Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Gents (and Ladies), Just letting everyone know that FS2Crew has released FS2Crew Airbus Pro for the new P3D V4 Bus. This is a dedicated Airbus crew simulation meant for enthusiast simmers who want max realism. The product includes: * Voice Control * Button Control * Global FO Voice Pack featuring multiple FO voices from all over the world. * Support for the A318 and A319 * Support for the A320 and A321 (when they're released. It should work out of the box though). More info at:
  2. The built in FO in the airbus is quite simple. If you just want something light and casual, it'll do you fine. But if you want Voice Control (and Button Control) and something much more involved that conforms more to actual Airbus flying in the real world -well, that's what FS2Crew is all about. The P3D V4 will be released this week.
  3. For the FS2Crew PMDG 737 (FS9), Wilco 737 and Default 737 version "Voice Commander" versions, all you need to do is install SP1 from the FS2Crew Downloads page at SP1 removes the need to have or enter an activation code.
  4. I'm sorry, I don't speak German, but why not post this question in the FS2Crew support forum on contact FS2Crew directly? I'm the developer of FS2Crew, and it's hard for me to monitor all the various FS forums. To help you though, try this: 1. Install the FS2Crew updates from the FS2Crew website Download Page ( If that doesn't worK: -> Ensure a joystick is plugged in -> Reinstall the latest version of Direct X -> Disable DEP globally via the command line. Info on how to do this is available in the FS2Crew Manual and FS2Crew Support forum. Best, Bryan York FS2Crew
  5. Dreamflyer, Please email me and send me a screen shot of that error report. My email address is: I'm still at a loss as to why you're experiencing this, but we'll figure it out. Cheers, Bryan York FS2Crew
  6. Volker, thank you for trying to help. That's appreciated. Dreamflyer: Please email me at: I'll give you direct one-on-support; that'd be easier and quicker. Make sure you re-install DirectX before you contact me; a few users did and it resolved their issue. Cheers, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew
  7. I tried running this through a web translator, but I still can't understand it very well Can someone explain in English what the user's problem is? If it's a crash, things are to try are: 1. Delete the FSX.cfg file (it will automatically rebuild when you reload FSX). 2. Re-install Microsoft Direct X. 3. Ensure FSX is set to load the 2D cockpit by default. 4. If running Vista, ensure DEP is disabled globally as per the FS2Crew instructions. Those are the usual cures. All the best, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew
  8. I'm sorry, my German isn't good enough to respond in German. Regarding the distorted fonts, the only thing I can think of based on my experience is that perhaps you have a program running called "Clear Type Tuning". If so, make sure you move the Contrast Slider to the darker side of the scale. Feel free to post in the FS2Crew forum. You can run the German through a language translator, and I should still be able to understand it. Cheers, Bryan York Developer, FS2Crew
  9. Comparing FDC to FS2Crew or any other co-pilot program is an apples to oranges thing, which makes comparisons very difficult. But I'll try to explain FS2Crew for you: FS2Crew does customized versions for each aircraft, usually the higher-end 3rd stuff like the PMDG or Flight1 aircraft, etc. We opted for this approach because we feel it's only way we can get a very high level detail, and model crew procedures that are truly specific to that aircraft. To go generic would result in too much detail being sacrificed in our estimation. The other reason reason we do customized, single versions is because getting the virtual flight crew to interface with the host aircraft in a meaningful way is difficult: it usually requires a one-on-one approach given that most high-end 3rd party aircraft do not rely on the MSFS SDKs, but rather use 'custom variables' that are often not accessible to 3rd parties. So each aircraft needs to be treated as a unique case, and dealt with in the context of its own particular circumstances. Hope that helps, Bryan York Developer - FS2Crew
  10. Glad to hear you like it! That's what I like to hear Bryan York Developer - FS2Crew
  11. Hallo Fraboh, The FS2Crew Start Center is updated every time a new FS2Crew product become available. For example, last week I released the Flight1 ATR Edition. This required an update to the Start Center. The Start Center is a manager that is meant to manage all current FS2Crew products, not just one single edition. Most of my users own multiple editions of FS2Crew. The reason you do not have the most current version of the Start Center built in to the PMDG 747 FSX version is because I released the Flight1 ATR Edition of FS2Crew last week (which is a long time after I sent Aerosoft the PMDG 747 FSX file). Now, I'll run this through an on-line translator. I hope the German translation is not too horribe : Hallo Fraboh, Die FS2Crew Anfangsmitte ist- modernisiert, jedes Mal wenn ein neues FS2Crew Produkt vorhanden werden. Z.B. letzte Woche gab ich die Ausgabe Rückstellung-Flight1 frei. Dieses erforderte ein Update zur Anfangsmitte. Die Anfangsmitte ist- ein Manager, der bedeutet wird, um alle gegenwärtigen FS2Crew Produkte zu handhaben, nicht gerade eine einzelne Ausgabe. Die meisten meinen Benutzern besitzen mehrfache Ausgaben von FS2Crew. Der Grund, den Sie nicht die meiste aktuelle Version der Anfangsmitte haben, die zur PMDG 747 FSX Version geeinbaut wird, ist, weil ich die Ausgabe Rückstellung-Flight1 von FS2Crew letzte Woche freigab (die eine lange Zeit ist, nachdem ich Aerosoft die PMDG 747 FSX Akte schickte). Bryan York Developer - FS2Crew
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