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  1. Hi there, I finally had the opportunity to update to the latest build (103) and I'm experiencing high idle thrust (35% N1). I didn't have any calibration and/or thrust issues before this build. Of course I could be wrong and the CRJ just idle's at 35%. If someone would be so kind and let me know if the latter is true/untrue, I'd greatly appreciate it. I love this bird, but it's a real pain to taxi right now at 35% ;-). Cheers, Pete
  2. I got caught not reading the manual too ;-) The last 2-3 flights I simply thought I must have activated it by accident.........Glad I wasn't the only one Cheers, Pete
  3. Maybe I should give the new version a try. I actually ended up downgrading to 5c and the performance and smoothness difference is simply stunning compared to 1.0.1 on my system. I don't necessarily monitor FPS, but rather the variation value (or fluctuation, I forget what the official term is). The difference between the two versions - with 1.0.1 variation is spiking and eventually settles in around 15-17%; with 5c it's only 2-3% (which is pretty much the value I get will all other study sim add-ons). I'm hoping this will not be a problem anymore once I get my new system at the end of this year, if I get final approval of the CFO (wife)...... Cheers, Peter
    Love the original Skywest livery!! Thank you for painting and sharing this beauty. Cheers, Pete
  4. I couldn't agree more with Herman. This is a great place where fellow simmers help others, sometimes it takes a bit longer, it has happened to all of us. I'm a moderator over at Avsim and the spirit over there is the same, we're all family. I wish I could help you, but unfortunately I'm still on FSX. I'm sure someone will help you find a solution. Cheers, Pete
  5. Hello fellow CRJ pilots, despite my simming for over 20 years, I'm still fairly new to GSX. Unfortunately I have yet to get it to run without fault with the lovely CRJ. Pushback seems to work, but despite the baggage truck aligning properly with the cargo doors, once the luggage trucks arrive, loading never begins and neither does boarding. I have followed the installation instructions and tried all GSX files provided with the v.101 individually and none of them start the baggage loading/boarding process. Has anyone tinkered with the GSX config files and is willing to share the changes in this forum here? I have a feeling this is user error related, so I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help in advance, Pete
  6. Quick update from my experience after reading the many great suggestions. Only one thing has helped me with smoothness, and that was disabling 2x sparse grid sampling in NVIDIA inspector. Did a CRJ uninstall, removed remaining files manually, checked for any leftover files in the user/appdata folders, rebuild FSX.cfg, nothing changed and/or improved performance until I disabled sparse grid sampling. Strangely, no matter what the situation - a remote airport in India, fully loaded flight from Aersosoft's EDDF, mytraffic 6, and AS2016 - and trying these same situations in the most complex aircraft available for FSX, the CRJ was the least smooth. Im not sure I can live without sparse guide sampling yet ;-) I'll do more testing tonight. And thanks to Dave, Hans and everyone else for the support and help, all of you rock! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hello Dave, you're being too kind about my system specs ;-) Thank you for your help, I typically delete my shaders whenever I install new drivers, but I went to NVIDIA to see if I had the latest drivers and apparently I didn't. However, I have seen no improvements unfortunately. I tried turning off Dave, weather and/or terrain radar to see what impact they might have on smoothness and FPS, but again, no noticeable improvements - really strange. Thanks again for your help Dave, I truly appreciate it. Cheers, Pete
  8. Gents, First, please let me preface that I am running an ancient 5 year old PC. It is a clean and FS only PC and with responsible settings (pretty much medium FSX settings) and textures no higher than 1024 I have been fortunate to be able to run all complex aircraft add-ons locked at 30 fps rather smoothly (with NVDIA's vsync half refresh rate of monitor). I feel as if the last update (1.0.1) has decreased performance on my PC noticeably. While I don't look that much at the FPS counter, I usually do so when somethings seems off. With this new build I'm seeing fluctuations in FPS from 5.0 to 31, causing a unsatisfactory immersion IMHO. I didn't have this problem with the previous build(s) and have tried disabling FO instruments, unlocking FPS to unlimited, and also tried an external limiter with the same results. As I said, I'm fully aware that that my system (i5-2500K oc 4.3 GHz, Z68X-UD4-B3 INTEL, EVGA NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB GDDR5 -Win-7 64 - FSX Box SP2) is outdated to say the least. I do keep it clean and for FSX only, update Windows and video drivers regularly. I'm at a loss and may go back to 5c for performance reasons, but I'm rather fond of the newly added features and fixes of 1.0.1. But I understand it could be just my system. Cheers, Pete
  9. Hi Dave, while I'm having good success with the new build, NAV does occasionally have a mind of its own, but I've only done one test with the latest build. Either way, would you happen to have a link to the latest C++ Redistributable 2015 for Win7 64 bit? EDIT: Please disregard, I checked my sim PC and apparently mine was just updated today (I'm assuming due to the uninstall/reinstall of the CRJ?). It's version 14.0.24212. Thanks in advance, Peter
  10. Great list Mathijs, I haven't been able to keep my "yoke" of this airplane since release, I'm absolutely in love with it.Fortunately the 5c update works pretty well with very few exceptions. Speaking of updates Mathijs, do you already have or would you consider an extended beta group consisting of current customers that already own the airplane? If yes, I'd love to help with testing. I earned my real life wings in Orlando Sanford at the (then) Comair/Delta Aviation Academy and I have about 100 hours in the CRJ FTD we had back then (2002). Can't wait for the new update, great job Hans & crew!!! Cheers, Pete
  11. great repaint, thank you for sharing. For some reason I don't see the new vc textures, just the default ones. Cheers, Pete
  12. Thanks for the heads-up Derek, this is great news. Tried it and it appears it works like a charm. Those guys at simbrief are something else! Cheers, Pete
  13. I do think it's just one of those FSX quirks, not airplane related. However, and while I have never thoroughly investigated it, I believe nav databases have something to do with it e.g. if you have two different versions installed - one in your flight planning software, the other being maybe a more updated one of the aircraft or visa versa - again, I'm simply making an assumption here since it's so rare that it's really only an inconvenience.I haven't heard about the map fix moving the heading a degree or two, will try that out the next time this happens. Gotta go back flying this bird, I'm sooo in love with it - the CRJ was the reason I got my real wings 15 years ago :-) Cheers, Pete
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