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  1. Any ideas for the missing static aircrafts ? Thanks
  2. @ mug: Yes, I have the ILS on 26L AND 26R @Mathijs: Yes the new sgn.bgl file was installed.
  3. I use A319 airbusX and the ILS settings are done. I have reinstall the scenery and the problem with ILS are solved but still no static aircrafts (I'm with config scenery extremly dense) Thanks to trying to solved my problem
  4. Hello cptawsom, I use the charts with the scenery (109.50 for the 26L) and by the way, in fs commander, he don't show me any ils... Thanks for you reply.
  5. Hello, I just have installed the scenery but I don't have any airplanes and also no ILS. The new sng file was installed but the problem are not resolved. Any idea about the problem ? Thanks
  6. Hello, I just have buy this week-end this airport and no problems with vehicles. I don't find words because it's so amazing !! I have many airports from you but I think it's my favorite !! Thanks for the incdredible job that you make with scenery and AES !!
  7. Thanks for your great job with AES
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