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  1. Hi Harpsi, where do i get your AFCAD from? Cheers, Chris
  2. Is anyone able to shed any light on the above? Cheers, Chris
  3. Hi, I purchased Mega Airport Brussels tonight and Im very pleased with the Scenery. However, i notice that there is a problem with AI aircraft taking off. Aircraft line-up on the runway but do not begin to roll, causing them to eventually timeout and disappear. If another departing aircraft is to follow soon after, it will line-up on the runway aswell and position right through the former aircraft as if it wasnt even there but again, the aircraft is just static on the runway before timing out. All landing traffic appears to function correctly. Please can you advise how i can correct this problem? Is this something to do with the AFCAD/AFD? Cheers, Chris
  4. Well sadly im going to have to give up pursuing this scenery any longer as all this amending of coding etc. exceeds my FSX knowledge. Perhaps I have a hidden error somewhere in my system but il just have to deal with it as i hav'nt come across any problems yet. Thank you for your assistance anyhow. Chris
  5. Can anyone suggest anything else? Chris
  6. Hello again, I have now deleted all lines which refer to the bglmanx.dll in the FSX.cfg, saved, and launched FSX but still no permission to run the Module. I also tried Running FSX at Florence with my Anti-virus turned off before (and with) the bglmanx lines deleted but still no permission box. Chris
  7. I did not expect you to reply so quickly as i have since edited my post to say i will try what you suggested. Whilst i appreciate your help, I am not being ignorant and I am sorry but i do not have as much knowledge of the technicalities of FSX like you do so do try to bare with me. Chris
  8. I have no problems with my FSX at all, it runs very well. I scan my anti-virus regularly and do not have any problems in that department. I have tried the dll.xml too but still no luck. I think the reason I have long loading times, is due to the amount of Addon Aircraft, Repaints, AI Aircraft etc. as i know it has gradually become longer with the more i install (Which is natural) but when FSX starts, it runs as smooth as ever. My PC is not bad either. I have never experienced any problems with installing any other addon software up until this one. If i had the option of installing it manually, i would...but I just cannot get my head round the reason why this Addon Manager will not work. Its taken me long enough already and Im more and more resigning to the fact that i just cannot purchase this product. I will try to delete the bglmanx and see what happens (Though I am concerned about deleting things manually as i do not want to create more problems). I have not seen any message to say do i trust FlorenceX as i have done with other addons so far. Chris
  9. Hello, I downloaded FlorenceX yesterday afternoon, and after many hours of trying to find a solution, I have yet been able to purchase the full product due to not being able to view the Add-on manager in the drop-down box in FSX. I originally noted that my Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable version was not correct. So i updated that, via the link provided, which should now match with the correct version but the Addon manager option still does not appear in the drop down menu. Tonight I have installed the Addon Manager V2.2 from Cloud9 (Even though i do not have any Cloud9 scenery installed) but still no luck. Please can you help as I am eager to purchase this scenery but until i find a solution, I cannot become one of your customers. I must also say that i have been in touch with Shaun (Aerosoft) via e-mail over the last 24 hours who providing great support by offering me different solutions such as checking the dll.xml etc. (as i see it is also mentioned in this post) but unfortunately, still no luck but i thought id post here in case anyone would offer some support. (I am still grateful for Shauns continuing replies) Regards, Chris PS; I understand that the Demo version lasts for about 7 minutes but I have yet to see any glimpse of the full version at all. Everytime i load FSX at LIRQ, i just see the Ground textures but none of the scenery buildings. My FSX does take a total of about 8 minutes from the moment i start to load FSX to the moment it has finished loading a flight. Once again, I hope someone can help.
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