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  1. Every time I go to purchase an upgrade from Mega Airport X to Professional it clearly states enter your serial # from your last purchase in the Voucher box to receive a discount,however there is no voucher box or location to enter at the point of purchase. For this reason I have stopped my purchases of 3 airports . I tried to do this with Heathrow Professional and I thought it would show a box for my discount after processing payment nothing and NO discount. I ended up paying for London Heathrow 2 times with no help from customer service. Pretty tricky tactics. Not good business.
  2. Thanks but I follow those steps every time I add new scenery. I re-downloaded the file from my account and installed .All seems to be working correctly, except now the terrain file is not present in the Aerosoft folder as it was before.That seem odd however if its working I will level it alone unless that will cause an issue later.........
  3. I have no other Heathrow scenery installed there are other locations with jetways missing.
  4. Purchased the new EGLL PRO Scenery for P3d4 and all the scenery look fine except the runways and jetways are missing ? Tried relinstall no change. Is there a patch or update available to fix this ?
  5. DaveCT2003; I'm not new at this and I test other aircraft. I run all my Sim. platforms as Admin. I currently have most of the high end payware out there and all of them work fine. I also have FSX ,P3dv3, P3dv4.1 and Xplane currently loaded on my system with no issues to speak of . , however I believe it is clearly an Aerosoft CRJ problem. Thanks for the recommendation I'll give it a go.
  6. As I mentioned previously in my post all the files are in the prospective place. Now I did find that when I load the aircraft in full screen all the gauges do show up, however randomly then disappear which makes no sense. So in short I did answer all your questions as did the other customer in this thread.I If the files were missing I could not of given you a log report . Also if they were missing then they would not appear at all.And because some gauges appear and not others I believe that there is problem in the switching of views from full view to reduced view if that makes sense. To reiterate : #1 all files seem to be present #2 the Simulator always runs as Admin. #3 I believe the C++ redistributable files or Simconnect are present ,however {confirm simconnect location for CRJ 7-9}
  7. Here are the files no changes thus far. As you can see from the photo the Popup gauges show up. .
  8. I am having the same issue this is a disturbing matter since it renders the aircraft useless. I have reinstalled 2x with the latest version as Admin. in my new P3Dv4.1 and NO change in results.All my files are in place also. As you can see from the photo the #2 radio works and nothing else. What is the solution ??
  9. I second that motion a relative date would be nice to know.
  10. I recently purchased Heathrow X new. After install the Runways and markings are NOT showing up . Also Jetways are still not showing up after loading the Jetway patch ?? What is the problem with this airport. I am running up to date P3Dv4 on a brand new computer. What is the solution?? Does any one eles have this problem please help.....
  11. Sorry I wish someone just give a straight answer. Which AIRAC is used from the Navigraph website? I dont see one listed for the CRJ 700
  12. I have set the the null zone and re calibrated as mentioned before not the issue. I re installed the aircraft and the system seem to operating fine for now .Not sure what was going on I will run more test flights to see if it recurse. Actually you are not to set the auto pilot below 1,000ft in a jet.
  13. Tommius, Thanks for the input I will try again I believe the yaw damper has been on every time.
  14. I'm not new at this: usually if the auto pilot is working it will actually engage while still on the ground. On normal deptarture 10 to 15 degree climb Alt. set trim set there should be NO problem engaging the auto pilot. I re calibrated my joy stick and all is well. That does not explain why randomly sometimes it will work and others not. Now I can n to get it to work at all.
  15. "Yes there is what? I did a search and nothing trim does not respond properly. What other info do you need
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