights G/A altitude ..... I have both pilot and copilot ticked in options.
  5. Hi, After the last experimental patch ver, there is no longer landing checklist spoken by Co-pilot after flaps full.. Regards
  6. rafgath73

    Katana and 3D grass

    I installed the newest library 110614 and looks that everything is ok. Cheers
  7. rafgath73

    Katana and 3D grass

    for example KCMW (patch 1.1) - parking 11 -- ramp GA small. Katana 1.1. Crashes in FSX ON, 3D Grass option is ON for KCMW (if OFF everything is ok). Crash shortly after starting FSX. No problems with other aircraft (A2A, PMDG, Cerenado)
  8. rafgath73

    Katana and 3D grass

    Thank you for reply I have installed this patch and everything works well with other aircrafts but no with Katana. Strange.
  9. rafgath73

    Katana and 3D grass

    Hi there, I found a bug on KCMW airport from ORBX. When 3D grass is ON and you trying to start from parking position It causes crash our Katana.I didn`t check with other airports from ORBX with 3D grass. BTW Thank you for Katana, Great model