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  1. Fair enough Otto. It’s not a system that I agree with but accept it’s what Aerosoft have decided is best for them.
  2. @DaveCT2003, there are two aspects of Aerosoft forums that I do not like given you want this place to be sincere and friendly. 1) There is a down vote option. What is the purpose of that other than to cause aggrevation? AvSim did away with those ages ago as they were considered inflammatory. 2) If someone likes a post why is their identity hidden? If someone likes my post I'd like to know who they are.
  3. Development of features in PFPX certainly appears to have ceased. Same with Topcat. As long as it works I’ll use it. That’s me done in this topic.
  4. I never said it was “dead” so why have you misquoted me? Support for tickets raised by customers is certainly non existent.
  5. Cloudster, the program itself works fine and I use it daily. What I will not do is subscribe to the weather service any more. Active Sky is fine for that and can provide historical weather. PFPX only provides current. I doubt they’ll ever release new products and whether there will ever be a working flight plan for MFS is debatable. I’m not sure how much it differs from the P3D/FSX one. I use PFPX for the PMDG737 and several other 3rd party aircraft with data kindly provided by enthusiasts here.
  6. One week on and no reply. I think you have your answer. The only interaction from Christian and Judith is to bring the servers back online when they go down. My own ticket is now several months old and despite assurances from Judith it would be answered by Christian it remains outstanding.
  7. I've never installed Steam so I'll keep things simple and buy direct from Aerosoft. That way the developer should get a higher amount per sale than if Microsoft were to get involved. Good point about support if you buy via Microsoft. Will there be any? If it's left to the developer he could be unindated with emails.
  8. Thanks Mathijs, that very reassuring. When you didn’t mention the option to buy direct from Aerosoft I had visions that Microsoft would be the only place to buy from. I can’t see myself buying from the Microsoft store. There’s bound to be an additional charge which can be avoided by buying direct from you. If it takes a little longer to install that’s not a problem.
  9. Dave, But will MFS customers be able to buy scenery directly from Aerosoft or will they have to go via Microsoft which will increase the price by a factor as yet unknown?
  10. Will that be the case for all addons for MFS? If so, then everything will become more expensive. No option to buy direct from Aerosoft?
  11. I've found a document on this link that should help me. Thanks to the author for his work.
  12. I have downloaded a template file for the Lear25D by Captain Obvious. I'm using it for planning flights with the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25D SE which has a range of 2000nm. But planning various flights PFPX tell me the fuel required exceeds capacity on a route of 1174nm. That's just over half the range. I edited the aircraft in PFPX and supplied fuel flow, TAS, Altitude etc. hoping it would help. But with a fuel bias of 15.3% it's still woefully short of what should be possible. The problem probably lies in the txt file supplied by Capt Obvious. But how do you change the
  13. Here is the history of my ticket. I'm sure I'm not alone in having these problems. 22 June 2020. Raised a ticket with FlightSimSoft after no reply to my post on the forum on 18 May 2020. Automated response received. 7 July 2020. Reply from Judith saying ticket was missed. I replied same day. 8 July 2020. Judith replies saying she will forward message to Christian. 11 July 2020. I replied on my ticket saying I hadn't heard from Christian. 15 July 2020. I asked again in fairly abrupt terms for my ticket to be answered. 16 July 2020. Judith replies saying "Ch
  14. Mathijs, did he respond to you? As you can see no response here and neither to my ticket. If tickets are not being replied to it could be argued the developer has given up.
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