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  1. See you Tom and thanks for the job done ! Hope to meet you on virtual flights ...
  2. First of all, I'm an happy user of FS (9 for the moment !) This is exactly what I meant by my few words : 1) Max did it long time ago 2) Microsoft isn't able to use experiences from others to improve its job ... I agree, there is a lot of beautiful instruments in FSX but the vario is still working as in the FS2 version ... you know, the version in green and black ... I flew it when I was 12 ... I'm now 37 ...
  3. Funny to see that Microsoft is still not able to build an instrument ... :vv: Could you remind me how many persons have worked on the FSX developpement ? ... Using the FS9 experience and collecting users opinion and work ?? What a pity ... (sorry for this off topic words)
  4. The best you can find are on www.fsglider.de :AA:
  5. Thank you very much for the job done and the time given to SOAR Chris ! Hope to "see" you soon on the forum and/or in virtual flight. Let's go Don and Karen, nice that that you take this responsability in turn !
  6. The excellent Max's gauges aren't yet compatible with FSX
  7. Bon anniversaire Norby ! Amitiés,
  8. Wolfgang is again offering us a new and splendid model : the SF-28A Motorglider. Fully compatible on FS9 and FSX Demo. This is on his website : www.fsglider.de Just a remark : this is the motorglider on which he flew some month ago :AA:
  9. Wolfgang made some tests and I too, the old gauges (mostly from FS98) don't work under FSX but the new generation Wolfgang is creating (XML) is compatible ! The future Wolfgang's Factory product will be fully compatible with FS9 to FSX I guess ! :thanks:
  10. That's right Tom, Condor is much more easy to configure and use than FS. It's realistic and the patch9 will improve the thermal behaviour and, at least, add a wood and fabric glider (ASK13). Two points keep me in the FS side : 1) the planes pack (to add more gliders) will be payware :confused2: . Free designers will not be able to produce and directly add their gliders into the sim. The advantage of this procedure is to ensure gliders have the exact performance (Condor is fully race oriented). The problem is that since one year several designers started to create new gliders, no one is ye
  11. Mic

    Board Hacked

    Nice and quick reaction Tom, thanks a lot for your work to save our forum. :ok: :hi:
  12. Some gliders we are using now have been tested by a beta tester of FSX and it seems to work excepted some gauges which aren't compatible. Wolfgang said me that his Blanik (last version) is fully compatible. Am I right Wolfgang ?
  13. Dear Tom, I appreciate your effort to make the board more easily accessible to french guys. I'm posting this news on the APS/FFVVV forum. I hope we shall see more frenchies writing here !
  14. Karen, As I've understood Tom, only the "skin" is translated, I mean buttons, menu, etc. The messages content stay in English. Doen't matter, if somebody post a message in french, Norby or myself will translate it in english.
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