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  1. @Yannes28 according to your screen the jetway is waiting for some service to complete - anything else running at this gate(s)?
  2. could you share a screen - which sim (Version)? which aircraft?
  3. LFBO is AES compatible (according to the list on the AES product page)
  4. check your FS Drive for files like *EGLL*.bgl outside the AS Heathrow installation (maybe ORBX?)
  5. "randomly" sounds as if option 1 is in use. Did you change the runways setting? Do you use any AI traffic addon like AITC which may "disregard" the AFCAD settings? did you check if there is more than one AFCAD for EGLL active?
  6. it was - I added the addon.cfg no joy (dll not loaded) so I used the ancient method of adding it via dll.xml. Not very elegant but now it works. I'll check that again - maybe some gremlin in the addon.xml
  7. I think I'm on a trail... looks as if the PMDG mapping dll isn't added to the addons.cfg - I'll try to add it manually and check if it helps
  8. Hi, Sorry to report that this procedure didn't fix my Problem - all "normal" Key-Commands get through - all custom PMDG-Commands don't - (Light siwtches etc work on default Aircraft with default profile) I suspect that the "translator" between the honeycomb-switches an PMDG doesn't work for me - maybe someone from AS can shed some light what that "PMDG activation" does (beside from adding that Entry in the pmdg-profiles) b.t.w. in the "Profile Editor" I don's get a display of the conditions and value that are set in the profiles (json-files) but they "work" e.g. the "code" is carried out - maybe that's a clue
  9. Thanks for the advice - I'll try it, but will be saturday till I'll find time to fire up the gear
  10. I just loaded and activated the profile (which is the one provided in the AS download section) - no editing at all (...first get it running with default - then start editing 😉 ). Maybe it helps that in the honeycomb profile GUI none of the variable assignments is shown
  12. I have a Problem with the switches on the "body". of the Alpha (battery, power, lights, ...) - the button using default K: variables do work, the switches with the custom pmdg-vars do not. PMDG is activated - using the 737NGXu Alpha profile from the AS-Download section, Profile is active and displayed after reload from the Sim-Menu (P3DV4.5)
  13. you need to give the EXACT Version P3DV4.5 (Hofix ?). and auf the Airbus pro (that one you can look up in the AS Updater)
  14. Yekaterinburg is listet as P3D compatible - shure it works for P3D V3? maybe you can try to add in manually to your scenery library
  15. which Sim - if P3DV5 maybe the excludes for the default Objects are missing?
  16. may an altitude correction file in ORX-Vector or in the /scenery/world/scenery DIR?
  17. if you're using SODE Jetways - Restart SODE from the FS menu and see which jetways disappear (floating, correct ones, both)
  18. check if there is a duplicate entry for ROME in the scenery library - would be strange but....
  19. are "only" the buildings missing or is it just the default scenery with SODE jetways?
  20. any "lsgg_ALT" files in scenery/world/scenery ?
  21. that's strange - some of the jetways (E34) seem to be present - also afaik the are (unfortunatly) no SODE-jetways for Zurich pro Are you using GSX2 and have created an exclusion?
  22. disable the JF-Traffic AFCAD leave the SW as it is. Are the really NO AI aircraft at the whole airport (any position) what about arriving traffic after .. 1/2 hour (I don'r know the trafficplans in JF traffic - but EDDH is not that busy Maybe you have some "tool" to look at the traffic that is "around" (like SuperTrafficBoard)
  23. may also be a corrupted installer file - clear your browser cache a redownload
  24. I checked the AFCAD on this location - looks ok! from my side - as you saw some movement from the CTRL-M Jetway try 2 things 1) position that 747 a bit more fore- or backward - maybe it's "out of reach" for the jetway 2) what if you use CTRL-J to move the jetway instead of GSX?
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