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  1. Well first i am taking all information possible.I know an ATC controler of EBBR and he gave me this information : Runway selection Most of the time during day time, if the tail wind does not exceeds 7 kts (gusts included) and the crosswind does not exceeds 20 kts (gusts included), Runway 25R will be selected for takeoff and Runway 25L for landing. To reduce taxi time and/or to avoid runway crossing, runway 25R can also be used for landing for VFR, cargo and military aircraft. At night and on Sunday afternoon, things are different. See table Below. A typical configuration for easterly winds is : runway 02 for landing and runway 07R for take-off. Day Night Local Times ! 0600 to 1659 1700 tot 2259 2300 to 0259 0300 to 0559 MON TKOF25R 20 07R / 07L * LDG 25R / 25L 25R / 25L20 TUE TKOF 25R25R / 20 ** LDG 25R / 25L25R / 25LWED TKOF 25R25R 07R / 07L *LDG 25R / 25L25R / 25L20 THU TKOF 25R25R / 20 ** LDG 25R / 25L25R / 25LFRI TKOF 25R20 07R / 07L *LDG 25R / 25L25R / 25L20 0600 to 1359 1400 to 2259 http://beluxvacc.org - Belux vACC Powered by Mambo Generated: 25 November, 2007, 11:59 2300 to 0559 SAT TKOF 25R20 25L LDG 25L / 25R25R 25R 0600 to 16591700 to 2259 2300 to 0259 SUN TKOF 20 25R 25R / 20 ** LDG 25R / 25L25R / 25L The Preferential Runway System is not the determining factor in runway selection under the following circumstances: - For RWYs 25R, 25L, 07L and 07R: when RWY s are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind component exceed(s) respectively 20 kt and 7 kt (gusts included). - For RWY s 20 and 02 for landing ACFT : when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind component exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 5 kt (gusts included). - For RWYs 20 and 02 for departing ACFT from 2300 to 0559: when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and/or tail wind component exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 5 kt (gusts included). - For RWYs 20 and 02 for departing ACFT from 0600 to 2259: when RWYs are dry or wet and the cross and / or tail wind component exceed(s) respectively 15 kt and 0 kt (gusts included). - When RWYs are contaminated or when the braking action is less than good. - During low visibility operations. - When alternative RWYs are successively requested by pilots for safety reasons. - When wind shear has been reported or forecast or when thunderstorms are expected to affect the APCH or DEP. When the components exceed the values stated here above, a RWY more nearly into wind will be assigned. However, neither RWYs 07L and 07R shall be used for LDG , except when no other suitable RWY is AVBL. So i think,Bernadette,that we come close to reality,if the AI traffic lands on 25R and 25L,and takes off at 25R.I live very close to EBBR,and yes,every time nearly when i am there,the taking off is from 25R.So if i can keep the AFCAD like i did the last time,and try to get the landing and take off on runway 20,02 with different winds,and close the 07R and 07L for landing,we should be close to reality,isnt it? Kind regards, Hans
  2. HI,i just have read all the new topics about the AFCAD problems,and also saw your pictures,Bernabie.All those topics seem to be closed,so i suppose we have to continue here :wink: . I didnt have the time this week to work on the AFCAD,but i did already take some information about the way traffic is going on in the real life EBBR airport,because i would like to make the AFCAD as real as possible.Eventually i will work on overlays too.I know,there will be an official update soon or late,but if i make my own update,i at least understand the way AFCADS are being made,and want to use this experience to make others. While flying around EBBR to see how my AFCAD worked,i suddenly was confrontated with the flickering and shimmering of the addon.I nearly get headache of it...is there a way to stop these always moving and flashy images?The yellow taxilines seem to have a really busy life : they are quite stressed by something lol.Only when i dont move,the calmness comes back...it irritates me...i was even thinking of going back to the default airport...maybe i missed some settings?(I didnt install "acceleration"). So maybe this weekend i'll start working on the AFCAD,and will listen also to some eventually new suggestions inbetween... Kind regards, Hans
  3. Thursday i will try out that possibility you are talking about...i was in fact thinking the same.I'll open the other runway for landing and take off,and do tests with different wind directions...At this moment they are just closed,so i first have to change that.Then i also corrected already the take off problem on other runways too...if it works,i'll send the new afcad file,with all the corrections... I use UT for my AI traffic,and because i nearly did assing all exisitng paints,its as real as it gets,next time i'll send you some screenshots from my Brussels airport. Regards, Hans
  4. How does it work there? Thursday i have more time,i'll try to work on the details,so if you wish something,let it know... I am happy we can help ourselves :) ) Hans
  5. sorry i try again...seem not to understand how to attach the file to my post
  6. ok,i buyed the AFX,opened the original AFX afcad we got with the installing of EBBR FSX.I worked on it and corrected a lot of mistakes (not all,because i have to get used to working with afcads again... BUT!Airplanes are taking off now,where earlier they got stuck on each other and didnt want to take off. I discovered a problem with hold short nodes.The mean problem seemed to that there was NO hold short node at all for entering the 07L/25R runway.So airplanes just all went together to the start location for taking off,without holding short and waiting for clearance.they didnt take off as we all know. So i quickly solved this,but i have still more work to do to really be sure everything works.I also will try a few things out: i could open and close any runway for taking off or landing. The moment i corrected the taking off,i saw also the airplanes were landing on the same runway,so i closed the 07L/25R for landing and now they seem to land on both runways 07L/25R and 07R/25L,but only take off from 07L/25R. Also corrected an anomaly in the way airplanes taxied off the runway on the 07R/25L So this is the corrected(a "bit" corrected) FSX afcad file... Later this week i'll work on it.Inbetween you can try it out,and see if it does something with DX10 yes or no.I cannot answer that,because i still have to install the acceleration addon. Hans
  7. Thanks for all the detailed information you guys... So we still dont have the FSX afcad...i was reading about the "AFX" program,available in the flight1 shop.I am considering to buy it and use it to make an afcad myself for EBBR.They also say you can convert FS9 afcads to FSX afcads.If this would be so easy,so why dont they give us the converted file right away??I will test the new FS9 afcad file in FSX,and then convert it...if that is possible.I'll let you know.Probably thursday or friday... If inbetween we suddenly have a new FSX afcad though,let us know... Hans
  8. :) i find 2 afcad files now in the scenery folder...AF2_EBBR.bgl and AFX_EBBR.bgl...can i let it like this,or do i have to delete the AFX one? Hans
  9. I totally agree! I am living very close to the Brussels airport ,and was very excited to see the traffic taking off on the new scenery.I have UT installed and nearly every airline painted,but now i feel frustrated,because its horrible to see all those airplanes sitting the one on the other,and then "plop" away... And the worsest of all : NO NEWS,NO REACTIONS...
  10. Sorry i start a new topic about this,but i am a bit confused with all these FS9 and FSX comments melanged. So i want to ask : is there already a NEW,corrected AFCAD for the FSX version?If yes,where can i find it? If no,is aerosoft working on it? And if not at all : do we have to correct it ourselves? I love the scenery,but its frustrating the traffic cannot take off Thanks, Hans
  11. if your new AFX file is uploaded,where can i download it?Sorry,i am quite new on this site...and will feel very relieved when finally the airplanes in Brussels FSX will take off... Best regards, Hans
  12. where can we find that new FSX afcad file?? Hans
  13. well i will give it a try,and let you know about the result... Hans
  14. would it be possible to convert your afcad file to FSX afcad?
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