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  1. The sounds of that *almost* makes me want to go back and visit La-la land. Is Catalina the only island done in the project or will any of the others be included?
  2. I am taking an educated guess here and don't have the AS airport to check things out, but I believe you're seeing where the wave activity might occur. This might account for the blurriness even with the UTX water disabled, as wave activity and water are two separate items in FSX. I'll need to get my UTX specific Scenery.cfg file into FSX and try to take a look later today. BTW Kosta, it helps to have coordinates activated when taking screenies to assist people like me, who are on the other side of the planet, to figure out where to look. To me, Corfu sounds like something made with corn and tofu...
  3. Go in and run the UTX Setup to disable Ultimate Terrain completely. Re-check the area to see if things look closer to normal/default. If so, the entries in the Scenery Library are being implemented, one of which is excluding default terrain. But what isn't being implemented are the UTX features to put the land/water/coastlines back in. This would indicate a problem with the Terrain.cfg file and it's not including the necessary UTX items. Usually starting the UTX Setup program will double-check that these items are in the Terrain.cfg file, but sometimes things go awry, like forgetting to reset other add-ons that want to do changes to that .cfg file. There is a keystroke combo to force the UTX refres of the Terrain.cfg file, I want to say Ctrl-Shift-R, but am not really sure. Checking at the Flight1 UTX forums will get the info from Jeff or Allen.
  4. I'm pretty sure you speak for yourself in the above comment and not for any payware development team. If a producer of payware products harbored thoughts like your's they would soon find that they had no customers. I'd like to think Aerosoft is wise enough in their business methodology to realize P3D represents another sales channel and will respond accordingly with their products. No developer should ever deem their level of competence as fitting the entire flight sim community. Surfing around the various sites will reveal that users come in all levels of competency and expecting customers to get down and dirty with copying and pasting and modifying CFG files is not good business practice. Whenever I do a manual for one of my products I always structure it to fit someone who has limited computer skills. The more knowledgable can skip over the details as they see fit.
  5. These types of polls cause me a problem. Second question asks if I bought any add-ons, which I have to answer as No. They gave me the DLC from the beta and unless they were to give me Alaska, I will buy that. Planes without cockpits are not on my purchase list...
  6. Going back many years ago, I learned it was easier to park outside by the Police Academy and walk in and out to avoid the mess. It was safe back then to do something like that, I can't say if I would do that today. For any Dodgers fan of any length of time, seeing the parking lots conjurs up bad memories of the guy that owned the team for the past few years. He just sold the team and stadium for over one BILLION dollars and still holds a partial interest in the parking lots. A better alternative would be to go back down the I-5 freeway and show a picture of Angels Stadium in Anaheim, IMO. Present season's performance not to be considered...
  7. Read the manual? You might want to activate the scenery through the Launcher before flying into it?
  8. UT2 traffic activity is not controlled through the FSX AI traffic settings. Any level of adjustment must be made from within UT2.
  9. Yeah, corner of Katella and Harbor! Use to watch the nightly fireworks display from Whizzyland from the top of the roof!
  10. Is Dangerous Airports #1 one of the numerous Aerosoft sceneries? If yes, there is an updte to that which fixes a HORRIBLE (lol) exclusion file that affects way too great of an area. From North Carolina to North Africa airports will be impacted. And if you don't have DA1? Who knows, start turning stuff off in the Scenery Library until you find the offending package.
  11. First, an unistall and reinstall isn't going to do anything other than give you the same files that you have right now. Second, I don't have the package installed right now, as three beta testing gigs and an upgrade from Win XP to Win7 have left me with a pretty bare FSX since the first of the year.. I'd need to look at the airport file to be certain, but feel pretty good about my "guessing" to comment. To accomplish the aspects of this airport and it's sloping (3d modeling) runway much of the default, SDK compliant aspects would have to be removed. I think the only start points are on the apron IIRC and there is no SDK structured runway components. That's why ATC can't direct you to the airport, because the (SDK based) airport isn't there. You can use ATC to get you to a nearby waypoint or fix, but from there it's all going to be visual. Pay close attention to the winds!
  12. Mountain Air is a VFR only airport. There's nothing to get you setup for an approach to land. ATC might get you into the area, but from there you are on your own.
  13. Nice to see this opinion thrown out. First time this year I have agreed with Alain? Life can be great when you are a big fish in a small pond. Then some will not accept being a smaller fish in a much larger pond. Darn egos seem to get in the way...
  14. You could try the free 7-Zip program. Opens and extracts Rar files just fine. Did I mention it's FREE?
  15. Nice to see another happy user of DownThemAll, Sascha. I hope a link is OK in the forums? http://www.downthemall.net/ Last check I was up over 50,000 files downloaded using dTa!
