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  1. the condor community is huge over 5000 registerd users. Condor is now on version 1.12 the weather and flight systems i think are the most realistic out there, there are a lot of SOAR members on the condor forums. Multiplayer is a breeze, condor works straight out of the box no need to add bits on to make multiplayer work. Granted that some of the scenery's dont look as pretty as FSX but what i think goes a long way to prove how realistic it is is the fact that the majority of users are r/l glider pilots who use it to keep their hand in during the off season, several are actually competing in
  2. no there is no free version of condor, just a freeware lower resolution version of the uk vfr scenery. for more info on condor http://www.condorsoaring.com
  3. Hi folks its been a while since I dropped by but i thought i would share my latest creation, it's for Condor but as the condor forums have gone from here i though i would post it here. here is the link
  4. Its been a hard decision but as of today i have resigned as Technical Director of SOAR, I simply dont have the time anymore to devote to the position that it deserves, i will be around here from time to time, I wish everyone involved in SOAR all the best and hope to catch a few of you online in the Condor Sky's Best wishes tom
  5. SOAR isnt dead it is normally very quiet at this time of year personally speaking for the little extra detail in this i wouldnt buy it, i would stick with wolfgangs creations ... as for designers etc i think a lot are disheartened at the moment, maybe things will change i dont know. FSX looks great, probably works great but simply the weather model again is its killer in terms of virtual soaring. i personally havent brought it because of the alternatives. I am not bashing the sim, just very unhappy with everything with it as far as virtual soaring goes. i think i probably feel the same as
  6. only part visible is club house all other forums cant be viewed by guests
  7. I can understand some of the changes, but blocking guests from even viewing the forums is not a good idea in my opinion. try logging out then come back as a guest you cant see anything, no way for anyone to view anything
  8. this is why i wont buy fsx..... m/s release a product annd then you spend ages creating things that should automatically be taken care of by the program, ms is good for eyecandy, but i prefer a realistic weather engine, no conflicts between lift types clouds that line up with thermals etc... seems like m/s is still clueless and people keep buying the damn programs... nevermind
  9. Grab it here by the designers of the Alpi secenery Rietti Scenery
  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!! Hoping that everyone has a great christmas break and a very happy new year. 2006 saw some pretty big changes here at SOAR, Chris handed over the reigns to Don after an amazing period of growth where he put SOAR firmly on the map and took it from strength to strength. The big question on everybody's mins was what will FSX bring us...the answer not much. The forums got a new look, and just in time as condor began to take SOAR by storm. Condor became the Simulator of choice for a lot of people at SOAR, The Virtual World Soaring Championships was re e
  11. Lets keep the threads on topic .... this is the fsx forum not condor forum
  12. I am going to do a full write up and review of condor from a multiplayer point of view, i know that Jerry is now the Condor Liason Guy so will work with him on this. Condor is incredibly realistic, in fact on the beta test team there are several world class real life glider pilots flying. so keep an eye on the condor forums. anyway back on topic. Sorry microsoft but the money you are asking simply would be better spent elsewhere this time.
  13. seems to me everybody i have spoken to thinks MS failed to deliver anything again, the time has come now where many of even the worst soaring simulators out there provide better simluations than MSFS. I for one have totally jumped ship to condor, i have niether the time or energy to spend on FSX or even really FS2004, too much is needed to get a multiplayer or even offline race running on a pc.. fsx frame rates are terrible. trying multiplayer is a nightmare, trying to provide a standardised weather set for a flight is difficult. too easy to modify air or cfg files etc to gain an advantage
  14. I remember talking to len ( i still have him in my icq) and then to chris a few times. Then i started to look round the forums and watch ans chris developed the site and SOAR into the definitive resource for virtual soaring. What you have done with SOAR is to bring together an extremely talented and dedicated group of people with a common goal..that of virtual soaring. Chris you have been the rock behind soar for a very long time and I am glad that you will still be around Hopefully we will see you flying with us more best wishes and again many thanks tom
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