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  1. if you see static jetways an no "X" - what happens if you use the "Reload All!!!" function in the SODE menu? - do the jetways shortly disappear?
  2. ...or take a look here "https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?board=247.0" - some work to do but free other option ist to edit the AFCAD an remove all airline info - but (imho) the default AI-traffic is not a real option...
  3. the AFCAD file has coded parking spots - as you seem to use just the FSX/P3D default traffic the ai planes are only using "uncoded" (overflow) parking positions
  4. default scenery? (as the addon doesn't bring own airport scenery with it)
  5. do you use a traffic addon which brings it's own AFCADs? (e.g. MyTraffic)
  6. what does "I cannot connect the Jetways to my 777" mean in detail? - are you using the Zurich Professional version? - what's your workflow in trying to connect them? - are you using GSX2 or CTRL-J? - maybe a screen of the situation would shed some light
  7. maybe a corrupt AI Plane (zero byte texture, corrupt model) what if you deactivate LH, SWISS and maybe EASY
  8. that's strange - editing an AFCAD doesn't change any positions are you shure you didn't edit the default AFCAD (no offence meant=
  9. just choose the above mentioned menu entry - the you get an options menu where the AFCAD "found" by GSX is listed. - nothing else to do with GSX here, just a way to check out if there is another AFCAD in use
  10. if you are using "GSX" use the "customize parking position" feature to check which AFCAD is used
  11. check for EDDM Files in ORBX (Vector, OLC, ...)
  12. maybe you should contact aerosoft support directly
  13. long ago I bought my last boxed one 😉 I think you have to register your box and then a Updates section will be accessible in the "support & Updates" register in the top menu here
  14. I think there is a 1.01 Version available - maybe that fixes it
  15. Sorry - wollte keine "fake news" verbreiten - das war, was ich "mal gelesen" habe und sich ganz gut mit meinen eigenen Erfahrungen gedeckt hat. ...wobei ich für jede "Logik" für AI Ausnahmen gesehen habe 😉 Aber Danke für die Richtigstellung!
  16. was Du machen kannst, ist den Radius der Vorfeld Positionen von 18 auf 20 Meter zu erhöhen - die AI Logik sucht immer den kleinsten passenden Spot - für A32x ist das rund 18m - wenn die voll sind werden die nächst größeren genommen. die Reihenfolge ist m.W. - Parking Code - Parking Type - Größe
  17. that's strange - I checked the original AFCAD files - there are no heavy gates (31m or more) at T5 on my versions. But glad you could fix it!
  18. if you mean the "2D" light disks - that's the way runway lighting is implemented if the lighting using the AFCAD is used which version of EDDF / which FS are you using?
  19. ich bin aktuell nicht an meinem FluSi PC aber ich glaube Valencia nutzt hier SODE - ist SODE instaliert und die XML für Valencia im SODE-XML Verzeichnis?
  20. weird... - check the aircraft.cfg of the UT2 777 - maybe they use a wrong wingspan the wing_span Value should bei about 212 (feet)
  21. there are lot's of tutorials - look for "ADE" oder "Airport Design Editor" - there is no real risk - just backup your original AFCAD file (for EGLL it's EGLL_AFX-XXXX.bgl depending on the layout with or without europier) P.S. I had a look at the original EGGL-Pro AFCAD (with Europier) - there should not be anything larger than a 757 at T5 maybe you could post a screen
  22. P3D assigns parking positions depending on parking code (if supplied) and size of the parking positions. If there are heavies on T5 that means the spots there are large enough to fit them. You could edit the AFCAD file and reducing the size of the parking positions at T5 (and maybe increasing some of the spots at T5A / 5B) This can be easily made with a free tool called ADE (https://www.scruffyduck.org/airport-design-editor/4584106799) but be aware: editing AFCAD#s to fit your "needs" can be addictive 😉
  23. the whole ORBX stuff should be on a lower layer than the rest auf the airport sceneries. Also look for a ENVA entry in the ORBX Vector elevation tool @masterhawk: beat me 😉
  24. sorry for trying to point out the somehow "not common" configuration of the EDDF runway system maybe A320SkipperC just could give some info if his question ist answered so we can close this
  25. 07L/25R is landing only as 18 is takeoff only
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