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  1. May check your scenery settings, I think the castle only appears when setting scenery complexity to very high or ultra...correct me please if I'm wrong
  2. 1.20 was released few days ago...no information for plot owners yet
  3. Hi Matt, great!!! Wonderful to have you as our new painter in the club! My order: FSX stock C172SP. Registration: D-ECHR THX A LOT!
  4. @Ole: please...NOO! I spend so much time at the Andras Meridian office with the overall master-coffe-machine, I need a place to relax with a good German beer Martin and Rusty, a warm welcome! Nice to have you here!
  5. I think it's the fire beside the river north of Andras...looks like camping with a tent :-)
  6. @Mathijs: When you mean my TWO houses at Andras...than I found it Just kidding, already in contact with Andras...
  7. Just steping in... GREAT WORK! I will fly some test patterns within the next days but what i can see on the charts so far is fantastic! Also very helpful for our planned upcoming ATC at Andras... Do you think about SID's? No missunderstanding, I'm very happy with the approach charts so far regards
  8. Wilco Ole Did you observe the error in the charts? Even in the fresh updated ones, ILS frequency for RWY27 is wrong...It should be AFA 110.55, NOT 100.55. Who is responsible for the charts of Andras Field? Regards
  9. Just wondering about the ILS antennas at Andras... 1. There "looking" in the wrong direction...the plates at the antenna should be pointed into approach direction, not in direction to the runway (both for 27 and 09 are looking "into" the runway, there are faced to each other) 2. Location is offset. The antennas should be placed right beside the calculated touchdown points, not before and not after that. Just a little hint for the next update maybe and not that important for me, but we (the community) should work out with the project i heard...;-) greetings
  10. Hello to everyone, Number 100 speaking (Thx Ole for this fantastic number *g*) Short introduction of myself...my name is Christian, I'm living in Berlin, Germany. Just became a member of this fantastic elite club My real world occupation is air traffic controller. Into flightsim since MSFS 95. First round at the clubhouse by myself ensured... Bruce, what do you prefer? Here in Germany a so called "Weizen" would be nice at all (Paulaner e.g.). Or just pick up a Beck's :-) regards, Chris
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