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  1. Sure, thanks btw..this project is a really good bit of work. Looking forward to EBBR
  2. Right so somehow i managed to start working on the wrong afcad okay. Last question, so as it appears im using the ctrl+jetways version which was unintentional, given i have been reworking this afcad for the last week can i possibly remove the jetways in this file so SODE shows only?
  3. Using the latest build of EDDK with the latest build of SODE in P3Dv4.5 The ADE file needed some work with gate and cargo assignments and a small tweak in the XML Sode file. When i reload EDDK i seem to get duplicate jetways on the terminal gates for the 'D' concourse only? - I have only 1 active ADE for EDDK in the EDDK scenery folder - Sode XML was edited as below (I updated gate D14 to D15 instead for an A330 sized aircraft) - EDDK config has been run and SODE jetways only selected (i do not have the VDGS addon) - If i boot the scenery up without my edited ADE the dupes dissapear so im wondering whats causing it and on the D side of stands only. New EDDK.zip
  4. bradley27

    Fuel Glitch?

    I was attempting a flight earlier and somehow calulated my fuel wrong so i had to head to an alternative airport before i ran out of fuel. Landed in Orly and ran out of fuel while taxiing to a remote stand, the engines continued to run and the audio seemed wrong too, the beacon was also on in a static position? (I am also sure there maybe a loss in sound effect when the FO window is closed and opened?) is the version i am running presently in P3Dv4.5
  5. Cool thanks Rolf (sorry called you Hanse before), In a normal flight i would carry out with a flightplan and the aircraft would be setup fully and not as basic as seen in the two videos but because i know the issue happens regardless of a full setup or not i opted for a quick run through for you to see. I normally would set the QNH as the flightplan data suggest for departure and arrival and tbh in the past roughly a few months ago i had no issues with pauses like this so it seems like something that has maybe broken in recent months or weeks? Thanks and ill see what you come back with.
  6. And here is the almost same routine again as i said but this is without AS on in the background and you'll see the checklist completes... Click to 4:12 to see the calls outs being made. https://youtu.be/LNHlZBerMu4
  7. Sorry for taking to long, so heres the video of the issue (ActiveSky is on in the background too) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eVmntYEX98&feature=youtu.be I am uploading another video (the same scenario but with AS off) which will follow abit later and you'll see with that video that the process works fine and doesn't get stuck.
  8. Im uploading two videos now to YouTube, they might take awhile though before they get posted but yes normally you hear the FO say engine 2 stabilized and then engine 1 stabilized. In the two videos they are the same basic setup both times, the only difference is ActiveSky is on in one of them (the one which nothing progresses) and the other is just P3D and the call outs happen and it progresses as it should....Its so weird. Since the engines are running on full i have tried to roll forward to see if it prompts anything but nothing happens and remains stuck at that point in the process.
  9. Edited the checkboxes mentioned to off for GSX, rebooted the sim again with ActiveSky running and again the plane pushes back and the engines are running at a stable rate and it just wont budge past this point. The tug disconnects and drives away but the aircraft just sits there without a stable confirmation of both engines. But when i have ActiveSky off and just the sim....it works. Its so weird.
  10. Sure ill take a look at disabling that request from GSX now, i just wanted to point out obviously that i had tried out over 6 different scenarios trying to work out why it worked sometimes and not other ways and as soon as i tried it with ActiveSky on thats when i noticed it was jamming itself at the point i mentioned which to me seems alittle bizarre as i cant imagine why there would be any association between the two but then on other tests seemed to get past the engine startup points without AS on. Anyway ill feedback shortly. Thanks
  11. And further findings, so i tried this with no flightplan in the folder for A32X FPs this time and recorded with Nvidia as i usually do and was able to get engine start call outs during the pushback so i know it isnt my recorder causing it BUT this does leave me thinking that its likely to be associated with the flightplan file which has NEVER caused me issues this way before so why is it now? I get my flp files from Online Flight Planner and incase the one i had was corrupt i have made a new one and still get the issue. I also use ActiveSky so im about it try it with that and no FP and see what happens. EDIT: Its ActiveSky thats somehow and for some reason clashing or causing the checklist option to stall and get stuck on pushback engine starts? Why would this even be a bug?
  12. To further update, i tried just a normal flight at Simwings LEMN with no flightplan loaded and the plane pushed back and the procedure went ahead as it should WITH engine start call outs so im thinking okay, must be fixed now? Reloaded a new flightplan booted up the sim to Simwings GCLP started recording and again back with the same issue again!?! There are NO call outs for healthy starts of engine 1 and 2 even though they're running and even if you confirm with GSX and the tug disconnects and moves away the plane sits there stuck waiting for engine clearances that never come. A few screenshots if these help?
  13. EDIT: Fuel planner bit with A321 seems to have been fixed with your latest update. Issue with departure ongoing.
  14. Last few days ive noticed while trying to record a flight unsuccessfully due to this problem here that i will pushback off a gate (AS A32X Pro), each engine starts and completes and GSX now asks to comfirm a good engine start before disconnecting the tug. I have switched the parking breaks on and confirmed, the tug then disconnects and drives away but my aircraft continues to sit there and doesnt continue with the startup process and thus sits in limbo. I checked the Airbus checklist screen and nothing is pending there. This is using the really good checklist assist from the Capatain and FO that you follow or assist the process for an entire flight. Also the fuel planner for the 320/321 is bugged? You can use the A320 and get a fuel figure for say GCLP to EGGP but if you select the 321 you get a maximum fuel error for that same route which is clearly incorrect? I am using (I have noticed was posted while writing this message and updated HOWEVER the issue still persists as i just tried again now)
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