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  1. yes sir it is downright easy if the repainters would include the liveryinstaller.txt file in there paints. regards steve the old fart
  2. thank you Hans you are very quick. I wish the repainters would get on board by including the liveryinstaller.txt file in repaints warm regards Steve
  3. Afternoon Sir. I flew the SAEZ to KATL route pretty neutral winds Dl 110 FL340 my block was 67.9 i try to match simbrief prediction with the fuel planner in advanced mode. Cheers, steve the old fart
  4. Morning sir first thank you for all of your hard work. secondly i have attempted to use the as livery installer v. and the paints will not install. Hans has said that the new installer requires an extra file texture.txt. it reads [liveryInstaller] livery=ASA###PRO. will you be modifying your new paints to accommodate the new installer?

    Thanks in advance Steve

  5. Developer 2159 3885 posts Report post Posted 12 hours ago The A333 comes with a brand new livery installer which works a little different than the one before. It requires a file called "liveryinstaller.txt" inside the .zip archive. Can you check if the livery that you've been trying to install has that?
  6. good evening Dave. the title is livery installer it has all of the aircraft 318, 319 320 321 crj and a330 on the right side it say install liveries remove selected liveries and package selected liveries. MK put it on the website
  7. afternoon. i downloaded the v1000 livery installer. when i drop and drag or browse to a repaint it errors. it sees the manual input paints. Hans said the repaint must have a new text file. my question is , is it a custom file for a specific repaint or a generic file that could be inserted into the texture folder with the re painters permission. warm regards, steve
  8. mousemansteven

    Fuel loading

    morning Dave. i am able to use the link alright. but when there i get a claim account message. when i put my email in it says already registered .
  9. morning all is there an aerolineas argentina repaint in the works. they have the a330-200 reg lv-gko thanks in advance steve t.
  10. Thanks Dave for your experience. but 1 part of my query above was take off trim and CG. should i slide it to the left until it goes green? or do i just get ot to 50 50. again thanks for your dedication to the community. regards Steve
  11. morning all just a note to dave to please post how to insert the simbrief calculations in the fuel planner. i see that they are close now but am curious about the center of gravity slide. should i slide it to the left until it goes green? or just set it in the middle. and derive the trim settings. cheers mate. steve
  12. @ steve dra. i want to try the freighter how does it interface with gsx? is the left cargo door functional? thank you for your marvelous work. regards steve t
  13. please forgive me it is the a330 gwcg went red close to tod. i believe it has to do with the center of gravity and gross weight. but i dont know i landed ok but the reversers were 80 percent effective on landing. thanks for the reply, steve
  14. can anyone explain this to me regards Steve
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