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  1. Thanks, I added and created liveries, sceneries etc. since I startet with FS2002; it's just no problem for me. But I don't understand why Aerosoft brings an not working tool into the installer. The whole folder "Livery Manager" should be part of the package after it's programmed (in V1.1 or whenever). No prob if it's no working on releaseday, they did a very well job with the hole plane yet an I'm happy they released asap but there is no reason to bring a wrong exe to enduser Forgot to mention that I want OLD IBERIA Livery
  2. First of all Aerosoft should fix the Livery Manager, in "Aerosoft A330 Professional\Livery Manager" is only a wrong "Livery Manager A318-A319.exe" - but no version for A330. Nobody else noticed this yet?
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