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  1. Thanks! I will now shut up ...
  2. OOPS! Not 120, but 165,120. That has to be right? Cheers Peter
  3. Sorry to be tedious ...To avoid any possible problems, I've also downloaded again from my account the full Discus X 165,120 kb file. Just to check that it won't include the update? Thanks for your patience!
  4. Thanks, Joachim. I've now downloaded OK, but file size is 78mb, not 100mb. Just to check: is this now the complete Discus X, or an update to add to an existing install?
  5. I should rephrase that. I can download 1.50, but can't open the download.
  6. I simply can't download. Attachment shows result.
  7. Been all through the posts, but can't find it. Any clues?
  8. I have REX, but I'm holding off install until I discover whether it's compatible with Cumulus X, and if so whether there's obvious cloud difference. Any clues?
  9. 'Morning, Scott. If I may take up your kind offer of help? The nav.dat file shows up ok in Wolfgang's gliders. When I'm at my home base, Lilydale airfield in Victoria, it tells me I'm 337 miles from Albert, which Google in turn tells me is in NSW Oz. Great. But clicking around, I can only raise Albert and Moree. If I click on 'Task - yes' I get a CTD. Could you let me have a bit more info on the nav.dat content? And I'm wondering whether it should be used with the FSX default 808 rather than Wolfgang's crowd? Regards, Peter
  10. Can someone please spell out for me a safe way to do this?
  11. Thanks for your patience, Scott. Here we go...
  12. May I refer you to my question below, re whether I need to change GPS.NAV.DAT to GPS.NAV?
  13. Scott - anyone? - it's years since I last installed a GPS-NAV, and rather than screw up, a piece of advice would be very welcome. Presumably I simply delete Wolfgang's file titled GPS-NAV from FSX and replace with Scott's, titled GPS-NAV.DAT. But do I need to shorten Scott's title to GPS-NAV?
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