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  1. Hi, just a short comment. There's no trial version of Condor. Nevertheless I own a Condor license and did never regret. I use both (FSX and Condor) for soaring but with slightly different attitudes. FSX I use for flightseeing, exploring great scenery, trying out different planes and having fun with missions (special thanks to all mission developers here). It's a pleasure that one could go out for soaring worldwide in a couple of seconds, having all types of weather conditions. Another reason (for me) to use FSX is navigation. I love to fly IFRR - I Follow Roads and Rivers - With FSX graphics, details and Addons it's possible and kind of realistic. Say far more realistic then with the comic-like-graphics[TM] Condor offers. Condor I use if I'm in the mood for a little competition. Especially for competition Condor offers same planes for all (as they are approved by Condor-Dev-Team), FAI handicap system, different types of tasks, a good weather-engine for soaring (although it's always flying-conditions there - no rain, wind with a max of 50km/h), hundreds of tasks downloadable from a database wehere you can search for tasks with different properties (as estimated flight time, difficulty, type - e.g. mountain or thermal flying) and so on. Additionally one doesn't have to prepare an event weeks before it takes place, inviting those few pilots and hoping they participate. There are races out there in the web you can join almost 24/7. I'm pretty sure FSX is getting closer every week and Condor has it's limits, too. You just have to know what you need the simulator for and then chose the one suiting best for you. That's not easy , I admit that. Cheers, Dirk.
  2. Hi Karen, a little addition from my side: I've been using Vista64bit Ultimate for a year now. There's some minor issues, it's quite RAM consuming but it works pretty smart here. And with switching DirectX10-Preview on I gained about 5 to 10 % frame rate - even with all those shadows turned ON. If you have special questions about Vista64 just let me know. Cheers, Dirk.
  3. Hey guys, great idea. Is there someone who can host and wants to fly some Multiplayer-Misson-Glider-Races? Preferably 20:oo UTC - 01:oo UTC? on weekends possibly +1 or +2 longer. I'd really love to try that out. But give me some time to react. I'm not online every day/night and - special thanks to my boss here - need some time to save a little time window in my schedule. Dirk.
  4. Respect, Max! :clapping: That really looks great. :cheers2: Now we need a Fox - or some glider with similar performance, which should be able to spin and slip and... ! Uh, any designer out there? Dirk.
  5. Hi Peter, thank you so much for implementing this feature. I'm really looking forward to this one. BTW: Another idea of improvement came into my mind while watching your preview pics: What about optional cloud shadows? As I'm getting lower and lower I'm usually orientating myself by the use of the shadows when flying Condor[TM]. Is there a way to get them? Cheers, Dirk.
  6. Hey Pals, call me an ignorant, but I won't worry too much about that. Why? Hmm.... here's my Top 6: 1st There has always[TM] been a M$ FS 2nd Better times will come... don't exactly know when, but they surely will. Just relax a bit. :winks: 3rd How old is this MSFS 9er now? Haven't there still new addons beeing released lately (e.g. Active Sky Advaced)? 4th On how many computers is FSX running at full max settings now? 5th Have you been to all interesting soaring sites in FSX? I haven't and I'm sure there's plenty of hours of fun left for my FSX. 6th Hey, those ACES people have been fired, they did not exactly die. Just my xx Cents. Cheers, Dirk.
  7. Hi Scott, sad but true: I'm stuck in real life issues for month now and no end in sight. I've still in mind to finish the project this winter - after our roof is repaired, my three additional projects (for the job I'm beeing payed for) are finished. Can't remember when I had a week with less then 6 (12 hour +) days wasting just for the darn money :winks: I'll keep you informed as soon as I'll resume developing. :cheers2: Dirk.
  8. Nope. But I have to admit that I haven't tried. If you need me to test it out, let me know. I think I should land at Mifflin in about 1 1/2 h later. Damn long, this Day 5 task Dirk.
  9. Hey, nice one Ian! :big_boss: And important in RL, too. Even more important, I should say. Well, to be honest, I have a quite satisfactory hardware equipment for virtual soaring, but I still don't have neither any liquid nor any olfactory devices installed. Now I know: I never will install. :angel: However, No. 6 adopted. :thanks:
  10. Hi Bert, I've added these Ports now. We'll see if that works next flight. I'll let you know, when I'll be about to open a session. Thx, Dirk.
  11. Friends, pilots, soaring-men, lend me your ears! I come to bury Caesar not to praise... Stop. That's wrong somehow. Those of you knowing Shakespears original will agree that this is one of the best starts of a powerful speach. Well, that could be the reason, why I messed this up. Starting from scratch: Everyone will agree that some rules are neccessary for a community to live peaceful together and still survive long enough. For virtual soaring, I started to write down some personal rules, coming from experiance and common sense. As for others not needing to make same errors while virtually beeing up there in dangerous altitude, I consider it important to publish them here. Feel free to complete them with our own personal rules, as those are as important for others to survive, as are mine. I think we can make a really funny thread out of this... did I write "funny"? - I meant "informative" instead. :embaressed: :whistling: Rule 1: Don't write emails or explore the internet while flying close to a ridge. This can be extremely dangerous! :embaressed: Rule 2: If you're wondering why your plane is falling like a brick... check gear, spoilers and flaps. Effect can be a great relieve when you get that spoilers back in :lightbulb: Rule 3: "Every cloud has a silver lining" - When you're flying right throug a cloud in multiplayer, the silver lining could be reflections on the wing of another pilot ignoring that gliders fly under VFR. In that case he's most probably flying towards you. A collision might be the result. Rule 4: "Think positive - flaps negative" is not always a good idea. Especially when you're already near Vne. Rule 5: Tow pilots are stupid. Be happy that they are. It's always a good idea to have an idiot to blame when you're flying awfully again. :yahoo: Rule 6 (by "fosterlewis"): Only throw out the pee-bag when over another gliding airfield. ... Hope you now know how important this thread could be, if developed in the right direction. Please help to save virtual lifes. :cheers2: Cheers, Dirk.
  12. Thx Bert for hosting. :cheers2: Next time we'll have to find out why you can't join my sessions. For all others: You missed a great flight. Cheers, Dirk.
  13. Hi folks, i've opened a FSX-ingame-multiplayer session. As usual: Switch to "Adventures-Lobby" and watch out for a session called "SOAR-(....)", don't forget to bring CumulusX! and sim_probe with you Hope to see some of you guys in there. Dirk.
  14. Hi, a short look into Aerosofts official forums discovers: THIS Using the SOAR search function here returns: THAT But be careful... reading both threads is highly addictive. Can't wait to put my hands on Ian's C4. Dirk.
  15. Hi Ian, thank you very much for clearing this up for me. As I've written above, my only experience as "PIC" (ridge soaring and thermal gliding) comes from RC world. Peter, with this new information, I think you can cancel that point in my priority list. :cheers2: Dirk.
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