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  1. Patrick........ Thank you for your valuable input. Lets leave the politics out of this please... okay... . thank you.
  2. Belfast is Ireland too But anyhow, EINN would be amazing. Its a small airport as well... and I have lots of personal pictures of the Airport if they will be needed.
  3. I Absolutely AGREE!!!! Chris, but arent you one of the beta testers for UK2000? Maybe that would be Gary's market more than AS? But SHANNON would be amazing! Eiresim's Shannon is very old and not compatible with P3D (The jet-ways disappear in P3D v3) With the A330 coming Shannon and Dublin will be very important airports for Aer Lingus....
  4. I would like to have EIDW v3 compatibility as well. With the A330 coming and given the fact that EIN operates the 330 I will be (or at least hoping to be) visiting EIDW on quite frequent bases. As of now, EIDW performs horrible. Thank you.
  5. By Hardwear settings you mean Graphics?
  6. Dear Tom; Thank you for your answer. No, WRX is paragraph four Which, in your case you are right, the problems that are addressed in it, do not really relate to FPS (but who knows?, If a small file somewhere in my system could cause a problem with the performance of the Bus, then its only logical to think that a bug in the Aerosoft could also lead to FPS loss, for example: WRX, Doors not working, throttle jumping...etc ) But I know nothing about programming and software engineering. As you said, those issues don't really belong here. Please let me be clear, In my original post (#134) Im asking the following: 1) Why isn't there a read me file in the Airbus A320/1 about a file missing regarding the Airbus Config? 2) When I originally posted here (Page three, post#89) stating that I have just purchased the Airbus A320-1 and my FPS was very low, why did I get a response 'And you have read the comments about that?". Instead of being offered a possible solution since the person writing that did know about a missing file with the A320/1. Something along those lines :'I see that you only have A320-1, did you download the missing file from......? If not, please download it and try Disabling ECAM in the Airbus Congif Manager' 3) FACT: The problem on my system was caused DIRECTLY by Aerosoft software, not by anything else. After downloading the missing file and being able to start the config manager, and disabling ecam option, I did not experience any performance loss. So the question is: Was it my system or the Airbus program? Thank you very much. Kind Regards, V.
  7. Dear Frank; http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/94004-file-ecam-d2dlogini-not-found-in-cusers/ post #24, there is also another one that I'm currently looking for. I will post it here as soon as possible. Dear Tom; The post that I have referred to (post 132) said that if I am getting horrible performance (I was), but thousands of others are not then the issue is most likely with my/his/hers system. May I remind you that before fixing the Config, I was getting VERY BAD performance with the Bus. After installing the MISSSING file and being able to disable the ECAM, my performance got much better and is now working great! Sorry, but the title of this topic is FPS issues, and my FPS issues WERE CAUSED by the Airbus Software, not by my system. If this is not the right place to post comments about performance and FPS, would you then please direct me to the appropriate forum topic. Many Thanks, V.
  8. Dear Aerosoft Support Staff; Could you please reflect on post #134, especially the third paragraph. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Mathijs, thanks for your response. I believe that the first three paragraphs of my essay were regarding the performance of the bus.
  10. Hello all, and thank you for all your responses. First, let me get this out of the way: I'm not trying to defend anyone here and or cause any problems (I think people would say troll?) I'm just saying things that are IMO and reflecting on the feedback that I have gotten here so far. I'm new to Aerosoft products (I have been using PFPX, not sure if its a part of the Aerosoft company or not, but that doesn't really matter in this case), I have been using PMDG for all my aircrafts in the past (737,777). Last week I have bought my first Aerosoft Airbus A320/1 and I like it. Very interesting A/C and does have a lot of potential. I will be purchasing additional products from this company in particular the Night Environment packages, as the feedback from other customers is very good! Also, I am considering getting the A318/9 (After the new SP, not interested in hotfixes anymore) Now let me get to the points: When I first got the A320/1 I had a lot of performance issues (very low FPS that would spike to 60 at times). I do have a relatively good system (I7 4790K@ 4.4, 8Gs of good RAM, GTX 760 FTW 4G edition, FSX runs on its own dedicated SSD with all its add-ons, Win7 64bit). When I ran my bus the first time, I was like WTF? Stutters, low FPS, horrible performance, after all my PMDG A/C gives me a solid 30-45FPS. So I thought that something is wrong with the Aerosoft software. So I came to this forum looking for answers. After reading all feedback, in particular "It works fine on my system, so the problem is your system" I decided to uninstall and reinstall the bus, but no luck. Then I thought that maybe something happened with the download, so I went back into the store and re-downloaded the bus again, unfortunately no luck. Then after, I have learned that Airbus came with Airbus Config Tool Manager and some people here suggested that 'Force ECAM Software Rendering' needs to be disabled. So I went looking for the Confing Manager Tool. I found it, but guess what, it didn't open. The error of some type of file not found was present. So again, I thought that it was 'my system" as others didn't report it. So I uninstalled and re-installed again!. Guess what? Same error lol. After being very frustrated, I came to this forum and posted that I have just bough the Airbus A320/1 and I have horrible performance. I got a response from Mathijs Kok saying how does this relate to anything? (the post is on page three) LOL. Okay. So, after two or three days I have finally figured out why the Config Manager does not open! Its because the customers that have only purchased the A320/1 (not the bundle or the A318/9) had a file missing witch was preventing the Config Manager tool to open. WOW! There was nothing in the Read Me file about that, nor any easy to find information present here and the so called hotfixes did not address this issue. What was even more frustrating that somewhere in this website it also said 'The amount of customers who only buy the A320 package is very small so that's not a big concern' (Something along those lines). But we are still customers, after all the product was not cheap and wasn't a gift from Aerosoft. That was very disappointing to me. So after disabling the ECAM in the Configurator the performance and the stutters went away. So was the problem with my system (as suggested by many IT geniuses) or the Aerosoft software? Now regarding the present issues with the Bus: Weather Radar- Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Two days ago I took a FLT from FRA-INN. On my approach into INN it was very cloudy and rainy, the weather radar did not detect anything. Other times there would be light clouds and the radar would show something like a storm. My system or Airbus? \ At cruising ALT the throttle would jump. My system? Or bus? At decent the A/C throttles jump up, even when the decent speed is limited to 250Knts. My system or Bus? ****DOORS*** Sometimes I can close the doors of A/C via FMC other times I cant. My system or Bus? In conclusion, I don't think that it is fair to put the blame on the customers PC systems, as many other products work good. And I doubt that many people would reinstall the whole Windows and the whole FSX sim with 100+ Gigs of stuff just to make a plane perform a little better. There has to be other solutions to some minor issues with the Aerosoft software in order for it to perform and deliver better. Thank you.
  11. Sorry, but given the amount of hotfixes since service pack 3 (hotfix a,b,c,d,e...... maybe all the way to z soon) the problem is not only on his side or on his PC. I just love this excuse "its not us, its your PC" hhahaha. Really?!
  12. Me Three. I have just got the Airbus 320/321 yesterday at the FlightSim store and my FPS is really bad. 10-17. My system: Win7/64bit I7-4790K @4.4 GTX760FTW 4GB 8GB of ram. Please help.
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