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  1. Thank you Dave! I followed the Bill's method. It's very well explained, and as it's apparently the only way to get Simbrief and the Fuel Planner work together, I will definitely use it.
  2. Hi all, I usually use Simbrief to calculate the flight plan and generate the OFP, with the pax number, the ZFW, Gross Weight, Cost Index and of course the Trip Fuel. So, I was wondering if i can skip the Airbus Fuel Planner. The question is that, when I use the Airbus Fuel Planner in advanced mode, I constantly get different values for ZFW, Fuel, Landing Weight and Gross Weight, even though I set it using the same data from Simbrief, such as alternate distance, pax number, cargo weight, taxi time, flight distance, contingency, etc. I get every time something like 1000 kg more of fuel, compared to Simbrief's output. So I rather prefer to use the data that I get from Simbrief So, if I don't use the Airbus Fuel Planner, how can I actually load the aircraft? The MCDU 2 seems to work well only if I generate the Load Sheet from the Airbus Fuel Planner and then I load it into the aircraft. I can't manually change the values for ZFW and ZFWCG into the MCDU 2, in order to load the plane, but only the fuel quantity and the pax number. On the contrary, I can insert those values in the INIT section (2nd page) of the MCDU 1. So, how can I load the Airbus if I don't want to use the Airbus Fuel Planner? Thank you
  3. Bonjour, 1) Pour rajouter des livrées sur les airbus A318/A319 on peut les télécharger à travers cette page: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/110-airbus-a318a319-liveries/ A noter qu'on peut installer égalément les livrées pour le vieux Airbus X, de manière manuelle. La seule astuce c'est de remplacer le fichier "texture.cfg" qui est présent dans le dossier de la livrée qu'on veut installer avec le fichier "texture.cfg" de la livrée de defaut dont le modèle lui correspond. Autrement dit, si on veut installer une livrée A319 Vueling motorisée CFM dont le modèle c'est DAIBA (normalement il suffit de voir le read-me joint à la livrée pour découvrir le modèle ) on doit aller chercher une livrée de defaut de l'A319 CFM basée sur le modèle DAIBA (par exemple Lufthansa) et copier le fichier "texture.cfg" dans le dossier de notre nouvelle livrée Vueling, en remplaçant l'original. Pour plus d'informations tu peux lire le guide STEP by STEP (en anglais) : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137224-step-by-step-how-to-manually-insert-liveries/ 2) Une fois le OFP généré, Simbrief permet de télécharger le plan de vol pour plusieurs avions, y compris l'Airbus Aerosoft Pro. Pour ce faire, il faut se rendre à la page DOWNLOAD FMS et après choisir "Aerosoft Airbus". Tu auras un ficher du genre XXXXXXXX01.flp (par exemple LFPGLFMN01). Il faut le télécharger et l'ajouter au sous-dossier FLIGHTPLANS de ton Aerosoft Airbus, normalement placé dans le dossier "Documents" de ton Pc (c'est là qu'on va à installer les AIRACS aussi). Après avoir fait ça, le plan de vol peut etre chargé dans ton MCDU en tant que Co Route dans la page INIT en tapant sur le clavier de l'MCDU le nom du plan de vol (LFPGLFMN01 dans notre exemple)
  4. I'm really in love with the A320 Here a shot at MK Studios Lisbon
  5. The amount of new payware airports for our beloved FS2004 is more and more decreasing, but since AES still supports this sim, please don't forget this beautiful freeware scenery of Irkutsk airport, in the East Siberia. This is not the only one, there are a lot of freeware sceneries for FS2004 that I already suggested in the past. I am writing this message on behalf of all FS9 users. Thanks ICAO: UIII NAME: Irkutsk International Airport TYPE: FREEWARE FS: FS9 DESIGNER: Artem Kachanov Djonly, Vyacheslav LINK https://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/obnovlenniy-scenariy-aeroport-irkutsk-uiii-60337.html
  6. ICAO:LICA NAME: Lamezia Terme LICA FS2004 TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: BDO Aviations LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-lamezia-terme-lica-fs2004.phtml The FS2004 version is now out!! AES 2.45
  7. Please, consider an AES support for this beautiful freeware scenery of Prague for FS2004 ICAO: LKPR NAME: Praga Ruzyne LKPR TYPE: freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: Jindrich Machalinek LINK: http://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/scenariy-aeroporta-goroda-pragi-praha-ruzyne-lkpr-1230-v1-0-dlya-fs9-i-fsx-46149.html
  8. The FS9 version has been released! ICAO: UUDD NAME: Moscow Domodedovo TYPE: Payware FS: FS2004 DESIGNER: MDesign Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/mdesign-moscow-domodedovo-airport-uudd-fs2004.phtml AES 2.38
  9. My photoreal scenery of Naples with autogen. Not published
  10. Some screenshots from the old and neglected Flight Simulator 2004
  11. Prague was already posted, but this is a new version! The fingers should now work... ICAO: LKPR NAME: Praga Ruzyne LKPR TYPE: freeware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: Jindrich Machalinek LINK: http://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/scenariy-aeroporta-goroda-pragi-praha-ruzyne-lkpr-1230-v1-0-dlya-fs9-i-fsx-46149.html
  12. Very high quality scenery of Saint Petersburg airport. Recently released! (13.07.2014) ICAO: ULLI NAME: Saint Petersburg Pulkovo TYPE: freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: Project ULLI LINK: http://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/ulli-pulkovo-54216.html
  13. ICAO: LICC NAME: Catania Fontanarossa TYPE: Payware FS: FSX/FS9 DESIGNER: Ivano Marongiu LINK: http://www.ivanomarongiu.it/
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