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  1. I’ve had PFPX for several years and opted for the subscription Wx service. But on opening the program this morning I failed to notice my subscription had ended before I started to plan a new flight I got as far as entering the departure ICAO when the program just closed. Tried again, same result. On the third attempt I noticed a red Wx text in the status bar. Ah, time to renew. I purchased another 12 months subscription and entered it in the relevant field and then all was okay. But I wasn’t impressed with it bombing me out without so much as an advisory message that my Wx subscription had expired. Something for the author to consider perhaps. Talking of which, how about bringing the TOPCAT forum back to life? We can’t post here as Aerosoft doesn’t sell it. Over to you. Christian and Judith.
  2. Ray Proudfoot

    Manual selection of SID changed Cruise FL

    I generated the same flight this morning and departing 01R or 01L to the same SID point gave acceptable flight levels. I'll keep trying until I can generate the problem then will post flight details. No point until I have hard evidence.
  3. Yesterday I planned a flight from ENGM to EKCH. Learjet 25 which can cruise up to FL450. I looked at the SID and decided it was taking a long route so selected another with the same exit point but a slightly different departure routing. The cruise level was shown as 110 which is absurd. I tried it again today and went with the SID selected by PFPX and the cruise level was 390. Far better. Why would manually selecting an almost identical SID have such an effect? Departure was 01L.
  4. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    Phew! Exited just in time, thanks. I'll come back next week. Thanks OLiver.
  5. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    It's not obvious which is the last page. If I press the Complete Payment button will it then prompt me for the serial number? The full price is still showing.
  6. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    Thanks Oliver. But I have a problem. I've added it to my basket in the Aerosoft shop but it hasn't shown any discount. I was reluctant to continue with the order as there are no refunds. I bought Heathrow Xtended on 6 Sept 2014 order number 582494. Can you advise how best to proceed please?
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    Thanks Oliver. I shall buy the upgrade. Does it require a full uninstall and reinstall?
  8. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    i7-8086K clocked up to 5GHz, 32Gb 3000 DDR4 RAM, Nvidia 1080Ti. Most settings mid-point with only a few at max. I would hope that would be good enough to see a 10% improvement. Optimistic or realistic\?
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    5%? 10%? Is it measurable?
  10. Ray Proudfoot

    Heathrow V4 Pro versus Xtreme Heathrow

    Thanks Otto. Nothing there about improved performance but for €7 I can probably risk it.
  11. You kindly offer an upgrade of only €7 for Heathrow v4 Pro for those who bought Xtreme. What benefits / performance difference could I expect on the Pro version? Is it just a recompile or have you added new features? I’d happily pay for a boost to fps. Am I likely to see it?
  12. Ray Proudfoot

    New topic on Dublin as my question wasn’t answered

    Agreed so if Mathijs doesn't answer this within 48 hours I'll assume he doesn't want to for whatever reason. I won't post again.
  13. Ray Proudfoot

    New topic on Dublin as my question wasn’t answered

    Tom, thanks for your reply. But it’s a reasonable question. Who initiates the process? Hardly company confidential. But if it is then I’ll accept the answer from Mathijs. As someone who has bought a lot of products from Aerosoft it’s not an unreasonable question to ask especially when Thessaloniki was converted.
  14. PLEASE STOP LOCKING TOPICS BEFORE THE ORIGINATOR HAS HAD A CHANCE TO REPLY TO THE LAST POST BY AEROSOFT. With respect Mathijs, you didn’t answer my question. Do you - Aerosoft- initiate the request for a P3D version or do you leave it to the author?
  15. Ray Proudfoot

    Mega Airport Dublin - no P3D v4 version. Why not?

    With respect Herman there’s no definitive statement in the linked thread or answer to my very specific question. Only Mathijs or the developer of Dublin can answer and in all probability it’s going to be Mathijs. I wouldn’t have a problem with a modest charge for the update. What I’m trying to establish is how these P3D v4 updates get started. I would have thought it would be in both the developer’s and Aerosoft’s interest for the product not to effectively die with FSX when there’s a huge P3D customer base waiting and probably willing to pay a modest fee for a compatible version. P3D is here for the long term. We need quality airports like Dublin.