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  1. Yes, added manually to cfg but SimStarter did not ask me if I wished to add them to the cfg. I have now edited the master.cfg removing the erroneous entry and the problem is resolved.
  2. Running SimStarterNG v2.2.1 (rev 12) in P3Dv5.2HF1. I edited prepar3d.cfg to include an entry for the Affinity Mask. Unfortunately I used a space in the title [JOB SCHEDULER] so the AF setting was ignored. This was editing the file directly outside of SimStarterNG. Later I realised my mistake and used the AF Calculator in SimStarterNG to set an AF of 1365. I now have a correct [JOBSCHEDULER] AF entry in the prepar3d.cfg. But despite editing prepar3d.cfg to remove [JOB SCHEDULER] entry it returns each time I close SimStarterNG after a flight. Are there other copies of prepsr3d.cfg that need editing to remove this erroneous entry? If so, where are they?
  3. Hello Peter, Your tone is surprisingly sarcastic. That's not like you. Is any of this mentioned in the SimStarterNG documentation? I did look through it and the Hi-Fi docs but could find nothing. Now that I know how the new ASP3D works I'll probably set it up to stay on the desktop (via SimStarter) or run it when Windows starts and leave it out of SimStarter altogether. You might consider "pinning" that information to the top of your topic list since it's a radical departure from how AS previously worked with SimStarter.
  4. Three days on and no response from @Capt. PERO. Is anyone able to check if he's okay?
  5. Hi Otto. Glad I’m not alone. I never had the problem with P3Dv4.5 but it used a different version of Active Sky and SimStarter. There wasn’t a switch in the earlier version of SimStarter either but AS did close and ASCA closed too. If I add ASP3D to the Run command it will terminate but ASCA stays open. So I have to use the AS option in SimStarterNG.
  6. This is disappointing. Over 24 hours since I posted and no reply. I can see @Capt. PEROwas around on Monday so I assume he’s okay. This has to be a bug. I’ve been using SimStarter long enough to know how it works.
  7. I also have SimStarterNG v1.8.7 (rev 1) for P3D v4 and v3. I have it configured to launch ActiveSky and it loads and unloads after P3D is closed. I have checked the install path for and everything looks fine. This is very frustrating. Do you want a log to assist in solving this problem?
  8. I hadn't fixed it. I have SimStarterNG configured to launch ASP3D which will also launch ASCA. Now whilst it will launch it does not terminate after P3Dv5 closes. This is the startup screen. Is everything as expected? Just to reiterate I've run AS like this in P3Dv4 for ages without issue. But it was a different version not requiring this login action. Whilst that works AS does not terminate when P3Dv5 closes. It should shouldn't it?
  9. I think I've fixed it. I had to run another exe in Active Sky so it would auto-connect. Seems to be working but I'll confirm later.
  10. No suggestions as to why ASP3D isn't terminating after closing P3Dv5? I've had SimStarterNG for years and this worked perfectly in v4
  11. I have configured SimStarterNG v2.1.3 (rev 23) to launch Active Sky (ASP3D) for P3Dv5 via the Extended settings tab. It starts okay but when I exit P3D it stays running as shown by the icon in the system tray. Any way of solving this please?
  12. @mopperle, I’m not getting any younger and had forgotten I asked the question. 😉 Thanks for clarifying.
  13. Currently I have SimStarterNG installed for P3D v3 and v4. Now that I have bought P3D v5 I need to buy the latest version of SimStarterNG to support than version. I still need to use P3Dv3 for Concorde meaning the existing version of SimStarterNG needs to remain. Can I have two versions installed without causing any problems?
  14. Panic over. I logged on to my PC Aviator account and found the order details which includes the reg code. Now safely stored away. Phew! For some odd reason they never included it in the email sent when I purchased the software.
  15. Thanks Stephen. I can provide them with proof of purchase if required. None of this would be necessary if the update didn't bugger up the windows positions. So frustrating.
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