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  1. ICAO: TNCB Name: BONAIRE FLAMINGO INTL Type: Payware Designer : Tropical Sim MoreInfo: She's Old but in the reality hes just like that they did't update it;) Can You Pleaseeeee add her in the AES?
  2. It is a long time that i did'nt see Oliver Pabst Where is he? We need AES 2.22!!!!!
  3. Oliver, Could you please tell us the release dat for the AES NG or AES 2.22 Keep up the good work regard,
  4. Hi everyone i have windows 7 X64bit I have some probleam with the "V2.21" hes is very unsable hes not reponding some times. And i have 1 more report: I think the Stairs for the Aircraft are to lang as before why???
  5. Hello guys my Aes is activated but i dont have Service from Aes. The gates din't move when engine is off and parking brake is set. When pressing CTR+SHIFT+W Notting happends.
  6. I Have the Same Probleam Here i try to put the autogen slide highest he can but same Probleam
  7. No Jetways When Airport is Activated in Airport-Enhancement-Services HELPPPPPP
  8. My Throttle wont move foward whyyy?? Please Hellpp me
  9. Hi Holgi Noting Yet about releasing the repaint?
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