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  1. I have found that the buses while on cruise and moreso on decent lose control when the simulation is sped up by 2 or 4 times. I can initiate decent on autopilot and have the sim sped up by just x2 or as i said 4 and it seems to bounce or rock and violently after a shirt period sometimes then climb severely or dive severely. There aren't any major heavy weather factors causing turbulence so im curious as to it being some kind of bug or issue in the dynamics? This was in the most recent version prior to Not sure if this has been mentioned before?
  2. Sorry you did what? Communications and what?
  3. Would that be a case of me looking for driver update? I never know really know where to start with that
  4. Sure. Just thought id point it out as i do think there is somekind of engine audio mixup in various views. Just to be clear, I had the engines on full blast in virtual cockpit and spot view, switching between the two views and then brought the throttle right down, tried to deploy the reverse thrusters which had a considerable delay, eventually slowed down and turned off the runway, back into virtual cockpit view and taxied someway up a taxiway and then back onto spot view and the engines sounded like they were still on full blast though i was taxing very slowly. This was on the A321 Pro. And then with the A319 sometime ago i was sat on the runway at Gatwick on a view offered in the menu for the Airbus Pro (right click menu) and the runway approach announcement kept repeating herself over and over even though i was already sat on the runway. Cheers guys.
  5. This is using just the standard view tab, right click and then having the ability to choose various views through different tabs.
  6. One thing ive noticed with the pro builds in the few times Ive had time to use them is the sounds getting very mixed up given whats actually happening with the aircraft. Example: With the A318/A319 i was at Gatwick (UK2K) on the runway and i panned to one of the views that look at the aircraft from the wingtip, your also able to pan around if you so wish...anyway,the runway approach announcement continued to repeat over and over in this view. Also i can have the engines on full down the runway and then wind down to the point that we stop but again if i pan to an alternative view on the aircraft (spot etc) the sounds heard are the engines on full blast yet we arent moving???? This was using the A321 but most likely the case with the A320 too.....Im unsure if the A318 & A319 are affected Im unsure if some of the code written just needs tweaking by there are surely bugs with this area that need flattening i think?
  7. Great surprise!! Ill look forward to it! Question is whats going on with Tenerife South?
  8. Have the same issue and even if i manually set the heading and re-engage the aircraft wont register the cruise altitude once its reached...
  9. Out of interest, will this new Pro version STILL have the built in assist mode where it simulates a co pilot going through all the checklists and switches being armed or turned off?
  10. How are we doing with this....Im holding off from Digital Designs version which does look great but i like to remain loyal to Simwings....
  11. Using Malaga X in P3Dv4 I had originally opted to not install LEMG with SODE, I now wish to use it. I turned off the AFX file and enabled the SODE AFX file. What else is left to do? When P3Dv4 boots up at LEMG there are no jet bridges at all?
  12. Can i just say, this fix for the ORBX Landclass issues with Zurich Pro should be published as an update now for those unaware. I stumbled on this thread by accident. I dont speak or read english so i have had to translate this two page thread to work out what was being said.
  13. I too can confirm this small error with v1.04 in P3Dv3
  14. I too was just about to post about this....something needs to be done about this file (docking.bgl) that causes the loss of autogen on approach please. Theres already issues with the scenery causing a highway to disappear on the Northeast side of the airport that still havent been addressed (when the scenery is deactivated the highway appears again), the above is just another nail in the coffin when it comes to Zurich it seems. In regards to the missing highway which has been mentioned before in picture 1 you can see the highway is visible with default Zurich in its entirety In picture 2 you can see the cars driving on grass where the highway should be with Zurich v2 enabled And in picture 3 you can see where the highway stops and disappears and just about make out the cars moving on grass textures where the road should be... This is alongside runway 32/14 encase theres any confusion...
  15. Thanks dude I signed up last night, looks good just got to get round to working out how it all works etc
  16. I may have a few other questions so ill return to this....thanks though
  17. Ill take a look thanks if i can spare the pennies. When I boot up P3D obviously sometimes traffic heads for the 23 facing runways, or sometimes the 5 facing ones so by this point my route has already been given. So if as you said its only valid for the 23 facing runways the route then becomes almost useless
  18. Interesting...what would you suggest as an alternative to route finder?
  19. I checked it for both 5L & 5R and it doesn't come up as available... The cycle on Routefinder is selected as 1703. Im only going with what its given me and since this isnt the first time in the last few weeks that ive been confronted with the same instance im thinking theres something wrong in my setup....?
  20. I'm a subscriber to Navigraph and have the current 1703 cycle. In the last few weeks its been near enough impossible to get any routes given by 'Routefinder' into the Airbus Extended (v1.31). Nothing but countless waypoint mismatches or non existent route paths out of my departure airport or even destination. I have selected the latest cycle as primary in the Airbus data section (left MCDU) and under that is the original cycle as the 2nd. I need to know if there is something im forgetting to do please as in the past this hasnt been an issue at all. A route i was given started off with EGCC SID KUXEM UP17..... As you'll see from the screenshot KUXEM doesn't come up. This is just one example. Ive been trying to set flights up at several locations all fail to even get past the departure entries
  21. At Ibiza Evo in P3Dv3, Why has the jetway sunk into the ground? Is this SODE? 2016-8-29_20-1-8-519.bmp 2016-8-29_19-58-16-920.bmp
  22. Interesting..okay, good to know. Sounds abit like the FSDT approach on their JFK & LAX work
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