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  1. Hi Mathijs - purchased just this past weekend, after you announced that it has been updated. Installer stated 1.01 so I believe that is the updated version, (?) Will have to do a few more flights before I actually report that I have an issue. I only did one flight and that is never enough testing to state that something is out of wack! BTW: Just took a look at the airport layout and it does appear to be correct with an ILS on each runway, and lined up as expected. The default seems to have an ILS on only 3 runways. Minor symptoms that I found were a) In FSX, when looking at the airport information (World -> Map -> Click on USSS to view airport information including runways, frequencies, elevation, etc), it only lists 3 runways with ILS, but the one missing is 28R. In the stock airport, it is 8L that is actually not present. ILS heading seemed to direct my PMDG 747 to the middle of the airport, not the runway. But this was off of one flight only - so not conclusive. Have reinstalled and will try a few more flights... Here is the ILS info for both the stock and addon USSS's: FSX Stock: Rwy Type Ident Freq Hdg Name 08R LOC+GP IEL 109.90 94.0 ILS 08R 26R LOC+GP IKU 110.50 270.0 ILS 26R 26L LOC+GP IED 109.50 274.2 ILS 26L Yekaterinburg X: Rwy Type Ident Freq Hdg Name 26R LOC+GP+DME IKU 110.50 270.1 ILS/DME 26R 26L LOC+GP IED 109.50 274.1 ILS 26L 08R LOC+GP IEL 109.90 94.1 ILS 08R 08L LOC+GP+DME IKO 111.70 90.1 ILS/DME 08L
  2. Are you chaps using the FS9 or FSX version. Just did the my first flight into USSS this evening, FSX version. Seemed to be missing the ILS for 26R. Shot 26L and it was aimed right at the middle of the two runways - not conslusive after just one flight though. Will give it a reinstall and another flight to see if things straighten out a bit. Edit - figure since you mention airbusX you must be using the FSX version - if you don't mind checking - when you look at the runways in FSX itself, do you have an ILS for 26R?
  3. Thanks for the reply! Will give it a run! Cheers! Update: Confirmed by install: AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - the X is a good clue!
  4. Just picked up Yekaterinburg - from the download options, there are 3 files, but no indication which is the FSX and which is the FS9 downloads. I assume that AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - but can someone confirm. (yes, aware that I would find out when I run the installer - but would prefer the skip the trial and error and the chance that both 9 and X are in the same installer and one of the downloads is the updated version!) Cheers!!! Mug From site: "Download your products here: Aerosoft - Yekaterinburg X (1.01(FSX),1.01(FS9)) Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-2012.zip) Download (Mirror 3 - USA) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-2012.zip) Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip) Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-PREPAR3D.zip) "
  5. Great News! Looking forward to this release as well!
  6. Thanks Matt and Ole... I found it. I was looking for it in the updates/FAQ section instead of the account history section. In the latter, only the upadates exist, not the full version, even though it is referenced. Ole - apologies for the oversight when I saw your first post, I did not notice that the link was active in your image, unlike the update/FAQ forum where I was looking. Will check both spots in the future. Thank-you both. J
  7. We are seeing the same thing Ole... There is no download link next to the row for 1.17, not on your screen shot, not on my order page either. The only two download links are for incremental updates. Am I missing something here? Thanks Jim
  8. Hello. Where did you find it? I have not updated for a very long time - and just took a look on the updates/FAQ site for the latest full build. 3 options as before - there are UPD files available for download for 1.19 and 1.20 but no file download available for the full 1.7 build... >> New full build 1.17 (No file available here) Update 1.17 to 1.19 (UPD file available) Update 1.19 to 1.20 (UPD file available) <<
  9. Wow! Had purchased a few weeks ago, but just installed now. Venice is an amazing piece of work!!! The city of Venice as well as the airport are incredibly detailed. The amount of work that went into modeling and placing all of the objects in this scenery is simply mind-boggling! Well done Mr. Kozma!!! I have found it very worthwhile to have a look through some of the Aerosoft sceneries that I may have passed on when they were first released - certainly Venice and Innsbruck are two that I have recently picked up that are very very worthwhile. Any recommendations on other sceneries that have a fair amount of surrounding area detail as well as the airport itself? ...not the best screen shots.. was not intending to post - but thought I would toss them up to show the level of detail in VeniceX - really worthwhile!
