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  1. Hello; Whats your advise? If you are asking me to nuke Windows together with my P3D and star everything from scratch- I wont do it, sorry. If you want me to run the Bus with the "test flight" I will be giving it a try. Please advise. Thx.
  2. Here is another poll from a different group: Sorry, but a little more users are having issues than what you guys might think.
  3. Look here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/p3dgroup/ There is a little more than the eleven people. Edit: I will save you the trouble and paste it myself. If you are interested you can also read the comments....
  4. Ok Mathijis; Would it be possible to please get a refund for this product? Thanks,
  5. Hi; Were you able to replicate the issue? Thanks,
  6. I updated the whole version, not only the client
  7. Hi; Just fly any STAR. Starting from TD the aircraft gets crazy.
  8. Hello; Question for you guys: Does anyone here have issues with the descend rate of the Bus? Im getting crazy descend rates up to 6000 FT/M. Does this happen to anyone else in here? Thank you
  9. Hello; Question for you guys. Does the Bus have crazy descend rates for anyone else here? Im getting crazy descend rate up to 6000Ft/M. This was an issue for me before and after the update. Thanks.
  10. Patrick........ Thank you for your valuable input. Lets leave the politics out of this please... okay... . thank you.
  11. Belfast is Ireland too But anyhow, EINN would be amazing. Its a small airport as well... and I have lots of personal pictures of the Airport if they will be needed.
  12. I Absolutely AGREE!!!! Chris, but arent you one of the beta testers for UK2000? Maybe that would be Gary's market more than AS? But SHANNON would be amazing! Eiresim's Shannon is very old and not compatible with P3D (The jet-ways disappear in P3D v3) With the A330 coming Shannon and Dublin will be very important airports for Aer Lingus....
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