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  1. Love you (Sim-Wings) guys but perhaps developers might consider offering detailed interiors as an after release add-on for those who want them. I would rather have the airport as I don't really care what books the gift shop is selling. Cheers, Looking forward to an actual release. C
  2. Yes, confirm. I see flickering as described and also over terminal 4. Other than that looking real good. Thanks for Madrid! Best, Clayton
  3. Keeping on topic I've always appreciated SimWings and eagerly await a complete set.
  4. Thanks Hans. Just updated this morning. Seems to hold the correct version number now. Cheers, Clayton
  5. Current version of Visual C++2015 is 14.0.24215 Both x86 and x64 in Win10. Clayton
  6. If you are experiencing an elevation oddity with this airport and UTP3D Europe is installed: Just open the UTX Europe Setup Tool > Terrain > Modify Status of Repositioned Airports > Repositioned Airports > Disable LEVC Cheers, Clayton
  7. First international flight was from JFK to Málaga on an Iberia 707...got a fresh rose and a complimentary pack of Ducados in economy. The good old days. Anyway this is the most anticipated airport for me. Hope it gets bumped up in priority.
  8. By the way, same for Prepar3d version. I just installed 1.4 which works fine but is still invisable to the Aerosoft Launcher. Guess we'll have to wait for the Drzewiecki Launcher.
  9. Uninstall everything? No. But I have uninstalled and reinstalled Bornholm Island 1.3 It would seem the new version 1.3 of Bornholm doesn't give any credit to Aerosoft. Perhaps they forgot? And so the Aerosoft Launcher cannot recognize it. Just thought you folks might want to know.
  10. The launcher indicated that an update from version 1.2 to 1.3 was available. Downloaded 1.3 from Aerosoft. Noticed it now wants to install to Addons instead of Aerosoft in FSX. However, no matter where I install it to, the Launcher no longer sees it at all. ???
  11. Let me be the first to thank you. And the first light & bitter is on me...or was that the third? Cheers, Clayton
  12. Frank, Not your fault at all. Under the new VAFS system Pilot applications are now directly emailed to out CEO. Which means I can do nothing unless he does it himself or forwards the email to me or one of the other administrators. I am actively trying to contact him to rectify the situation. Please accept my personal apology for this delay. regards, AMA118 Clayton Scott Regional Director and Administrator Andras Meridian v Airlines www.andrasmeridian.com
  13. Hi Frank (nicholas1125), Sorry to here of your difficulties but I regularly check the new pilot application requests and see no such request from you. Have you perused the website and followed the instructions? Now in fairness, there have been some complications with VAFS (the PIREP software we use) and new pilot applications so perhaps yours got hammered in the update process. Please fill out a pilot application again and I will be looking for you to expedite. Also please understand that the forum membership is only open to registered pilots. So, a forum registration without being a pilot would have been denied. regards, AMA118 Clayton Scott Regional Director and Administrator Andras Meridian v Airlines www.andrasmeridian.com
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