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  1. Hmm...sounds like SOAR Ranch has not been released publicly yet.(?) I hadn't even checked! As to whether the version I have from David is finished or not, I'd guess that no fictional soaring paradise is ever really "finished" Looking at all the static and dynamic scenery that's there now, I'd have to say that there's only one area that looks "under construction"...it's an area of generic buildings of untextured, basic colors, attached to the luxury resort on the lake. They certainly aren't necessary in and of themselves, so I'd guess that they might just be a "place holder for future
  2. It's been so long that I needed to recover my login and password. Blame David Morris for my surprise appearance. When I saw what he did with the original SOAR Ranch, I was so amazed that I just had to stop by and see what's been going on. It's wonderful to see old friends, including other "prodigal sons"- MAX!!! You brilliant old tulip growing, wooden-shoed, cheese-headed misanthrope! How the hell are you? I have missed our occasionally hilarious conversations. :-)) CG
  3. I'm drooling at the thought of your display setup, and the fact that you have the horsepower to get it to run like that. I'd bet that with a newer video card, that your kit would do even better. As to FSX in general, I can't really bash what I don't have the hardware to run. With a high end setup, you can bet I'd have it on my machine!!
  4. Wow, I could easily echo most of the comments here. Without the funds for a new machine, FSX is out for me. I'd have to turn everything off, then it might run as well as 2K4 sometimes. As to other sims taking precedance over MSFS at SOAR, I couldn't agree more. The time has come. We've had too many difficulties with FS - each new version requires huge time expenditures just to make things work as well as before. Each time, our developers somehow manage to accomplish this, and then start to create new and innovative things that couldn't be done before. Ah- but then it happens... MS announces
  5. Thanks to all for your kind words :embaressed: Yes, SOAR is indeed in good hands. I suspect that it will be for a VERY long time. Whether it's a few years or a dozen - when it's time for the Don and Karen to leave the director's chair, it will once again go to good friends who will do their best. Lenny and Colin started something that will no doubt continue. As to member activity, we always received the most new membership and forum signups after one of a few articles I wrote that were published on Flightsim.com. What many do not know, is that articles are accepted from everywhere. One does
  6. Dear Friends, It is with both great sadness and a smattering of pride that I must formally announce my resignation as the Director of SOAR. It's been about 5 years or so since I accepted the directorship from SOAR's founder, Len Wagner and his partner, Colin Grahm. We've seen truly remarkable changes- not just evolutions, but veritable revolutions in virtual soaring, and we've gained about 1200 new members during that time, many of whom have contributed directly to this amazing growth in the technology and the sport of virtual soaring. I am indeed proud of the growth and accomplishments t
  7. The demo ran so badly on my P4 2.4, that I don't believe that I'll be in any shape for the full version. Without a much more powerful rig, I'm pretty much outta business. I guess I'll have to leave it up to those who can afford such toys. Oh well.
  8. I knew that our good friend "Amedeus" wouldn't let any grass grow beneath his feet! :AA: :AA:
  9. Friends, I have finally learned most of what is necessary to rebuild the membership roster and signup systems to use dynamic databases. Since most of our members are in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the slowest time of year for virtualsoaring. Real world soaring has most of our attention while Mother Nature is cooperating with great lift. I am therefore going to suspend membership signups for the summer months, and try to get the new system in place for when the V-soaring season kicks into high gear. Those who have sent membership applications and have not received a response yet WILL
  10. Friends, I just got a phonecall from Karen. Their Starband modem seems to have fried, and is no longer functioning. It will take a week or so (given their location) for them to get a new one and to be back online. Nothing should have to change for the current race, since any email to the @virtualsoaring address will be retained until Don can again receive it. If any other problems affecting the race arise, it will be posted here. :cheers2:
  11. I noticed that "we do as we can" is also a "correction" to get the idea across in common English. The literal translation would of course be : One does that which one can. Either way, the meaning is of course clear. The auto translators are always funny. They rarely translate plays on words, or "figures of speech"...hence, "one buttock what one tire". That's one of the funniest ones I've seen in a long time! The amazing thing is that most of the time, it is good enough. I rarely see a translation that was so bad that I didn't understand what was meant. Yes, they are always good for a laug
  12. Which translates to : One buttock what one tire Hmm... ROFLMAO :roflmao:
  13. Great work, Tom! Many thanks from all of us for finnding the glitches :AA: :AA: :AA:
  14. Hmm...I thought it was skins OTHER than the default that were causing problems. I also thought that I had removed the old useless ones from being visible on the board, but obviously that is not the case. I'll try to change your skin back through the admin control panel by editing your member details. That should get it back. Then I'll have to find a way to completely uninstall the old useless skins so others don't have this problem. The skin you originally saw, is the only one that I believe works at present. Let me know if you still have trouble.
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