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  1. I believe you want to know if vPilot auto switches to MODE C when you activate the CRJ transponder from STNDBY to TA/RA. I have found this does NOT occcur and you must activate MODE C in the vPilot GUI separately.
  2. vjcarlo

    Framerate drops

    There is a new thread on the AVSIM forums that may help - you may want to check it out > https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/597573-temporary-workaround-to-significant-performance-issue/ EDITED FOR UPDATE : There appears to be limitations - READ CAREFULLY
  3. Assuming you are not a forum troll, I will ask you the question nobody else has asked. WHY in the world did you buy it ?? Maybe, just maybe, you should consider the dozens of default aircraft available at NO extra charge
  4. This happened to me ONCE when I had a PFD "popped up". I no longer use this feature and I have not seen it happen again. This may not be related, just throwing it out there.
  5. Here ya go ! https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/inflight/aircraft/CRJ-550.html
  6. I must have missed the announcement somewhere ! I went to create cabin views in the "550" and realized Aerosoft has created a beautiful CRJ 550 with carry on luggage cabinets and a snack bar in 1st Class ! THANK YOU SO MUCH! If somebody makes the Premium Economy seats purple, I'm gonna cry 😋😍😪
  7. Agreed the UNITED CRJ 550 is an awesome real world aircraft and the Aerosoft version is fantastic. I expect somewhere "down the road", we'll get a new "550" cabin with this livery. 😉👍. Well, back to my current VATSIM flight !
  8. Mathijs, First , I LOVE my CRJ and I thankfully do not have any of the many issues discussed in the forum. THANKS Aerosoft ! For me,. I think the confusion about the key binding(s) result from having flown the Working Team's CJ4 for hundreds of hours over the last 5 or 6 months. My experience with the CJ4 and my joystick/throttle mappings have worked wonderfully with bindings involving the CJ4's light switches and AP settings such as heading, V/S, altitude, etc. Many of these bindings are working in the CRJ exactly the same as the CJ4, and some of them (AS YOU HAVE NOTED) cannot be duplicated. I feel this is just a part of the learning curve and I'm sure we will all (Aerosoft, Asobo, and simmers) will grow with new future features. Thanks !
  9. Sorry, understood, no problem. I was just confused why MSFS standard code could be used to change headings and vertical speeds but NOT altitude. Not a programmer but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  10. The standard MSFS commands for changing HEADING, and VERTICAL SPEED work perfect in the CRJ same as default aircraft.. Why does the standard MSFS commands for changing the ALTITUDE setting in the CRJ NOT work in the CRJ as it does for all default aircraft ? Thanks ! It can be pretty difficult to turn the ALT knob for several seconds to change it for about 38000 feet .
  11. As an added note, if anyone uses the "Self Loading Cargo" software, I have designed and tested an accurate Cabin Layout for the CRJ 550. CRJ550.txt
  12. the cabin pics provided a couple of weeks ago are standard (nothing about United's new design)... no problem for me 😋
  13. Understand your desire to NOT read thru 195 forum pages. BTW, I typed "simbrief" in the search box for this forum. Results under 2 pages Here's the bad news for you. The 6 operating manuals that come with your purchase contain over 400 pages ! (uh-oh)
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