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  1. Hello! I am sorry but the ball is on aerosofts desk the light patch was sent for almost one month or moore and it allso is included in the 1.20 version but better ask them to make a separate download for it it would be moore painless Cornel
  2. Will have a look at that truck! But the carpark I dont know! it is hard meet every demand, It can be done but then you probanly have to wait a little longer since there allreaddy a lot to do! Hope you understand and I will do the best I can! Regards Cornel
  3. Hello! I did use smallest possible exclude and allso starting from an other location and then go to essa will bring back the autogen really dont know why will investigate moore and see what I can do. Regards Cornel
  4. Hello Stefan! We are from the same city I think... you have been out there for ages I know Most of the things will be changed actually it is right now under construction. *Animation will be corrected *Taxisigns will be added but ( there are tsigns) not for the guidance to the aprons (discovered to late by one of the betatesters and offcourse by me *The new post terminal will allso be added beside the dhl on the cargo apron. *cars and pushbacks will be corrected actually they are now. *allso will try to change the missplaced papi on rwy 01R *Possibly going to change the apron north of the F terminal two stands are added there and the car park has now been removed. Regarding the other things that has a little lower priority has to wait are in the mean time allso working with the FSX version so the workload is high Regards Cornel
  5. Hello! A patch has been uploaded to Aerosoft just so you should know Regards Cornel
  6. BTW where could I find this update I need to have look at it to see if something has gone wrong in the handling Cornel
  7. Hello! This does not look right :oops: hope you dont think I did this by purpose to play around with you a little Actually the last time I saw this on my PC it looked correct nothing like this... this is awful! We have to see what this is all about just now I am more than confused. Cornel
  8. Hello! Could not have said it better my self! Regards Cornel
  9. Hello! Just straighten things out here... the afx file is mailed by me yesterday so it would be any minute now! Allso if anyone feels confused over the simmarket Brussels released earlier! It is not that complicated that version is separated from Aerosofts version! No need to blame Aerosoft they are just selling the boxed version and the download version! So for support for Brussels purchased at simmarket DFS go to our support site. If you purchased the version from Aerosoft (Aerosoft online or Simmarket) support will be given here, IT was not that hard In some cases there will be people purchased the DFS version and cant get an upgrade for fsx just mail simmarket! Regards Cornel
  10. Hello! I am just myself wondering where the uploaded AFX file has gone?? I did upload it for a week ago! for me it solved the problem! Just wanted to have someone shed some light on this! Thanks and Regards Cornel
  11. Hello again! I will say it like this dont use the fs9 afcad in the fsx version you will loose the rain effect so please use only the afcad for fsx and we are waiting for the updated AFX where it now could be???? Regards Cornel
  12. Hello! As I told before there is no wrong with the afcad for fs9 version I did upload an new afx for the FSX that there the AI were stucked! Thas all have not heard any news if the file is downloadable or not! Thanks and Regards Cornel
  13. Hello! I have no taxiway signs in the middle here so wonder if you did put in some adition? Have not managed to do that yet only thing if you want moving jetways you will have to used the default jestways but I dont like that idea! Regards Cornel
  14. I will only say I did not! As long as it works it is OK when it does not work that is something else There are only one problem and that is the planes that stuck in one single rwy and that is fixed now, so wait and see! Many Regards Cornel
  15. Hello! It was supposed today! But I will do it on Monday when the office is opened again! Cornel
  16. Just meant that must be some bug in afx program! Regards Cornel
  17. Hello! Yes it is possible Mathjis is right look ate the bgl files for instance essa is Arlanda take those away but there could be other files that has not this name but I am not shure if it was any... man it was ages I did those airports :roll: Regards Cornel
  18. Hello! As I have explained in our own forum we have been moving to a new location and without conection for some days and allso had some personal things to take care of but now the problem is solved so lets end this discussion here! Allso you are welcome to our support forum to discuss issues that is related to the simmarket version this is not the right forum for it! Thanks and Regards Cornel
  19. Hello! If you had done the same thing with the afcad program you would have seen that it is no problems so that leads us only to one conclusion guess what Regards Cornel
  20. Hello! Yes it is right it should not be like that I never seen it before but it looks like the photolayer is flicker and thats why you are seeing this but why it is another question will see whats causing this! Regards Cornel
  21. Hello I think if you want to discuss support issues regarding Brussels simmarket you should use oaur own forum instead! Any way it is fixed now you can have the free copy now Regards Cornel
  22. Hello! I will upload a new afx file I did found the problem with ai stucked on the rwy. Allso removed the strange huge shadows from the papi lights. Regards Cornel
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