  10. Good enough for me then! Purchased. Thanks Otto... J
  11. Have often thought about picking up Venice X - current sale draws me closer, but have always been curious about compatibility. The majority of FSX scenery for sale at AS claims compatibility with "Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP2 or Acceleration)", however Venice only lists "Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2)", and noticeably omits acceleration. Does Venice X have problems with acceleration installed? Thanks for any feedback offered. Jim
  12. Apologies for bringing up such an old post - but I just picked up the Wilga, and one of the things I wanted to do was to replace the default tow plane (Maule) with the Wilga. Ran into the issue mentioned above. Using the Smart Tow function of CumulusX to define the tug and tryed to tow the Discus, but not enough power. Did not replace the air file with that of the Maule, simply increased the HP in the aircraft.cfg to 340 from the defined 260, and that gives it enough to work. Will try the above to see if that is a cleaner solution - but would be nice to not have to flip the config back and forth when I want to fly the Wilga instead of just use it for a glider tug. Any plans to look into the power issue with the flight model? It really is a great plane to use as tug for gliders, from what I have read, it was one of the original design objectives... Otherwise - great job on the Wilga! It is fantastic!!!
  13. No issue or trouble at all Ole! Thanks for keeping a backup!!!!! As per the signature size limitation of 320x98 - had to do a re-size on mine to get it to take....
  14. Was just trying to get my banner back as well and noticed that it does not seem to exist any more on the server: It was originally at a URL of http://lh3.ggpht.com/........ Linking to it gives me: Do our original banners still exist somewhere?
  15. Was a long shot - I am not even sure that that was completely the root cause of the issue I had as I uninstalled/reinstalled and then noticed the launcher thing.... The clue I had that the default Airport BGL file was creeping through was numerous elevation issues (similar to your shots, but not exactly the same), combined with AI traffic lining up towards the terminal building, which is how the parking is aligned in the default). Best of luck with it - hopefully support can help you out with it - do post the fix when you discover it as I or others may run into the same issue down the road.... Cheers - J
  16. Hey Otto - Did you check in the Aerosoft Launcher after upgrading to 1.1. When I upgraded - the scenery was listed as active, but a button below that indicated that an update was make (or something like that) and the scenery did not behave correctly until I clicked on that. May be a long shot - but I had all sorts of funky things going on before I did that - and of course, that would not explain why you the issue suddenly appeared if it was working during previous fights with 1.1.... j
  17. Hi Mark - I have 'Traffic X' (Just flight), which differs from 'My Traffic' (Aerosoft). Seems like there is a BGL in Aerosofts product, but not Traffic X, or at least the version I have, which is the latest for FSX. Cheers - Jim
  18. Are the buses used for taking passengers from the terminal to the plane? oddly enough, I have only been to small GA fields or larger international airports with gates and jetways that lead right to the terminal - I really should get out more often! I don't mind the bus - but can see your point -maybe a bit less frequent of a schedule would work.... J
  19. Thanks Shaun - I have "Traffic X" installed which did not not include a LGKR BGL file. Issue is resolved though - as mentioned - my own oversight with not updating the scenery in the Aerosoft launcher after uninstalling v1 and installing 1.1. Cheers - J
  20. Thanks Mark - checked on that and there was no LGKR BGL in Traffic X. I tried disabling the AES BGL - no luck there either. Disabling Traffic X and AES had no impact. In the end, I uninstalled the scenery again, rebooted - but this time loaded FSX and ensured the default was in good shape. Then reinstalled the scenery and went into thethe Aerosoft Launcher. - Now this is the embarrassing part! I noticed that the scenery was active in the launcher - but there was a button below the regular activate scenery that indicated there was an update to the scenery (The one that now states all products are up to date). I clicked on that, entered my email address, and it completed successfully. This is the step that I don't think I did after uninstalling version 1 and installing 1.1 - so this whole dual airport file thing may have been due to not completing that step. Anyway - after doing the reinstall and proper update in the aerosoft launcher - all is fine. EmilG and Mark - thanks for the assistance...will slink away now and enjoy this fantastic scenery!!!!! Regards - Jim Few shots of the scenery with normal elevations and issue resolved! The airport and area is really is an amazing piece of work!!!
  21. Thanks - will try that this evening and report back. Did notice that there is AES support for a FS9 LGKR, I would assume that would be the BGL for LGKR in my folders. Would seem odd that it would interfere in any way since it is not active in the AES config tool and no doubt many other users would have AES installed as well. Will disable and test to see if there is an issue with that. If not, will keep the files where AES put them. Searching for a 2nd airport file makes sense given that there are multiple taxiways and such. Will disable Traffic X in the scenery config and see if that makes a diff - with no other scenery installed in the area other than at Athens - can't imagine where a 2nd airport file would come from other than the traffic program. I have AFX licensed on a different machine - Does anyone know of a way to search for duplicate airport files without installing AFX or ADE? Will install if it comes to that, but trying to keep my main FSX machine very clean. Thanks for the quick assistance - will test and report back. J Edit: Thinking about this a bit more, Corfu is the 1st addon scenery I have installed since purchasing/installing Traffic X. Given that there is not only an elevation issue, but the AI planes are parking in odd spots, I think this could be a very likely suspect. Does anyone else have Traffic X installed with Corfu X? If so, did you do anything with the Traffic X config after installing corfu? If disabling traffic X fixes things up, will head over to that forum with the issue. Will test this evening.
