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  1. Please close this post, I was able to DL all files today, must have been an ISP issue.
  2. Hello, I've tried downloading the A318-319 installer v1.2.4.0 from my store account, but I'm getting the following message. I am signed into my account and I was able to download the 320/21 installer, but not the 318/319
  3. Hi and thanks, yes I meant the original reported problem. I just want to follow a bit to see the outcome of that report and hoping it is an isolated occurrence. I'm eager to see what CFD is like but I can wait a little longer. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Will this be short turnaround fix, or will it be merged into the next update cycle? With twelve thirty two stable, I'll be following the thread for independent confirmation of no new issues before updating my copy.
  5. Has another option been found to correct this error. Reinstalling an otherwise operational sim is not an ideal solution.
  6. Thank you, it does, but the problem that I am having is that I cannot save the recalculated bias numbers. the "Current Proposed New" dialog does not show and the "Apply" icon remains greyed out and un-clickable. Any ideas? EDIT, PROBLEM SOLVED. My error, I was using fuel burn for only 1 of the 4 engines. Thanks for your help.
  7. I can collaborate with @CFG874, resizing the popup window does indeed reveal the remainder of the frequencies on the right, however, the VC still shows the truncated frequencies.
  8. I not only agree, I just modified my profile to include it. Boosh
  9. Hello, I tried your suggestion. Letting the display control the scaling, letting the GPU control the scaling and requesting the driver scaling to over ride game setting. All with the same results. However, what it did do was to set all color settings back to default so I'll have to re-calibrate all 3 of my monitors again.
  10. As I couldn't find any info in the manual about this feature, I was wondering if anyone can give me a brief explanation as to how to make use of it?, Or point me to the relevant information? Thanks, Jose
  11. Mr. Kok, I appreciate your attention to this but its really a minor issue, just a little pesky anomaly. The lat-lon data is there and I use those to identify the proper way-points so all is good. I'm sure your guys have more pressing issues to look into. No worries here. Thanks.
  12. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, as you can see, I don't scale any of my displays.
  13. Sure, no problem. Thanks for having it looked into.
  14. I only noticed it on this page and even then, only where duplicate navaids with the same ID exist. See below I was doing a flight on the PilotEdge(r) network when I was given a direct to clearance to a vor that I did not have in my flightplan
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