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  1. Hello, I have the age old EDDB for P3D by Limesim/29Palms...Theres been much change in areas at the Airport and given its in full ops now and i saw the MSFS version got all the new 'candy' can us P3D users expect the same please?
  2. Very odd, both under that same address however i cant see the Aerosoft Updater.exe only the ASUpdater.exe. So i will just delete the first and keep the ASUpdater shortcut
  3. Might be a really simple answer, almost stupid even but once again following a fresh install of P3D and installing airports/aircraft from you guys i have 2 desktop updater shortcuts named slightly differently... ASUpdater Aerosoft Updater Can i simply just delete one or did you guys rename the updater and the installation of certain products just hasnt quite registered its duplicated the same thing? Thanks
  4. Updated the Airbuses last night and today booted up a flight and found a few changes and keys no longer working? Parking break release no longer responds to me pressing the button i normally use on my joystick? Also using the Checklist assist i noticed that the views seem to now switch around the flightdeck to help identify what steps need processing bit by bit. Is this a new addition?
  5. Fantastic scenery of Hamburg Pro! It is the legit rendition users in P3D should be going for hands down! I wanted to ask if using ADE can you guys maybe confirm (or add in an update) if asphault is required where the red zone is? I wanted to add more parking for BBJ and heavy Gov AI planes.
  6. Great that seems to get the runway called correctly. My last query is i edited just the parking spots and realigned the stands atad better for AI aircraft and updated them with codes better suited to todays standards so i would like to continue using my 'edited' Afcad...What should i edit to get the same results for runway callout fix?
  7. Dropped the test afcad into the GCTS Simwings scenery folder and removed the previous version. Booted up v4 and when departing the ATC says Runway 7 for departure BUT on approach its still refering to the runways as Northeast Water
  8. Hi Oliver, Following up on the weird Northeast Water callouts through atc for GCTS when departing or landing
  9. I managed this evening to land tonight on Runway 7 with the ILS (Y) so maybe i chose ILS 7 (Z) last time, equally i was much more careful with my altitude on final approach and although all the callouts were the same this time as last time; i didnt float over the airport. I am still however getting ATC calling GCTS runways as 'Northeast Water' but i believe Oliver P will look into this soon.
  10. Sorry, i didnt really wanna flood the forum so i thought i might be helping.... This happens when i am using the automated checklist with the Captain and FO. So by the time i start getting the calls for localizer alive im already at the low altitude suggested in the MCDU and chose the ILS runway option; in this case ILS Runway 7 for TFS. Recently done flights into Simwings Munich and UK2000 Gatwick and those all land fine with no failure to land and decend on that final approach.
  11. As far as i can see i have just GCTS_AFX-OP01 in the GCTS scenery folder In the ALT folder theres this one and one named AFX_GCTS_SW_ALT Then i search GCTS in my P3D folder i get a few results back actually amoung ORBX Vector files for GCTS AFX_GCTS_SW_ALT shows up in the world/scenery folder? As all my Simwings stuff is stored on a D Drive away from P3D and i hadnt suspected that any of the Simwings files would make it into the P3D folder but 1 obviously has so is it safe to probably remove that 1 sat in the world/scenery folder or was it there for a reason?
  12. As far as i can see i have just GCTS_AFX-OP01 in the GCTS scenery folder
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