  22. I as well have an odd thing going on with elevations around Corfu. Just uninstalled version 1 from the installer/rebooted/installed 1.1. This went fine. Corfu is 2nd from the top in the Scenery lib, with only AES above it. Platform is Win 7 64, FSX with Accel. Machine is an i7 950/6Gb ram/GTX 460. The only addons that I have in this region are Fly Tampa Athens and then much further away, Aersoft's Balearic Islands. Just Flight's Traffic X is installed, but way down on the scenery list, and there does not appear to be a bgl for LGKR in the traffic scenery folder. A pile of other addons (Orbx/Flytampa/FSDT/Aerosoft), but machine was installed from scratch earlier this year and is very stable. With the first version, I had slight elevation issues between the apron and the runway, but did not take any screenshots. With ver 1.1, I have some really strange trenches going on and what looks to be duplicate taxiways to the runway - the elevation issues are much worse. With version 1, I did disable AFX_LGKR_ALT.bgl in the world scenery folder temporarily, but put it back in service right away. The following is a round-up of any file with *LGKR* in it: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Volume in drive S is New Volume Volume Serial Number is C4D7-663E Directory of S:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\AES\AIRPORT 15/08/2011 02:13 AM 718 AESA_LGKR_GRA.BGL 1 File(s) 718 bytes Directory of S:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\AES.ORG\AIRPORT 03/10/2010 03:08 AM 718 AESA_LGKR_GRA.BGL 1 File(s) 718 bytes Directory of S:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Corfu X\scenery 27/08/2011 10:33 PM 94,981 LGKR_3Dv1.BGL 22/09/2011 01:41 AM 459,318 LGKR_Ground_Autogen.bgl 25/09/2011 02:59 AM 2,945,253 LGKR_Lib.bgl 21/09/2011 02:20 AM 29,682 LGKR_Road.bgl 4 File(s) 3,529,234 bytes Directory of S:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery 10/08/2011 08:53 PM 528 AFX_LGKR_ALT.bgl 1 File(s) 528 bytes Total Files Listed: 7 File(s) 3,531,198 bytes 0 Dir(s) 363,857,321,984 bytes free <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Have not noticed the "AES.ORG" directory before. Not my doing on that one. A few screen shots showing the issue. The first three are right after a flight from Athens to Corfu - Next couple of screen shots show the airport with AFX_LGKR_ALT.bgl disabled in the world scenery - not that it should be disabled at all - but the airport and runway appear to be at the right eleavation - area around the airport gets messed up without it though. Returned the file to it's proper name right after taking the shots: And this is with the AFX_LGKR_ALT.bgl removed, but occurs with it in as well. The Bus will travel right through the AI plane, which is sitting too far foward in the parking spot. Can live with this issue - not a biggy at all - the elevation issue is pretty odd though. Any help is appreciated. Can provide additional info if needed. - Jim
  23. mug

    Hardware poll

    My setup.... i7 950 at stock 6gb ram 2 seagate momentous HD (which are regular drives with extra ssd space for longer term caching) video: gtx 460 6 Gb Kingston HyperX RAM Win 7 64 FSX TrackIR 5/Saitek Wireless stick/Saitek Pedals/CH Throttle Controller My setup is in a rec room and I use a fairly good 32 inch LCD TV as the primary monitor with a smaller monitor attached for a 2d panel or two such as a FMS. The case is a Shuttle, which is fairly small form factor, so have not over clocked as adding additional cooling is not an option. As the room and TV is multi-use, I need to be able to tuck the controllers away when not in use. With a pile of scenery addons and flying only addon planes, the machine holds up well with sliders set at a reasonable level. Instead of adding more power, I am inclined to offload some of the addons such as FS Commander to a 2nd computer - maybe a laptop, via wideFS. Might try a small overclock as well. On the Hardware front, will probably look at upgrading controllers before long - maybe finally make the leap from a joystick to a yoke.
  24. Coming in a tad low at Princess Juliana International , but a good show for the beach spotters!
  25. “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. They wake up in the morning and that’s the best they’re going to feel all day.” – Frank Sinatra ...and looky that... it's beer o'clock again! yippie! dry roasted ones for me!
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