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  1. Okay, not sure if this is a bug or by design. If I enter 2212N16000W then it's accepted. However 2211N16000W isn't and instead changes it to 22N160W. All other waypoints were accepted as normal. This waypoint is the first after the SID ends. Thoughts?
  2. I'm building routes for Concorde flights which involve adding custom waypoints such as the acceleration point. The PFPX Manual advises they should be entered as ddddNdddddW where d is 0-9. For example I'm trying to enter a waypoint at 2209N 16000W. I enter 2209N16000W into the Build field but PFPX just changes it to 22N160W. I've been doing this successfully for a number of years but it now appears broken. v2.03 installed in a Windows 10 PC. Help!
  3. DJJose was kind enough to send me the fix for the water problem at GCLA he posted about here. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/152514-la-palma-water-issue/ That was in relation to my post last year here. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/147773-gcla-la-palma-ocean-textures-blank/ Despite Aerosoft staff reporting the issue to the developer no official fix was provided. Given how simple it was to fix that is a disappointing attitude for a commercial product. It was just a case of editing the exclude file coordinates. And despite no one else reporting the problem I can guarantee it would be present for everyone who had that version of the scenery. That was proved in my post by identifying the culprit file. I could have solved it by buying the Pro version but that should not have been necessary when the version I bought was compatible with P3Dv4.
  4. Thanks Stephen, that fixed it. I just need to reset my options. Much appreciated.
  5. PFPX normally starts maximised but today I pressed the Windows Restore button and this is what happened. The whole program window has shrunk to a tiny rectangle and the program is unresponsive to any command to maximise the window. I have to close it and start it again to get the normal window showing again. I imagine the dimensions are stored somwhere but where? Crazy problem.
  6. Thanks Peter. I have to keep v3 running purely for FS Labs Concorde-X as it's still only 32-bit with no prospect of a 64-bit version anytime soon.
  7. Hello Peter, I have P3D v3.4 as well as v4.5. I will probably buy v5 once the major vRAM bug has been resolved. Will the new version of SimStarter support v3, 4 and 5?
  8. Mathijs, this is the only public place I can post my feelings. No point posting to their support address I feel. Anyway, I won't labour the point. Hopefully they'll respond with fixes as required.
  9. Thats encouraging, thanks. No news about fixing the issues that have been around for a while though such as choosing MAX and not OPTIMUM for cruise level. It is irritating to have to do it on every flight. Mathijs, the issues I have can be worked around and I don’t mind doing that for a reasonable length of time. See above for one bug that hasn’t been fixed in ages. Just a workaround suggested by Stephen. I know they don’t work for Aerosoft. My complaint isn’t towards you or your company. I cannot believe Judith doesn’t read post like this topic and responds because it shows their company up in a negative light. It’s not just me who has these issues. Everyone does. It’s disappointing given the overall excellence of the product.
  10. I already own PFPX. The point I'm trying to make is Flightsimsoft are selling software but do not appear to be supporting it. Instead they rely on a single person for support. Maybe they pay him? I don't know. Can't they even find the time to update their users? Not asking too much surely? Understood but it still shows a complete lack of interest in their product.
  11. Looking at their website the OS requirements don’t even mention Windows 10. And the copyright date at the foot of the page ends in 2018. But then continue to sell a product they do not appear to support relying on the generosity of Stephen Cooke. Why can they not issue some announcement to clarify their position? The URL has not been updated to https so how secure is it? http://www.flightsimsoft.com/pfpx/
  12. Thank you Peter. That option never occured to me. Just tested it and it works fine.
  13. Has no-one got an answer to this problem? Is it a Hi-Fi problem or a SimStarter one?
  14. I am having trouble getting SimStarterNG to close Active Sky when P3D is closed. I have tried “kill” and that does terminate Active Sky but it doesn’t close ASCA. If I use “close” then Active Sky won’t close and both it and ASCA remain open. There must be a way of closing Active Sky in such a way that will also close ASCA. Any ideas?
  15. @Mathijs Kok, looking at their website if you click on the Support option it includes a link to the Support Forum which takes the user back here. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/support/ But they do provide a form for the user to complete. Perhaps that might elicit a response?
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