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  1. This has also happened to me. I was trying to put the approach and then everything froze completely. Second this!
  2. Very interesting to read. Thank you!
  3. Hey there all, Congrats on the CRJ release today. So, I’ve been surfing the MSFS forum and I found many people complaining about the price of it (for me I am not, I understand these people are probably new to the sim add-on market, specially when it comes to aircraft) but it made me wonder very curiously, how are sales going for MSFS? I know it may be a bit early for the CRJ’s ones to speak, but are you guys nailing it like forecasted or is it a very private question? Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, So I was doing a long haul flight the other day in the A330 and it crossed my mind the idea about having more variety in the immersion factor in cruise. I mean, a coffee is nice for short hops, but I thought how about a full dinner or some desserts for the pilots? Just thinking out loud. Cheers!
  5. Both batteries on and ground power on.
  6. Seems like the video is compressing to a very bad quality, but no, I’m not using any other software (other than AS and ChasePlane). The mousepointer is just changing from the usual triangle to the hand with index finger up when put over the APU master switch.
  7. 1. My sim was P3D V4.5.13.32097 2. It was A320-214. 3. V1.3.1.0. 4. I have Envshade installed. 5. C:\Users\[my username]\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes 6. No, it was the A320. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hello, I believe the issue is quite straightforward, the master switch is completely blacked out and doesn't do anything. I've attached a video. Thanks! Prepar3D 2020.05.16 -
  9. Sorry! I didn’t mean any kind of support. It was just an usual bug reporting post. I checked and it turned out I was 4 numbers outdated, I was on 293. I’ll update to see if it happens again and let you know. My hardware is though an i7-4790, GTX 960 OC 4GB, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB SATA. I run Win-7 64 bit (fully aware that at least Win-10 64 bit is the minimum, planning to update next year) but as I said, it was just so you could check if it was a bug, no support meant. My settings are not that high either.
  10. So I went out for a test flight on the new A330 and after trying to stall the terrain brown section of the right side PFD went black. The left side PFD was normal and all the gauges were working. Might have a look into this?
  11. Avianca N804AV https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9529706
  12. Although the topic name is very self explanatory, I'd like to give a plus to the team for this excellent feature. It is coming to the Airbuses right? Keep up!
  13. Well, I’d like to ask SCIP. It’s a pretty nice island. Thanks!
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