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  1. Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located 47 km north of Oslo and is Norway's main airport. The airport is Scandinavia's second busiest airport and 19.3 million traveled trough the airport. Gardermoen offers 139 destinations and the large passenger growth ensures that many new routes will come. There are also plans for an expansion of the terminal and a third runway. Right at the terminal is Radisson SAS hotel located and when you land on 01R you fly over the highway and the railway. SAS has a technical hall at one runway and north of the airport is a military area. the control tower at the airport is the second highest in Europe, measuring 91 meters. At the airport there is a train station and a large parking garage. in the area around it is a major industrial area. The airport has 34 gates and can handle 52 aircraft at the most. These are just some reasons why Oslo airport can be a good idea for Aerosoft. And sorry my bad english. Google translate:rolleyes:
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