  16. Grabbed this courtesy of the 20th Anniversary sale. Look forward to trying it out in a few days, once I do a complete reinstall/upgrade to Win7. The system should then be ready to enjoy Ultimate Terrain Alaska and Anchorage X in a low and slow tour.
  17. meshman

    Luke AFB

    Military AI Works has a package for FS9 and there may be instructions about working in FSX; http://www.militaryaiworks.com/
  18. If you would, can you start a flight at 7A8 and see if you have trees and a partially swallowed up runway? Because of the way the work appears, any affected airports go due east and southeast of Burnsville. I'll get a close up of NC which will show the areas impacted by the airport exclusion problem. I'm also curious about performance, so I think I'll set up a saved flight and some instructions to see how the performance impact is for your system. On my i7 930 I went from 46.5 to 6.3 FPS adding the two windsock files. There's a small tinker with the FSX.cfg involved to show average FPS, but nothing too involved. Maybe Otto can check things out also?
  19. Somewhere, someone is sitting innocently at a stock airport wondering "Why are all these trees here?". It'll take me about 30 seconds to fix the glitch shown by the pictures above. but I doubt Aerosoft wants fixes posted by third-parties. There have been mentions of people starting underneath the runway and there's a reason for that. Mountain Air (2NC0) and Barra both have revised airport elevation files. These files are contained i the "Dummy" folders for each airport. The problem occurs when FSX reads an airport's elevation for the first time, it then cannot be changed. The installer for DA1 makes the "Dummy" folders and adds them to the Scenery Library, but if it does not position them so that the airport elevation file is read prior to the default APX file these revised files don't take effect. So any user sitting underneath the runway at Mountain Air or Barra needs to move the BurnsvilleDummy and BarraDummy layers to where they are third from the bottom of the Scenery Library in FSX. Yes, all the way to third from the bottom. Whoever wrote the manual should have mentioned this! And YES, I saw the credits in the manual... One last issue I'm looking at in my quest to make Mountain Air an enjoyable experience is the dramatic fps hit caused by the two Windsock files. It's sad to see an i7 930 go from 46.5fps to 6.3fps when these two files are active. I *think* I know why this is happening, but I need to dig a little deeper to be sure. This product, specifically Mountain Air, will make for a nice referral for those that have or may purchase my work for North Carolina. But it needs to be fixed first. Mr. Developer, are you out there???
  20. Greets Shaun, I splurged and picked up DA1, as I have a product for the state of North Carolina and wanted to see an enhanced Mountain Air - 2NC0. Also, if any of my work conflicted it would allow me to revise the mesh / terrain. Installed and activated through the Launcher and started to check out the files, mindful of a couple of comments posted previously. Found the "Oops!" for the autogen issue at other airports, though I admit to taking a long look and asking myself "Huh?". The file to remove the default airport area for Mountain Air (cvxBURNSVILLE.bgl) came out a little wrong, it seems. And I chuckle as I write this. The (what should be smallish) polygon to trigger removing the old area has mutated to wreck havoc upon parts of the world I didn't even know existed. If the screen captures upload you will see the blue exclusion area, shown in one of the SDK tools. It's scope is better shown in Google Earth! This should be a quick and easy fix and will restore about 200 airports in North Carolina back to their original state. How many are affected in Africa I can't say. If the designer had gone just a tad further north you'd be trying to figure out why Gibralter was messed up on some people's system... Look forward to the correction soon? Lance
  21. FSX will use the highest resolution that it finds, regardless of scenery layering. If there are two or more files that offer the same resolution then the layering within the Scenery Library will dictate which is displayed.
  22. You disabled the APX49140.bgl file? You do realize the default files contain more than one airport? In this particular case, the BGL file has 72 airports in it. And you've disabled it?? OK!
  23. There are five different seasons in FSX, plus night textures. Six times the work, yet only a 50% price premium? I commend Aerosoft for being upfront and honest with what the product is offering and what it's limitations are. The more correct question might be whether the customer would pay four, five or six times the price for a fully developed product? And then, just how many of those customers would there be?
  24. The "BR" files are airport modification files associated with MyTrafficX. Renaming them from .BGL to .BGL.BAK will inactivate them and allow your airport modifications to show without any conflicts.
  25. Shaun, He neglected to revert his FS9 back to a default state prior to uninstalling UT:USA, so some default files were left inactive. Reinstalling UT:USA then setting things back to default, then uninstalling UT:USA solved his problem.
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