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  1. Hi Psybear, I totally understand, I just wondered since I never usually waited this long. I resubmitted the application (under the name Frank B.). Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me and I appreciate you replying to me here. Ole, thanks again for getting in touch with them for me. Looking forward to flying! Frank B.
  2. I can't post in their forums until they accept my login. I am waiting for that email. Thanks Ole for getting their attention for me, hopefully I will hear something.
  3. Yes Im still waiting for my login to get accepted by them.
  4. I put in an application about a week ago and even sent them a support request. Does anybody run that VA? A little worried if there is even any support should an issue arise if I do fly for them. If anybody knows what is going on, please let me know. Frank
  5. Agreed 100% He will be missed. One of the best tv detectives ever. Rest in Peace Peter.
  6. I will try to reinstall it again as administrator and post again if that does not solve the problem. The original product activation worked okay. When I purchased Dangerous Airports, that was the first time using the installer, I had to do that a few times before it worked. Thank you Shaun.
  7. Here are my specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit AMD Anthlon II x4 620 Processor Memory 6144 MB Ram NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT I have no issues running any add-ons at max FSX levels and get pretty good FPS. Hope this helps. Thanks
  8. I am getting a CTD after about 5 minutes anywhere I fly. I have tried reinstalling but it still happens. It happens around add-on scenery and any FSX standard scenery. Also, I have no VC. I have tons of Aerosoft products with no problems but since this new installer I have had issues with the last two I bought. Reading the posts I see the CTD issue was mentioned so looking for a fix or I may have to seek a refund. Looks like this product or the installer is having a lot of issues. Hope things get worked out. I run Windows 7 if it matters. Thanks, Frank
  9. Thanks Darem. I had to stop using ez-dok camera due to issues. I was hoping there was another option.
  10. I've seen videos of landings with the Twin Otter from behind the pilots where it shows them flying the plane. Anybody know how to get that view? I've tried all views and no pilots in the cockpit.
  11. Hope nobody from the FAA is reading this forum...they may post checkpoints over the Atlantic
  12. Guess I should have waited a few more hours before posting and I would of had my answer . Will be downloading this great looking product today ! Thanks to all those who replied.
  13. I usually see the download version then it usually states the boxed version will be available, but on this I only saw boxed so was just wondering. I did see on another post the download version will be out soon. Thanks Waleed
  14. Is there going to be a download version or just the boxed version?
  15. I've been so busy re-installing a lot of stuff I never tried to see if AES worked at the airports I purchased. I did try a few and they work fine. Guess I wasn't thinking. Thank you Opabst for setting me straight and thanks you everyone for replying.
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