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  1. Works perfectly with NavDataPro Charts. Picked up a 31 day subscription installed and working in 10 minutes. Off to the Navigraph forums I go to see if they can offer any clues. May keep both sets for Jepp charts for stateside and Lidos for overseas. Anyway thanks all for your advice and help.
  2. Thank you Otto, I'll pick up a one day subscription and see if that helps my issue, and if it does I'll extend it for the year.
  3. Thanks, but my question is do you need a subscription to both AS navdata and AS charts or just to AS charts. They are sold individually but I'm not sure if the AS charts are dependent on an AS navdata subscription. I already have navigraph for navdata. I just want to see if the charts subscription will allow me to work around the problem I'm having.
  4. So I've decided to continue to try to find a work around for this issue to prevent having to rollback windows. Can anyone here say if an Aerosoft navdata airac subsciption is required to use the charts component offered by AS? or can the charts be used stand alone with Navigraph as the navdata source? Would this affect the "currency" of the AS charts in any way? Thanks in advance for any help or comments offered.
  5. Yes I used the configurators applicable to the aircraft I was using. I am using p3d v5 hf1, (not the latest hotfix). I think I may have introduced this problem by accepting the latest windows update. I plan to roll that update back and try again tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Thank you, I will try clearing my browser cache which is the only thing on your list that I didn't do. BTW: Navigation Data Source is the verbatim section under the General tab in the configurator where you select between NavDataPro and Navigraph, but I guess this refers to the AIRAC cycle for the FMS only if I understand you correctly. Update: Just tried clearing my browser cache unfortunately the problem persists for me. Maybe something to do with a recent windows update. I'll try reversing those and trying again.
  7. In the configurator utility Navigation Data Source - Navigraph is selected EFB settings - Charts provider - Navigraph is selected When I attempt to login - The navigraph site opens and requests I grant permissions. All options are selected and I get the message indicating that I can return to my application. However this is where I expect to see the green login was successful message in the configurator but the message in the configurator is never displayed. The same steps and results happen with my copies of the 318/319, 320/321, and 330 products. Can this be checked on your side for a possible solution? If I can provide any additional info please feel free to ask.
  8. I agree. The efb tanks frame rates. Turn it off and rates are much improved. I downloaded used the dll offered and the suggested p3d.config edits but noticed no improvements. Shutting down the efb restored the frames immediately.
  9. As Polo said, there isn't enough information in your picture to help answer your question, and from your replies I can only assume you aren't sure what is meant by FMA. The FMA (flight mode annunciators} is the top horizontal strip along the top of the primary flight display (the display to the left of the navigation display in your picture}. There is where you can see how the autopilot is commanding your aircraft. Also you should show the MCDU flight plan to make sure that is correctly programed.
  10. Thank you, the issue as always that following the recommended flow and checklist the engines would not start. However with the insight I gathered from the post I pinned I was able to fix the issue which was indeed created by me. What caused my issue was related to the saved default flight and the fuel tank selector being set to external tanks rather than normal in the default aircraft. The 330 is now back to behaving normally. It was never my intention to assign blame to the 330 software, and I regret taking Mr. Kok's statement personally. For that I do apologize. I just wanted to be able to use the 330 again, and now I'm happy to report I'm able. Hopefully, my resolution can help someone who experiences the same issue. Thank you again Secondator.
  11. @Mathijs Kok, Since you have decided to leave the topic open I decided to look further and I came across the same issue on an earlier version (Pre I'm of course still the only one with this issue on the current version, I guess). Below is a link to the topic. I read through each post. The problem was only resolved in the end with an updated installer. (But I am sure of course that wasn't a "bug" as you also commented in that post, that the affected user was the "only one" having the issue, but that being the case I'm confused as to how an updated installer fixed an issue that was not a "bug". The post did not explain that as it was closed immediately after the user reported success after that update, and the resolution was not shared). Anyway, I have posted again here because even with the most recent update, the issue in my case still persists. I know you are busy with other areas of your business right now and if you were to respond that you have neither to time or the desire to look into this further, I understand, after all caveat emptor.
  12. @Mathijs Kok, I never said or implied that it was a bug with your software. I only requested a bit of help to see if it was an installation error on my part and a bit of clarification regarding the version numbers in your post in the general section. But very well, please feel free to close this unresolved "user error" issue. Good day.
  13. I'll prepare a short video and post it here later.
  14. @mopperleThe updater is already receiving Experimentals. I've already updated to the latest available version
  15. Hello again @DaveCT2003. I would really like to get this fixed. I noticed that according to a post in the general section Mr. Kok states that the current experimental version for this software is The only installer available in the store for me is which updates the product to Where is the version Mr. Kok refers too. I was using these products just fine since they were released, and I'm only experiencing problems since the last update and re-install. Is there a way to open a active support ticket?
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