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  1. Excellent, at least night lighting will look more authentic with this one!
  2. Was always hoping Bari X would get the V4 reboot.
  3. Holding out to see what this version brings even though Justsim have released their version. Do we have a rough finish time for this version?
  4. I really do think this is very much based on user PC specs. I have a lovely performance on my PC using Gran Canaria.
  5. Thanks Thorsten, the exclude to get ORBX style lighting looks good actually so thanks for that. The islands night base BGL still looks strange; I think its the glow of yellow that engulfs the outta islands rim but thanks for posting an alternative all the same honestly. (I dont use HDR lighting)
  6. Cheers Thorsten Roll on CDG, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura
  7. Cheers, got ya with the replies so far. So this is one persons opinion but if the island still has minimal or no street lighting on highways or anywhere for that matter which must be weird why does the island glow the way it does, wouldn't it be almost invisible at night to a degree? I just feel like its so over done and almost kills the authenticity off. I did notice Tenerife South released last week does this as well but it isn't as heavily done and it does feature a fair amount of street lighting around...I dont know if anyone else feels it just looks abit odd? As i said though at the top, big Simwings supporter, held out for your version of TFS over the other 2 and thats been the case for alot of products over the years. I just want the best looking product you guys can give.
  8. I wanted to address some first thoughts on Gran Canaria Pro. Firstly thanks for bringing this to P3D finally, many of us have waited a long time for this one. The night lighting foremost or just the general look of Gran Canaria at night is rather interesting. The daytime airport looks good but the grass between taxiways and runways looks strange (see daytime pic)? It also appears there's no night road lighting at all with Gran Canaria island but this maybe because of this different approach to night lighting? No trees other than the airport area?
  9. I just posted on Simwings actually as i have been working on the ADE file for LEPA Pro this weekend. The base image for the island ESPECIALLY the mountains across the whole north of the island are so blurry, rarely ever sharp and if they do render properly you lose that sharpness every time you look out to a different view be it a wing view, spot view etc etc. The airport is fantastic, but can the island get some form of rework to make those mountains textures sharper please? My rig is pretty powerful and i recently have done a clean full reinstall of everything so my scenery library is in fine order and my settings are perfectly set.
  10. Im unsure if this is a common issue or just for me but in an external view on a user aircraft from above it seems the textures for airport vehicle roads are flickering alot, more so to the point that they dont display? Middle image shows them displaying about right i think the other two (top and bottom show the flickering and non display)
  11. I am trying to port Airbus Extended paints over to the Airbus Pro 321 and 320. I am seeing AIRBUS_FCUPLASTICKNOBS_C, AIRBUS_FCUPLASTICKNOBS_L, airbus_vc_enviromap (3 files) that are in these now old texture folders. Do they need to be deleted as well?
  12. I would ask 'can this please be checked before release that it works with ORBX Europe OpenLC/Germany South please'? There were alot of complications with roads and lights and textures not working with the sceneries before.
  13. What is going on with Simwings and this Island!? This is literally 2 years in the making now? I am fighting with the temptation to buy into Digital Designs rendition at this rate!
  14. So sorry, with Zurich and Tegal Pro...are you saying i can install to the D Drive or i cant? The issue was on changing the path from C to the D Drive it then stops me and says it cant find P3Dv4 so im unable to install it onto a drive that stores all my other material at the moment...
  15. More recent Simwings Professional and v4 airports seem to be automatically setup to install into the D Drive ive noticed however Oslo, Berlin Tegal and Zurich for example will automatically want to install into the C Drive within P3Dv4. I wish to install these 3 above to the D Drive and upon redirecting the path to the D drive and confirm i then get stopped with a 'Cant find the Simulator' message and im not sure how i get around this...? I am a newbie in this form of installing. Help would be great, thanks
  16. Okay, hopefully they'll work out whats causing it, this was very similar to previous issues i was having with reverse thrust bleeds
  17. Here is video footage of a very similar issue currently. The reverse thrust sound bleeding through all the way from landing to taxi and gate arrival, engine shut down and the rest... https://youtu.be/VqkTlVBYPY4
  18. I have found that the buses while on cruise and moreso on decent lose control when the simulation is sped up by 2 or 4 times. I can initiate decent on autopilot and have the sim sped up by just x2 or as i said 4 and it seems to bounce or rock and violently after a shirt period sometimes then climb severely or dive severely. There aren't any major heavy weather factors causing turbulence so im curious as to it being some kind of bug or issue in the dynamics? This was in the most recent version prior to Not sure if this has been mentioned before?
  19. Sorry you did what? Communications and what?
  20. Would that be a case of me looking for driver update? I never know really know where to start with that
  21. Sure. Just thought id point it out as i do think there is somekind of engine audio mixup in various views. Just to be clear, I had the engines on full blast in virtual cockpit and spot view, switching between the two views and then brought the throttle right down, tried to deploy the reverse thrusters which had a considerable delay, eventually slowed down and turned off the runway, back into virtual cockpit view and taxied someway up a taxiway and then back onto spot view and the engines sounded like they were still on full blast though i was taxing very slowly. This was on the A321 Pro. And then with the A319 sometime ago i was sat on the runway at Gatwick on a view offered in the menu for the Airbus Pro (right click menu) and the runway approach announcement kept repeating herself over and over even though i was already sat on the runway. Cheers guys.
  22. This is using just the standard view tab, right click and then having the ability to choose various views through different tabs.
  23. One thing ive noticed with the pro builds in the few times Ive had time to use them is the sounds getting very mixed up given whats actually happening with the aircraft. Example: With the A318/A319 i was at Gatwick (UK2K) on the runway and i panned to one of the views that look at the aircraft from the wingtip, your also able to pan around if you so wish...anyway,the runway approach announcement continued to repeat over and over in this view. Also i can have the engines on full down the runway and then wind down to the point that we stop but again if i pan to an alternative view on the aircraft (spot etc) the sounds heard are the engines on full blast yet we arent moving???? This was using the A321 but most likely the case with the A320 too.....Im unsure if the A318 & A319 are affected Im unsure if some of the code written just needs tweaking by there are surely bugs with this area that need flattening i think?
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