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  1. Problem solved. It turned out that Even though I had Insertion point set in ORBX below addons, Oslo was still below ORBX. Hopefully I won't have any issues elsewhere.
  2. Interestingly, uninstalling FTX Norway helped. Now all buildings are finally back.
  3. Insertion Point in ORBX is set below the first addon in Scenery Library so this is no factor. FTX Compatibility is set yes.
  4. Hi I am missing most buildings except for the terminal itself at ENGM now. I am running P3D V5 HF2 with FTX Norway. I have tried to reinstall several times, with no effect. Scenery Complexity is Very Dense. Any ideas?
  5. Oooh perfect match for the Airbus X! Sweet
  6. Its not that I have a pain in the ass of people staying with FS9, what I dont like is people constantly whining that theres less and less addons for FS9 coming. You got to realize that for most, FS9 have been dead for years. I get that you prefer FS9, so did I until I finally uninstalled FS9 and converted fully to FSX, and never since have I been back to FS9. FSX is just too good compared. Again, I do not have anything against people sticking with FS9, but with the constant whine for addons!
  7. Its not really true that you never heard from Jo Erlend again, he is working on Stavanger. He never promised an FS9 version, he did say that a FS9 version was 70% certain, depending on the work needed. Then he moved to the states taking his Pilot license, and he was qutie busy. Now he's working on Stavanger, and Ive heard Tromsø is next after that. Also you FS9 folks need to remember that FS9 is three sims back, its time to convert to FSX, and dont say that you cant afford a computer for FSX, because you can!
  8. Hi! Does anyone know where to find new AES textures? Thinking Gate Gourmet, SAS and the like.
  9. Hi! Is it possible to add an option to get De-Ice trucks at a designated De-Ice ramp? At many airports in Europe, De-ice is not performed at the gate, but at an own de-ice ramp. I found that it is possible if you shut down the engines at the de-ice ramp, but thats kinda not good if you use a Tracking program, or using certain addons which clearout the FMC on shutdown. Please Oliver, is this possible in some way?
  10. Real life Aerodrome chart for Værnes: https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/AIP/AD/ENVA/EN_AD_2_ENVA_2-1_en.pdf
  11. While we are in on Værnes X, can someone please tell me why the altitude of the scenery is wrong? The real elevation is 56ft, while in Aerosoft Værnes X its around 20ft. This caueses problems on MP and VATSIM, showing traffic that does not have Værnes X, hover above the field.
  12. Well, Jo Erlend could start with fixing the Gardermoen Scenery. There is clearly something wrong with the scenery as people with High end Computers prefer another freeware scenery simply because Jo Erlends scenery eats up to much frame rates.
  13. If the developer is Jo Erlend Sund then no an FS9 version will not be coming.
  14. I really hope that Jo Erlend does a good job with the scenery this time, as he did not with the Oslo X scenery. From the pictures I've seen, Stavanger X looks good so far, however I hope he does something with the FPS.
  15. Hi! I have been following the development of the coming Gardermoen X scenery for FSX, made by Jo Erlend Sund. Problem is, he has actaully more or less promised a FS9 version, under the whole dev thread, he said FS9 would be 70% certainley coming, then he said that for now it would not be relased, and then he changed again, said it would come out in December. Then all of a sudden with no warning he says that Gardermoen for FS9 has been cancelled. So Aerosoft, will there be a REAL Mega Airport Gardermoen? Reason I am saying REAL is that the complete Mega Airport series has been for both FSX and FS9, thus I feel that the Mega Airport part should be left out.
  16. Okey so let me get this straight, allthough Aerosoft have publically on the forums stated that the FSX version for Faro, Kos and Antalya will be ported to FS2004, you give us the LTU 2005 Holiday airport pack instead?! Why do you think someone would want that these days? So the only airport there will be a new FS9 version for is Antalya? How nice...
  17. Ok, looks great in FSX I guess, but I hope that there will be a new scenery for Kos to FS2004!
  18. Hi! Have heard some rumors that Antalya X will NOT be relased for FS9, allthough I up untl then have read that it will be released for FS9 as well. Anyone confirm this?
  19. Hi! When will Aerosoft update Heathrow with the new taxiways to 27L, the removal of T1, as well as the renaming of taxiways at Frankfurt? With the Heathrow, why did you guys ever close the taxiways and not coming with updates? Also, on for instance stand 305, I have seen a 737 at 305L and A321 at 305R, with a Jetway to 305L and 305R. Will this be possible to do in FS? Will it be possible to get De-Ice at own De-Ice areas? Several Airports have De-Ice at designated areas.
  20. OOOH YEAH! Jo Erlend does it again! Gardermoen Scenery for FS9 and FSX is on the way, he hasnt said anything about if its Aerosoft. Copyright pictures Jo Erlend Sund. (He posted it on a Norwegian Forum) All pictures by Jo Erlend Sund. Jo Erlend, if you have anything against me posting this here, tell and I'll remove.
  21. Well then why is the preorder FSX version?
  22. Just to be sure, can someone confirm that this will be for FS9 as well? I see the FSX release is on 30th April, will FS9 be released at the same time or earlier?
  23. What would be great is if AES is made to support Commuters more. Like the CRJ and Dash8, where they park at a gate that has a Jetway, but the passengers exit the aircraft using the Door as stairs, then walk over to the gate itself and up the stair. Like this . Where they use the Door as Stairs. Also, it would be great if it would be possible to choose that the Cargo Doors are on the left side of the Aircraft, which they mostley are on these smaller planes. I like the idea of having actual bagagge carts at the aircraft aswell.
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