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  1. Happy B-day Norby! Glad to see some people are starting to transfer/start using Condor with me as well
  2. i think M$ is way behind in the soaring end still, I played a tow at oshkosh and it was pretty cruddy, and with Condors Patch 9 coming out soon and a Condor V2 on the horizon, id rather just see more sceneries for condor (or a worldwide scenery like MS)
  3. When i flew a tow (behind the maule) @ oshkosh, it was pretty crappy (with wings bent down) and the rope was messed up (looked like it was looping behind the wing and always flailing around in the wind like it wasnt even hooked up), and towing at 80-90kts :[
  4. Hmmm, I wonder if in the mulit sessions, if a user can tow another user :], could make for some fun formation aerobatics
  5. Ya all very good points, but, it will just make our virtual world all the more realistic with aerotow (dont really need the thermals) (And yes i did get a little to excited... and need to win the lottery :vv: lol)
  6. found a little more from AVSIM :yahoo: New Features MS Flight sim has always included a sailplane. Have you ever noticed that there wasn’t a towplane to go along with the sailplane? There is now. The dynamics of towing an aircraft aloft isn’t accomplished with a towrope made of steel. The rope moves accordingly with taught and slack periods as the two planes work in tandem to get aloft.
  7. taken from an article on simflight.com on FSX - There is also NO WAY yet that we can comment on some of the things.. like performance, DX10, and some other issues. What CAN we tell you? Here are some new features: - tow planes for the gliders, and realistic thermals - wild animals running around the African plains and elsewhere - TWO versions of FSX, and a trial option - 'missions' to add a 'game' element - Tower Control - guide other on-line players - SDK included in the (pro) product - Share a cockpit - moving traffic on the roads - (a lot more) animations on the airports -
  8. skyguy95

    Mifflin Ridge Run

    Ohhh So thats where my 1:22 time came from I guess lunch can take a bunch of time. Where can I get the "NOpause" thingy? Thanks!
  9. Just made it around for the first time! 1:22:01 in the ASW-28 Il try the Duo Next and then maybe the Blanik as I have added the US gauges and L-NAV systems to to make an officaial race with it.
  10. This is a hard one! Three time now I have landed out (sucsessfully)! All going down the tubes after the first turnpoit for me. I always dive down the ridge on the northern side of the valley that works for a few miles, then I scratch for thermals and land on a road or that little strip back there. Anyone want to try and set up a multi session?
  11. Ill be on a server after 7:00 PM CDT (-6 UTC I think) till I get tired. Hope to see someone to race with!
  12. darn READMEs Thanks Kris, and may the wind be with you!
  13. So the task is what comes up in the viewer when you select your files and polars. 35-9-6-40 is what I have for a task
  14. Has the task been relesed yet? And ill be trying it in the new 1-26 if anyone else wnats to declare with me
  15. WOW!!! I LOVE IT Was all of the real schweizer characteristics, especially in stalls and spoiler operation. I had it up for an hour and half on the mindin ridge and im gonna have to fly this one in the race to Ill have repaints soon! Its all ways more fun doing metal and fabric repaints than fiberglass cause' you can use all colors!
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