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  1. Ohhhh I wasn't suggesting that this wasn't the end, its just a question if its a natural end or not!!!! and for what its worth I totally agree with your assessment.
  2. Makes you wonder if Airbus might come into the market with something connected to an A220 as its kind of hard capped with the A319 to grow
  3. Very much so, I can't help but feel that Mitsubishi buying the CRJ cut short its lifetime and potential considerably.
  4. I love flying into Reno, even though it's default it always feels worth it.
  5. Kind of ironic it would be rolling off the assembly right as we are about to get it in MSFS....
  6. Municipalities often "shorten" runways to restrict what aircraft can use it KSMO (Santa Monica) is a really good example of that in MSFS it had 1,500ft knocked off it by the City...to your question 5,500ft you are throwing people and bags out of the back of the plane for that....(although doable)
  7. Very true I wasn't trying to sell the Tutorial or the connected videos short in any way.
  8. Its in options-assistance....I think its called landing path
  9. My advice would be, there is a learning curve with something like this plane and flight-planning would be part of that, but you might find that its something once you get into you enjoy and there are alot of simple planning guides on youtube, keep in mind likely you aren't going more than a couple of hours flying, so routes can be pretty simple, try starting with a couple of simple locations(ideally somewhere with just an approach to enter)and go from there. Get comfortable flying into one place and then expand......(Maybe even turn on the approach rings so you can see how the plane reacts to
  10. Maybe it's me but today feels like one of those days that toy have after a REALLY good night out when you wake up in the afternoon and everything feels very dead! And that was just the announcement of the release!!!!!! Have a feeling I'm going to be playing with my new toy in a couple of weeks way into the night!
  11. Very true guys, it will leave a hole not coming on and checking in with everyone waiting for the release, although I signed up for the forum in 2016 I think I didn't make a post in 4 years(I'm not actually sure why I signed up in the first place LOL!!!)
  12. Can I ask from what you are basing this on? do you have a Beta copy or something? I can't believe its based on a handful of minutes from a single video
  13. Great news!!! can't wait off for nearly a week at the start of April so I will look to put some mileage on it then to be sure!!!!!
  14. It seems someone turned the APU off and the website went down..... That's my best guess anyway.......
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