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  1. Correct. It would be nice to have the same solution to enable static planes (from the X-plane menu) as in other Aerosoft's airports such as EIDW, ENBR or EDDS. BTW. Is it possible to get also correct static planes for ENGM Oslo Airport ? Regards,
  2. This is what I mean. It's impossible to avoid random planes at gates (EDDK) by enable 'Draw parked aircrafts' option in X-plane menu like in other airports mentioned above. In a sense, this airport is not 'compatible' with others where the right static planes (not random) are turning on from the X-Plane menu. Regards
  3. Hi, I just bought EDDK because I prefer airports with static planes. The problem is static planes for EDDK can be turn on only in config tool but for others airports like EIDW, EDDS or EDDT you need just tick the option in X-Plane. So to have static planes for EDDS and other airports at the same time I need to have both options ON(in config tool for EDDS and in X-plane for others) but than I get a mix of different planes from whole world at EDDK. Is there any solution for this issue ? Thanks,
  4. I'm attaching 3 short videos showing loading issues: 1. Loading without GSX - passengers not blinking 2. GSX without GSX ticked in menu - nothing works. 3. GSX with GSX ticked in menu - not counting passengers and cargo. 1. 2. 3.
  5. Hanse, After last experimental updates it stopped working, any action is taken passing 10000 (a320 easyJet and Lufthansa). Signs are off automatically only on cruising altitude for some reason. Yes, cabin is not modelled but from external view you can see (especially at night) that lights are off during the flight.
  6. Hi, It would be nice to have (at least) animated passenger boarding stairs (staircase) like in last PMDG 747 for those who don't have GSX. Regards
  7. Hi, No action is taken by the co-pilot passing 10000 (lights, seatbelt sign) ? The second question is about cabin lights (Shift-L). Is there a possibility to do it automatically by cabin crew depending on flight phase. Regards,
  8. I did few tests last week and can confirm that the landing checklist works perfectly only with CFM versions.
  9. You can be right. When I was flying A319 Lufthansa (CFM) everything was right but when I switched to A319 British (IAE) the landing checklist disappeared. So it's not a patch problem as I thought.
  10. No, I mean Landing checklist that is starting automatically after flaps full and before landing. Landing gear Ground spolers Autobrakes Exterior lights G/A altitude ..... I have both pilot and copilot ticked in options.
  11. Hi, After the last experimental patch ver, there is no longer landing checklist spoken by Co-pilot after flaps full.. Regards
  12. I installed the newest library 110614 and looks that everything is ok. Cheers
  13. for example KCMW (patch 1.1) - parking 11 -- ramp GA small. Katana 1.1. Crashes in FSX ON, 3D Grass option is ON for KCMW (if OFF everything is ok). Crash shortly after starting FSX. No problems with other aircraft (A2A, PMDG, Cerenado)
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