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  1. Yes... and FYI Version 3.6 is now on the server. All FS2Crew Airbus Pro owners should re-download and re-install the product to get the latest version at: www.fs2crew.com
  2. Hi Guys, Looks like we're going to be doing an FS2Crew for the mighty CRJ. We need a real-world CRJ pilot consultant who actively uses the Aerosoft CRJ to assist with creating the "flows". If that's you, please send me a support ticket via the Contact page at: www.fs2crew.com Thanks!
  3. FYI, V3.5C is now current. 3.5C addresses a few audio issues. Update procedure is same as before.
  4. Yes, 3.5B 🙂 You have free download protection, if you ever run, just send us a support ticket. Best,
  5. NOTAM 14 Dec 2019: I just put Version 3.4B up on the server. The 330 required a lot more changes than originally expected 🙂 To install, re-download via your FS2Crew account and re-install. No need to uninstall first. Changes: 1. FO should now press STD on his side when passing the Transition Alt and Level. 2. Door 2 left should now close during pre-flight events if using the turn-around state. 3. If APU Bleed and Master is in, you will no be warned about the APU not being on in the 330. 4. Pre-flight event times adjusted depending on if you're using the A330 or the non A330 models. A330 now starts at plus 45 minutes to departure. 5. Allowed voice commands when UGCX Voice Control running relaxed a bit. One user asked about the TO Trim: It's something we're still looking at. Getting the FO to accurately set the TO trim during his After Start flow is complex. So watch him closely in case he's off by a bit.
  6. FS2Crew has just been updated! FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro Version 3.5 is now up on the FS2Crew server. Please re-download via your FS2Crew account at: www.fs2crew.com Major changes (V3.5): Fixes: APU, Battery and APU bleed handling fixed in the A330. PM should now select Predictive Windsheer during his/her taxi flow (Wx Radar we're leaving to the user). NEW! If your audio ever drops, "right click" on the Audio Test Button to restore your audio. Audio dropping can be a common problem when using wireless headsets or if your audio port goes to sleep. The new audio restore system is currently in the Aerosoft Airbus version only. It will soon be added to the other FS2Crew's.
  7. Letting FS2Crew users know that FS2Crew has released Version 3.4 of FS2Crew Airbus Pro. Version 3.4 includes FREE support for the new A330. To obtain version 3.4, login to your FS2Crew account, click "Completed Orders", then re-download and re-install the Airbus Pro version. Also, if you're using Ultimate Ground Crew X with the new A330, no issues have been reported thus far, so it should work out out of the box.
  8. Gents (and Ladies), Just letting everyone know that FS2Crew has released FS2Crew Airbus Pro for the new P3D V4 Bus. This is a dedicated Airbus crew simulation meant for enthusiast simmers who want max realism. The product includes: * Voice Control * Button Control * Global FO Voice Pack featuring multiple FO voices from all over the world. * Support for the A318 and A319 * Support for the A320 and A321 (when they're released. It should work out of the box though). More info at: www.fs2crew.com
  9. The built in FO in the airbus is quite simple. If you just want something light and casual, it'll do you fine. But if you want Voice Control (and Button Control) and something much more involved that conforms more to actual Airbus flying in the real world -well, that's what FS2Crew is all about. The P3D V4 will be released this week.
  10. For the FS2Crew PMDG 737 (FS9), Wilco 737 and Default 737 version "Voice Commander" versions, all you need to do is install SP1 from the FS2Crew Downloads page at www.fs2crew.com SP1 removes the need to have or enter an activation code.
  11. I'm sorry, I don't speak German, but why not post this question in the FS2Crew support forum on contact FS2Crew directly? I'm the developer of FS2Crew, and it's hard for me to monitor all the various FS forums. To help you though, try this: 1. Install the FS2Crew updates from the FS2Crew website Download Page (www.fs2crew.com). If that doesn't worK: -> Ensure a joystick is plugged in -> Reinstall the latest version of Direct X -> Disable DEP globally via the command line. Info on how to do this is available in the FS2Crew Manual and FS2Crew Support forum. Best, Bryan York FS2Crew www.fs2crew.com
  12. Dreamflyer, Please email me and send me a screen shot of that error report. My email address is: admin@fs2crew.com I'm still at a loss as to why you're experiencing this, but we'll figure it out. Cheers, Bryan York FS2Crew
  13. Volker, thank you for trying to help. That's appreciated. Dreamflyer: Please email me at: admin@fs2crew.com I'll give you direct one-on-support; that'd be easier and quicker. Make sure you re-install DirectX before you contact me; a few users did and it resolved their issue. Cheers, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew www.fs2crew.com
  14. I tried running this through a web translator, but I still can't understand it very well Can someone explain in English what the user's problem is? If it's a crash, things are to try are: 1. Delete the FSX.cfg file (it will automatically rebuild when you reload FSX). 2. Re-install Microsoft Direct X. 3. Ensure FSX is set to load the 2D cockpit by default. 4. If running Vista, ensure DEP is disabled globally as per the FS2Crew instructions. Those are the usual cures. All the best, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew www.fs2crew.com
  15. I'm sorry, my German isn't good enough to respond in German. Regarding the distorted fonts, the only thing I can think of based on my experience is that perhaps you have a program running called "Clear Type Tuning". If so, make sure you move the Contrast Slider to the darker side of the scale. Feel free to post in the FS2Crew forum. You can run the German through a language translator, and I should still be able to understand it. Cheers, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew www.fs2crew.com
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