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  1. Patrick........ Thank you for your valuable input. Lets leave the politics out of this please... okay... . thank you.
  2. Belfast is Ireland too But anyhow, EINN would be amazing. Its a small airport as well... and I have lots of personal pictures of the Airport if they will be needed.
  3. I Absolutely AGREE!!!! Chris, but arent you one of the beta testers for UK2000? Maybe that would be Gary's market more than AS? But SHANNON would be amazing! Eiresim's Shannon is very old and not compatible with P3D (The jet-ways disappear in P3D v3) With the A330 coming Shannon and Dublin will be very important airports for Aer Lingus....
  4. I would like to have EIDW v3 compatibility as well. With the A330 coming and given the fact that EIN operates the 330 I will be (or at least hoping to be) visiting EIDW on quite frequent bases. As of now, EIDW performs horrible. Thank you.
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