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  1. I'm sure the list above wasn't an extensive list of everyone working for Aerosoft on all their projects. It seemed to me to be an illustration of the diversity of the team working on this one specific project
  2. That is great news really looking forward to this, can I ask(and perhaps its part of the NDA or something you don't want to discuss)but does it feel different than the 700(FTW I'm sure its all in my head but the 550 feels different than the 700 to me)?
  3. I guess that's one of the big ifs I wonder what the flight simming world would look like today if MS hadn't pulled out 16 years ago, the loss of that reach to potential people that would have found this hobby(can I call it that without pissing people off!!!), at the end of the day its all about accessibility and exposure. Marketplace is a little like package holidays, for the customer its easy, should offer a level of security(although I'm disappointed(and I'm trying to be as kind and diplomatic as I can!)with some of the items they have permitted on there)and is a one stop shop. Yes there is a good chance with the package holiday you could get it cheaper purchasing each component independently and for the hotel perhaps you "lose" part of your cut working directly with a tour operator... But if you are some three star hotel in Slovenia the additional reach is likely a game changer.
  4. If it makes you feel any better I had the 1991 Airbus A320 Thalion Software one, I'm sure Aerosoft's will be better, but it did have a really epic manual with it that I haven't seen bettered...
  5. While I personally didn't downvote you, so can't speak for those that did this is a textbook example of a straw man argument you are assuming that people are accepting your founding premise that piracy is a growing issue that is significantly impacting developers. Perhaps I'm wrong but the way the system is right now there is nothing stopping Aerosoft or any one else from doing exactly what you suggest, by your logic I'm assuming you think Aerosoft themselves must support piracy by not closing off this "loophole" ? You seem to want to make a bunch of claims, about the impact, what figures are you using and do you believe the developers are 1, not looking at them 2, don't care 3, don't consider the "cost" worthwhile 4, don't get your level of access to the figures? I'm interested on how you see this as playing out.
  6. Can I just clarify something, with the Fenix add on are you saying that it is their intention to not offer it via marketplace, or they will not be able to offer it via marketplace and if so why?
  7. I don't know how old you are but, I have been buying games since the 1980s and am in my 50s so you kind of imply this is something new, that is somewhat disingenuous, because it was at least as bigger issue back in the 80s, anyone who has seen a manual from boxed games back then will recall all the kinds of things like hidden text you had to use for codes on entry. As for selling exclusively through marketplace even if the "updates are a week or so later" speaking from experience with Carenado products I love my M20 but it was broken for 2 months this time last year waiting for Asobo to add the Carenado update, Carenado claimed they had and its been broken from June until mid Sept this year again... Honestly when I buy an add on I want to play the add on, not wait for it to be fixed all the time so even an extra week isn't something that's worth the loss, to me anyway... As a paying customer, I personally am also reluctant to lose a level of my purchasing rights buying via MSFS having purchased the steam version of the game(and yes you could indeed argue that's my own fault), so not only are you not buying directly from the developer you are not actually buying it directly from MSFS! Bottomline is if a developer feels its worth the risk I would sooner buy directly from them, supporting them directly and after all I would strongly suspect that they have some really clever people crunching the numbers to see if its worth the risk for them(indeed that might be why Carenado don't sell directly), if it wasn't they wouldn't do it.
  8. Not a criticism specifically of Aerosoft but MSFS2020 seems to be extremely complex when it comes to trying to put a hard timeline on anything, there is another company that's over a year late with a release of one of their products and when you consider that MSFS is only 16 months old at this point, that's pretty impressive. As others have said with Sim Update 6 dropping on the 19th Oct, if that's not delayed(and that's a big if in itself), realistically its not going to be before the 28th Oct and honestly I wouldn't even put a date on it other than to say I would be stunned if its this month.
  9. This picture is amazing you could sneak that out as a real life picture.....I'm old enough to remember an A320 simulator I played on my Commodore Amiga back in the early 90s and being blown away by that(thinking about it I think they where a German company too)..... this is another level...
  10. Ohhhhh don't get me wrong me too, lets hope things run smoothly and we get a solid release no matter how long it takes.....
  11. Yes I would guess we are still a good chunk of time away from this release(I would expect its more likely at the back end of the scale and not the front end), can't wait (kind of screwed up my virtual airline as I have a whole bunch of crews trained up back in June for it, but anyway!!!). Given the issues everyone has been having(Carenado and some of the other third party developers still have planes down from SU5!), it was clearly the right call, ideally if the icing can be sorted before release that would be ideal too.
  12. Another reason to consider buying directly from Aerosoft, is if you(like myself)have the steam version of MSFS buying add ons directly from the marketplace if you run into issues, can be really problematic..
  13. It kind of works both ways though because you are always 5weeks or so from an update and the world updates are normally not as problematic as the sim updates so 2 to 3 weeks after the world update is 2 or 3 weeks before the next sim update!!!
  14. Looking forward to turning my ice back on, just in time for the winter!
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