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  1. samwise7

    3rd MCDU invisible?

    Probably worth checking 2-D panel transparency setting in your sim display options, might be set to high not allowing you to see the panel.
  2. samwise7

    Spoilers won't move with ailerons

    Yes they've said the fix would be coming in an update.
  3. samwise7

    Ecam flight control page

    Fantastic!, I'm sure you and your team will have it working in no time. Just one other thing I noticed, the caution for TCAS when inactive shows twice, once in amber and once in green. Thanks, Jose
  4. samwise7

    Ecam flight control page

    Same results after re-calibration sir, on both IAE and CFM models, as soon as the AC is airborne full ECAM indications return. Not an earth shattering issue by any means.
  5. samwise7

    Ecam flight control page

    I'll try your suggestion. Thank you Mr. Kok
  6. I noticed today on my first try with the IAE A-320 latest build, during the flight control check at full aileron deflection, only the outermost surfaces displayed green arrows. Until this build if you moved the control stick all surfaces on that side of the wing would stand up (including the spoilers) and the green arrows would all be displayed on the ecam. Everything seemed to work well, and even this had no adverse effect on the flight at all, but I'm wondering if I need to re-install the update, or if this is correct and by design?
  7. samwise7

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Another incident here, same issue. Any word on the next update?
  8. samwise7

    Repaint requests

    Great, thanks, I'll try that now. Edit, Worked perfectly! Thank you sir!
  9. samwise7

    Repaint requests

    Does anyone have any of the previous Delta Airlines 320 CFM liveries from Lee Grant working and can be kind enough to share the texture.cfg and fltsim.X entry. I tried everything but I could not get the engine textures to display. Thanks.
  10. samwise7

    P3DV4.3 wont start

    Hello, Have a look at this topic on the AVSIM forum., I think it will help you avoid a complete re-install and help correct the issue preventing the sim from starting. Saludos, Jose
  11. Glad I opted into these experimental updates. The easiest updates I've ever experienced, also glad to have the VOR course section working in the MCDU again. You guys seem to be working at a furious pace. Thanks! Jose
  12. I think I found a slight issue, don't know if its just me but on a flight into JFK I decided to fly the Parkway Visual 13L approach from the south of the airport. The approach begins at Rockaway Point using the CRI 223 and 041 radials for guidance. On the MCDU Rad/Nav page, I entered the navaid id and frequency just fine, but when I entered the course the MCDU did not display it, the course was fine on the PFD however so it didn't effect my approach, but I was wondering why the MCDU didn't display the entry? And thanks by the way, I'm having great fun with this simulation! Regards, Jose Albino
  13. samwise7

    Aerosoft Updater

    Have you already installed SP1?, once you have that installed, future updates will be handled via the updater. However, you need to download and install the SP1 first.
  14. I'm receiving this error while downloading the package, when I look up the error details it says that the server has not granted permissions for the file to be downloaded? EDIT: 3rd attempt completed successfully. Thank you. Please disregard.
  15. samwise7


    Really nice work Mathijs. I just did a short cruise in the pattern and it just feels comfortable, like seeing a old good friend after some time, but not having to foot the bill for an expensive dinner to celebrate!