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  1. I am also having a similar problem. My problem is if I make any transaction on my credit card outside of Canada, I will be charged 20% currency exchange and service fee. I like the paypal idea, is there a way to transfer funds from credit card to my paypal account in one single shot and then use my paypal to make more than one credit pack purchase?
  2. thank you so much for the reply ... this should be helpful... i am sure this must be one of the common questions you guys must receive, would it be alrite to stick this or add the answer to one of the FAQ's ?
  3. Hi I guess there won't be any better thread to post my question within the same topic... I too am building a new PC from scratch... Regarding the topic, my question is which files do I need to retain inorder to keep my liscence or do I need to repurchase Aerosoft credits ? Now on the technical question regarding new video card... Currently popular video cards in Nvidia here in toronto are GTS250 or GTX 460 all with 1 gb.... For Fsx i am guessing GTX 460 would be an overkill, so is GTS250 fine for FSX with ASE addon or would there be frame rate drop?.... Thanks....
  4. hehe .. i know the guy, i'll ask him ... I was also having some issue with Afcad, regarding capturing ILS....i'll ask him that as well but haven't been getting the time ....
  5. Hi Sorry for the trouble fellas. I love the work you guys do. This is another idea for future developments. Can it be possible if you guys can add some baggage trolley vehicles on the side with the baggage and catering trucks on the side?
  6. Hi Recently as i have travelled in winter times, i noticed at JFK airport and at YYZ airport, de-icing is done at specific place at the airport and not at every gate. Whereas in AES, you get ur aircraft de-iced at the gate ... For future development is it possible to have de-icing facilities done at specific points at the airport as it is done in real life? That would mean that we would have to taxi our aircraft to that parking position and expect deicing trucks to come forth. This might get tricky especially working with AFCADS of every AES supported airports but would add some fun to the airport environment.
  7. What I would like to know abt this addon is that is it a reasonable substitute software to jeppesen charts ? I mean will I be able to view Airport terminal charts and the SID's and Stars based on real time ? And that can I update the charts ?
  8. I'd just like to add that would it be possible for AES to add baggage carts beside the baggage loaders. Simple trolleys of baggage carts parked on the side should do. It seems incomplete without them. Thanks.
  9. phew .... its working back to normal now ... for a second there i thought something weird may have happened. thanks for the help
  10. i'll try that. So when i land at omdb and exit the runway, if i press ctrl shift w, i should get the follow me screen then ?
  11. Hi, i didnt get the time to mention this earlier but for the past couple of days i am having trouble running aes on my fs9. Usually at OMDB when i start off with engines turned on with parking breaks on, i get aes window automatically. Now that window doesn't come automatically when i press f9. When i release the breaks then that window opens but only for few seconds before i lose it. Also on arrival to OMDB or any aes supported airport that i have activated, i don't get the follow me screen after exiting the runway. Can someone help me to fix this ?
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