We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. just want to say hey to Dave nice to see you in the mix hope all is well. Blessings my friend.
  2. evening all again i ask" morning all. i have read through this entire thread. I see my question was asked and partly answered by non aerosoft. but will the copilot function be done for msfs a33x aircraft? regards steve" warm regards MK
  3. morning all. i have read through this entire thread. I see my question was asked and partly answered by non aerosoft. but will the copilot function be done for msfs a33x aircraft? regards steve
  4. are they real cumonimbus mamas a storm coming
  5. Greetings MK. i too was initially fearing the busses would not be a profitable adventure for AS in msfs. When the feedback from the masses on the release of the otter was , well you know, it made me fear a buss for kiddies. i pray that AS maintains the p3d version because it appears that i might die, im 70, before asobo gets their msfs sim act together. so to conclude Thank you MK for your clarification. you are so calm. have a glass of red wine and hopefully you will be able to relax soon. regards steve the old fart.
  6. Evening all. i have pro atc and after a reinstall i don't have any atc chatter files US for the random atc chatter. can someone please direct me to a source. warm regards, steve
  7. i was tempted at first but the decision to dummy up the pc version is a turn off. if the busses are treated the same way i wont buy them either. very disappointed but like everyone says money talks!!! I just wanted to believe that AS was different. a shame....... steve the old fart
  8. Thanks C. i deleted the config and when i reopened p3d it worked wow so now i can fly yeah.. thanks for your help and dedication to the sim world. warm regards Steve the old fart
  9. also when i try to change the spoiler axis ( RZ) in p3d it wont change regards, btw in my haste i had reinstalled p3d aerosoft a330 in the wrong folder so therefor no websimbrowser. i reinstalled to the main p3dv5 folder and now efb is functional.
  10. the rz axis is assigned to the spoiler axis in add on 1 and 2 not the throttle is that what you mean
  11. rz axis but when i try to change it will not see the spoiler axis when the arm is moved regards
  12. afternoon my friend. i have been at it finally after reinstalling everything i decided to check the a3xx configurator. i had previously had all three items ticked where it offers the tca support. i removed the sidestick support and low and behold it actually worked. for some reason though the mapping for the spoilers is not working. again thanks for your dedication, regards Steve
  13. hi SimWare. i am still having detent issues. in the a330 and a318 to a321 in order to get to idle i have to lift the reverse levers and pull all the way down weird ill keep on trying at least i can fly regards, Steve
  14. this is what i got from thrustmaster got everything working now just to 692269286_TCAQuadrantandAddOn-CalibrationProcess.pdf
  15. best regards Mr. Sim have a great day i will try thanks for all your help ...a real trooper. steve the old fart
  16. and in the sim i am having an issue with detents when set to climb both go to toga. in the spoilers when activated it pops up the spoiler to arm then goes to full and not icrement. warm regards Steve
  17. when i switched back to eng 1&2 the bars were at 50% across the board rz x,y,and z axis the air brake and flap bar both go all green on any activation warm regards, Steve
  18. also the flaps are the same way as soon as they are activated the entire slot goes. regards
  19. as a side note after playing around with the quadrant i tightened up the tension screw and now the throttle response is even at the near 50% green both x and y axis how ever when applying the reverse function the y axis goes green on initial activation. regards
  20. good evening sir. when in the control panel the spoiler with any movement fills the slot all green. . funny thing i had the throttle section with no problems before i received the add on quadrant warm regards steve the old fart
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