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  1. das ist lediglich ein Hinweis das SODE aktuell ist und deshalb die Installation von SODE abgebrochen wird - hat nichts mit der Funktionalität der Scenery zu tun (ist vielleicht etwas unglücklich ausgedrückt)
  2. UTL should work as lang as the airline codes are ok - ProATC should also work as if no "Gates" are resent it will go with the radius of the spots and their order in the AFCAD (may send you on remotes ;-))
  3. I checked the AFCAD for Rome 1.04 dated 23.08.17 - the parkings are alle RAMP_GA - just the 3 Cargos are different. I think if you set airport traffic to ZERO (which you should do if using GSX or something like that) - you can change the type to GATE_ (e.g. with ADE)
  4. and you did enable VDGS in the Oslo config tool (just installing the "SODE" Part isn't enough)?
  5. that's somehow ok as it is a way to get rid of the default service vehicles that are present at "Gates"
  6. maybe because this forum isn't face2face support and requires you to sometimes have a look if your problem is discussed / solved in another thread?
  7. good advice - directs planes to the right spots and is "readable" if changes are needed to be done
  8. maybe a corrupt model or paint (zero-byte textures). try to disable traffic bgl files to narrow it down (or scan for zero-byte texture files)
  9. that ini is created by GSX if you customize an airport or gate - bit it has nothing to to with the volume of AI traffic or the gates it parks - that's an AFCAD thing only - maybe the parking codes don't match
  10. if using AI traffic look for corrupt textures (zero-byte files) in your AI aircraft
  11. you're welcome no offence meant - it's just about "first get the basics - then go to advanced" there are to many people out the that want "study level aircraft" but are not willing to learn the basics (or to understand them) just remember: not all the truth is on youtube 😉
  12. "System to STD" refers to the barometric pressure setting, which is set to a Standard value above a certain altitude (the knob above the FD button) The ISIS is the little electronic Standby System (horizon, altimeter, ...) on the upper central console. maybe you have a deeper look in the documentation to get accustomed to all the System name and some of the concepts behind - just "playing" the tutorial step by step will stall you in some point or another
  13. also c:/program Files (x86)/... is not a good place to install P§D or addons as this path is "protected" by Windows
  14. if you see static jetways an no "X" - what happens if you use the "Reload All!!!" function in the SODE menu? - do the jetways shortly disappear?
  15. ...or take a look here "https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?board=247.0" - some work to do but free other option ist to edit the AFCAD an remove all airline info - but (imho) the default AI-traffic is not a real option...
  16. the AFCAD file has coded parking spots - as you seem to use just the FSX/P3D default traffic the ai planes are only using "uncoded" (overflow) parking positions
  17. default scenery? (as the addon doesn't bring own airport scenery with it)
  18. do you use a traffic addon which brings it's own AFCADs? (e.g. MyTraffic)
  19. what does "I cannot connect the Jetways to my 777" mean in detail? - are you using the Zurich Professional version? - what's your workflow in trying to connect them? - are you using GSX2 or CTRL-J? - maybe a screen of the situation would shed some light
  20. maybe a corrupt AI Plane (zero byte texture, corrupt model) what if you deactivate LH, SWISS and maybe EASY
  21. that's strange - editing an AFCAD doesn't change any positions are you shure you didn't edit the default AFCAD (no offence meant=
  22. just choose the above mentioned menu entry - the you get an options menu where the AFCAD "found" by GSX is listed. - nothing else to do with GSX here, just a way to check out if there is another AFCAD in use
  23. if you are using "GSX" use the "customize parking position" feature to check which AFCAD is used
  24. check for EDDM Files in ORBX (Vector, OLC, ...)
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