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  1. Ive Just joined BAV and it seems the 319 is there Short haul aircraft. So I've just DL the 1.3 version. Also the Hotfix. I use to turn off the WX but in the ini file the entry is gone. Forgive me for not reading all 174 reply but is this fix not needed anymore and that's why it's no longer in the ini? I use ASN and am happy to turn it off. Do I copy and paste the entry in to stop scans and disable the WX? Thanks.
  2. Simon, get a life. Your a very sad self-righteous Man. As for helping other simmer, if you got out more Simon, other forums... I made a flow chart for the PMDG 737 that was DL over 3000 times and my forum of choice is Orbx. Please don't go there..... please. Your post above is a ramble, long winded version of your original. Showing perfectly your self-righteousness, you "numpty" lol. I am out of here, back to the most wonderful friendy forums that I have 1700+ relies/post. bye bye Simon, PS:Don't bother with another long mindless ramble because I wont be reading it.
  3. You had no obligation to provide a solution or anything, but if you had spent your time it took to post twice in a more helpful and constructive manner instead of you normal self-righteous way you might have replied like Curtis did. "Our work" lol, well it sure was no help from you Simon was it.
  4. Thank you Curtis for being helpful and sparing the time to give a link.
  5. Thanks Simon always blunt and thanks for the help with the link ! I don't see it under support forums http://forum.aerosof...p?showforum=337 sigh. I would of though this would have been sorted in the patch........
  6. Bug's in the version 1 I can understand but this is the 1.1, would love to hear from aerosoft or do I have to e-mail them?
  7. Hi, Wilga X installed (installed x2) but I have a problem it will not load or even preview any model but the default yellow one. UAC is off and this is the first aircraft I've had trouble with. It loads OK if I load the default/first in list model(yellow) all other show as default in preview and crash fsx if I try to load. I uninstalled and reinstalled but just the same. Any ideas? David Murden.
  8. trisager and bliksimpie, guys Rule #1 on these forums Don't reply to anything by you know who.
  9. So you did not wait for your bill then Patrick, just a sod it and buy it in the end I talked about this on the Orbx forums. Tweaking POV sorts it but its all part of the uniqueness of this plane Do you like it Patrick?
  10. I started a "thank you" topic on the Katana. Download the Dimona the day it came out and love it just as much and find it personally more FPS friendly. They feel similar and I think the only reason you don't have people jumping up and down and praisers all over the place is because the Katana came first, if this released first I think it would have been the other way round. This does not have the workshop etc like the Katana but from startup to landing and coming back to the Dimona in it's saved state is just as good as the Katana. As flying goes I would say I like this more because it's more unique. Different and very hands on, love the unique way to set RPM/ident code and having to set the com's for real I also love. There is nothing to dislike at all apart from its very slow, but there is no way to trim this out to hands off flying So you feel engaged and flying it for real and that more than make up for it's slow cruise speed. So to conclude I love it, unique and a must have for anyone who enjoys low and slow and wants a hands on flight not a trim out hand off AP feel GA. Thank you very much indeed. David. PS: I have not tried gliding it yet I don't want to crash and burn
  11. Thanks for the fast reply, just like the Katana 4X a must buy for me.
  12. Since this is close to release can I ask. How are the FPS looking compared to lets say the MS 172?
  13. I have to agree Jeroen, I look at my hanger for small GA's and nothing comes close. I was going to buy the Carenado Commander 114 as it's small and looks great to me, but I'am really unsure now. Very unsure.
  14. It might not be the right place, but.. I just wanted to take the time and thank you for making a GA aircraft with this amount of depth. You just put every other GA in the shadows of this small but perfectly formed master piece. Kind Regards David PS: In normal operation book 4 you have two pagers numbered 15
  15. I thought that was odd as-well. Glad to see you got it Patrick.
  16. Yes, I'am very much looking forward to this one.
  17. Sounds very close to Release and I love the word "days"
  18. Is there any chance of an update on the status of the Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X?
  19. OK Shaun, I ask Orbx about the Lancair and there CEO helped and I saved 1.1GB, L-39 Lotus Sim also helped within an hour and told me what files I needed to keep. But as the Catalina is working fine(so was the others) I see your point its not a "support issue" . Just hoped you could of helped, but never mind. NP. @Snave, "It is It is disingenuous to ask for advice in an open forum then disrespect it. That way, you are truly going to be on your own.." "disingenuous" , not straightforward; not candid or frank; insincere. At no point does that apply, also nor does "advice in an open forum then disrespect it." I simply wanted to hear from Aerosoft themselves as to what files should be saved and the ones that are safe to delete. Simple as that. As for the "Then the obvious thing to do is trial and error: Simply remove the aircraft folders for the ones you do NOT fly, storing them away from the main FSX\Simobjects\Airplanes folder. Re-load the sim and check your choice loads and flies OK. If you bugger it up, put the original folders back and try something else." Yes I agree this will be the best option to go for. But to every reply and to the first part of yours Snave. Thank you all for your time in replying and that IS like before sincere.
  20. Thanks for your reply Dave but I think I need to wait for someone from Aerosoft to tell me what is safe and what is not. Just leaving what I need to fly only the 5V Civ.
  21. Thanks Matt but each file has its own aircraft cfg so if i deleted the file e.g Mil the aircraft cfg would be deleted as well. Why edit the cfg to delete it after wards
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