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  1. Mathijs, You posted a reply to my La Palma topic and then closed it without giving me a right to reply. I find that very frustrating. Yes, I might be the only person who has mentioned this problem but that does not make me wrong and everyone else right. I have created exclude files many years ago so have some experience of them. The shape of the one used in this package looks wrong to me. You say you’ll speak to the Project Manager but I very much doubt a fix will be forthcoming. It will just be quietly forgotten because only one person complained. This level of support does not inspire me to consider Aerosoft products. It’s impossible to liaise with the developer unlike companies like LatinVFR, FlyTampa and others where direct contact with the developer is possible. Please give posters the right of reply before you lock topics.
  2. Bit disappointing there's been no response from Aerosoft regarding this problem. The coordinates of the exclude file clearly extend further than they should. If you would like to send me a PM with the address of the author I'm happy to discuss it with him. Alternatively perhaps you could contact him and he can reply here.
  3. I've discovered the file responsible for this problem. It's cvxLA PALMA EXCLUDE.BGL. With it present and no other cvx*.bgl files present in the GCLA\scenery folder this is the result. Could Aerosoft ask the developer to comment on this please and perhaps issue a corrected file? The area extends too far to the north and east. If it can be corrected the problem will disappear.
  4. Hi Helmut, Reinstalling SODE would be an unusual way of fixing the problem. I might look at disabling one BGL file at a time in the GCLA scenery folder as one of them does appear to be responsible. If that doesn't work then I'll try the SODE option, thanks.
  5. Hi Bernhard, Thanks for your post. As far as I can see it's only La Palma that is affected. I have MKS Tenerife and that's okay as are Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. I don't have Vector so that can't be the issue. And my ORBX entries in Addon Organizer are below the various airport entries. Ultimately it's not a huge problem but I would like to fix it if possible since it does appear related to the La Palma addon.
  6. Anyone? Easy to check if the same occurs on your system.
  7. Hi again Tom, I disabled GCLA and loaded P3D. Without the airport active there is no problem with the missing ocean textures. Can you replicate this?
  8. I will disable GCLA tomorrow and if the ocean problem disappears then it’s definitely associated with the Aerosoft airport. If it remains then the problem lies elsewhere.
  9. Tom, The readme in that version specifically states it is patched for P3D v4. Please keep it in the relevant section.
  10. I have v1.02 of La Palma which has been tweaked for P3D v4. The attached JPG shows the problem of some ocean textures missing. Does anyone else see this and if so is there a fix?
  11. Stephen, okay thanks. I’ll experiment with a few routes and see how well it works. Now what about my second point?
  12. Stephen, I do this on every flight and do get good FLs. But my flights are limited to around 1.5hrs or less. What about 3-4 hour flights where a step climb would probably be required. Can PFPX calculate that correctly and come up with an initial realistic flight level? Despite @FlightSimSoft.com posting earlier this year that issues would be fixed he has failed to announce anything and appears to have gone into silent mode yet again. Are you able to convince him an announcement is in his company's interest?
  13. Otto. I’m not really sure what can be achieved with further discussion. Aerosoft have acknowledged there is a problem with the supplied AFCAD and will release a fix. Miguel doesn’t use an Ai package so he won’t experience the problem.
  14. @Miguel_V, sorry but the translator isn't doing a very good job. I don't really understand what you're trying to say. I'll try guessing that you suggest using the taxiway from the north at the very end of 27L. That is the one I am now using. The larger one next to it is disabled. The taxiway from the south is okay and doesn't need changing.
  15. Miguel, mine is not an official fix. It’s there for those who want a quick fix before the official one is released. The Ai have no problem navigating to the end of 27L.
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