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  1. I agree. The efb tanks frame rates. Turn it off and rates are much improved. I downloaded used the dll offered and the suggested p3d.config edits but noticed no improvements. Shutting down the efb restored the frames immediately.
  2. As Polo said, there isn't enough information in your picture to help answer your question, and from your replies I can only assume you aren't sure what is meant by FMA. The FMA (flight mode annunciators} is the top horizontal strip along the top of the primary flight display (the display to the left of the navigation display in your picture}. There is where you can see how the autopilot is commanding your aircraft. Also you should show the MCDU flight plan to make sure that is correctly programed.
  3. Thank you, the issue as always that following the recommended flow and checklist the engines would not start. However with the insight I gathered from the post I pinned I was able to fix the issue which was indeed created by me. What caused my issue was related to the saved default flight and the fuel tank selector being set to external tanks rather than normal in the default aircraft. The 330 is now back to behaving normally. It was never my intention to assign blame to the 330 software, and I regret taking Mr. Kok's statement personally. For that I do apologize. I just wanted to be abl
  4. @Mathijs Kok, Since you have decided to leave the topic open I decided to look further and I came across the same issue on an earlier version (Pre I'm of course still the only one with this issue on the current version, I guess). Below is a link to the topic. I read through each post. The problem was only resolved in the end with an updated installer. (But I am sure of course that wasn't a "bug" as you also commented in that post, that the affected user was the "only one" having the issue, but that being the case I'm confused as to how an updated installer fixed an issue that was n
  5. @Mathijs Kok, I never said or implied that it was a bug with your software. I only requested a bit of help to see if it was an installation error on my part and a bit of clarification regarding the version numbers in your post in the general section. But very well, please feel free to close this unresolved "user error" issue. Good day.
  6. I'll prepare a short video and post it here later.
  7. @mopperleThe updater is already receiving Experimentals. I've already updated to the latest available version
  8. Hello again @DaveCT2003. I would really like to get this fixed. I noticed that according to a post in the general section Mr. Kok states that the current experimental version for this software is The only installer available in the store for me is which updates the product to Where is the version Mr. Kok refers too. I was using these products just fine since they were released, and I'm only experiencing problems since the last update and re-install. Is there a way to open a active support ticket?
  9. Hi, I tried as you suggested above but still could not get the engines to turn over. N3% goes up to about 32, and then nothing else happens.
  10. I uninstalled, reinstalled, the installer then forced a reboot which I did. Although, I have installed All my Aerosoft product this way, I'll try your sequence and see if that makes a difference.
  11. I've tried removing and reinstalling the software. I'm using P3D V4.5 hf3. And I'm quite familiar with start procedures. Is anyone else having problems? I'd like to get some assistance. Thanks
  12. American, Delta and Hawaiian are all available in the download section.
  13. Ah, thank you. All is installed an running quite well. Regards
  14. I recently downloaded and re-installed EDDF v. in P3D 4.5 h2, but a couple of days ago, I received notice from simMarket for version for the same airport. What are the differences?
  15. None taken on my part Of course you are correct. I went into troubleshooting mode instead of reporting mode, I guess that becomes a habit with simmers. But again you are correct. I've tried several flight since my first encounter with the oscillation issue but speaking for myself, I have been unable to re-create the problem.
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