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  1. Ah, thank you. All is installed an running quite well. Regards
  2. I recently downloaded and re-installed EDDF v. in P3D 4.5 h2, but a couple of days ago, I received notice from simMarket for version for the same airport. What are the differences?
  3. None taken on my part Of course you are correct. I went into troubleshooting mode instead of reporting mode, I guess that becomes a habit with simmers. But again you are correct. I've tried several flight since my first encounter with the oscillation issue but speaking for myself, I have been unable to re-create the problem.
  4. Might have found something that may have some effect on this problem. I had to restart the flight I was doing. When I did I took a closer look at the MCDU status page. It seems that the current AIRAC was in the inactive (second nav data base) line. I never reset it after I upgraded to the 1110/1310 versions. I'll correct this and try the flight again maybe has some effect, maybe not. but I'll give it a try and let you know if it helped.
  5. I'm running another flight right now (I'll make sure to keep a frame counter running). If it happens again I'll catch it. In my case I only saw during a managed descent on arrival (STAR). The bus corrected itself on approach.
  6. I'm also having this issue , as the V-path indicator is about to be captured on descent, it quickly moves to full deflection in the opposite direction causing the bus to oscillate trying to recapture the green dot, and a the cycle repeats through the descent. In my case the bus recovered once LOC and APPR mode was set and the LOC/GS was captured. I've done 2 previous flights one on the 319 (LFPO/LSGG about 1 hr), and one on the 330 (TNCM/LFPO about 7.5 hrs), (rev 1310 and 1010 respectively) where this did not happen. The last flight (LSGG/GCTS about 4 hrs), is when I saw this happening. I'm planning on another later today and if I see the same, I'll try to capture some video.
  7. Not working for me. Are you using Navigraph or NavData Pro? EDIT, it seems its working now. The click spot seems a bit small though. I have to actually click the handle of the magnifying glass to get the keyboard.
  8. Using the A330 on version 1008. Is there a way to select an airport from the list, I see a filter option but nothing happens when I mouse click in that field. Is my only option to scroll down the airport list until I arrive on the airport I want to see?
  9. Ah CFD, that makes sense, yes the question was in regard to the 330. I'll check if there is an option In FSUIPC. Thank you for the clarification and suggestion.
  10. Sorry if its been asked but is there a way to sync the barometers so they can all be set from one position?
  11. Please disregard, my issue was caused by a conflict with the sequence I used to animate GSX services. I requested pushback on ground power before boarding was done thinking it would automatically trigger. It did, but the subsequent commands to disconnect GPU are ignored. Problem doesn't happen if I wait for boarding to complete before requesting push.
  12. I have to add the same happened here. AS updater run as admin. Rev
  13. The grey around the second door and forward in the top sample seems to give the texture much more depth in my opinion. Might be placebo effect but I think it makes the fuse look more rounded in comparison to the lower sample.
  14. Very kind of you Steve. that's what I meant by "medicore" (mediocre)😃 I'm still running a i7 gen4 (4790k) and an 6gb 1060. And you are right by the way, I've already installed liveries comparable in size.
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