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  1. Hehe! The "Keep up the good work" was intended for your development of add-ons to the new simulator :)
  2. Having played around with the new MFS every evening after work this week, I thought I could share my personal initial thoughts. Everything that has to do with graphics, the environment, light, water, weather etc. is what I expected and more (but my own house look like crap though, which was kind of a letdown hahaha). Flying at night is now an amazing experience. Flying in the alps is so beautiful. The water is as real as it gets! I also like the flight dynamics, but I am not a real pilot so cant judge on that, just a feeling (but a real time pilot claimed it is indeed near his real
  3. Hoping for the twin otter this year too But I dont know if that is a complex aircraft to develop or not. Anyway as soon as the CRJ, Twotter and Airbus are out, they will park in my hangar.
  4. It is an interesting observation that the anticipated rise in simmers using MFS will also make it possible to develop more nische products. Could it also be that, flight simming being a slighty more complex type of gaming to learn, will increase the need for expanded support to users from add-on developers? I have been a simmer almost all my life and a satisfied costumer of Aerosoft for many years now. I guess and hope the main focus for you will still be on aircrafts and airports. But do you see the market for expanding to developing more utilities, for example a really good AI-A
  5. Thanks again, very interesting! In your text you describe it as more complex to develop aircrafts in MFS due to the new, a bit more realistic, flight modell. So you think this will slow production of new aircrafts for this new sim down, taking longer time to get a new aircraft in the hangar so to speak? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  6. Very interesting thoughts! What I have noticed in the different videos I have watched is that some of the main cities of the world look amazing with all the iconic buildings you would expect. Some other cities (like Stockholm where I live) look amazingly accurate but some of the iconic buildings dont (In Stockholm I would narrow it down to The City Hall, Vasa Museum, Victoria Tower and Friends Arena). I know/hope Aerosoft will produce lots of high quility add-ons. Are you planning to integrate updates to some of the most iconic buildings in nearby cities when producing new airports, coul
  7. Great news about the Twinotter. As a mainly big jets guy I have always liked the Twotter. And now with the amazing water simulation I hope that includes the sea plane versions 😁 One thing to consider is to add some kind of possibility to "park" with the sea plane (so it doesnt float away with engines shut down in the harbour) which has always been tricky or impossible with even slight wind. Really looking forward to everything Aerosoft will bring to this new simulator. Very excited! Congrats on your important cooperation with Asabo. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  8. Hi! After installing the latest update for Aerosoft A330, I have a small but strange problem. When opening and closing the cargo doors, the text "HYD ELEC PUMP" flickers and when looking in the spot view the doors shake and the sound is kind of "choppy" until the door is opened or closed. The problem doesnt seem to effect the aircraft in any other way. But what might be causing this problem? By the way, the A330 is such a magnificent aircraft to fly in. It is my definitive favorite in my hangar and I use it as much as I can during this corona-summer. I am us
  9. Thank you very much for your fast and kind reply. Will stay with P3D v4.5 for the time being. Best regerads Jan Jönsson
  10. Hi! Currently flying P3D v4.5 on new top computer and is happy with that. However my plan has been to switch over to P3D v5, but after reading Aerosoft/Mathijs recommendation to wait until the plattform stabilizes I have stayed away from switching. Now with HF 2 out I was wondering if this recommendation still stands or if many of the issues has been resolved. I have also read here on the forum that Aerosoft was finding it difficult to develop advanced aircraft modells for the P3D plattform. With the P3D v5 hopefully getting more and more stable, will Aeroso
  11. Would you suggest it is better to stay with the stock data for add-ons if you want to use native ATC, rather than using Navdatapro for add-ons? Best regards Jan
  12. Hi! First of all, thank you for the high quality products Aerosoft produce for the flight sim community. I own the entire AS Airbus family, PFPX and have subscribed to Navdatapro AIRACs. What I like is that its easy to create a flight plan in PFPX and import it into for example the AS Airbus A330 as a company route. However, a problem I have never manage to solve is that the native P3D (currently using v 4.5, waiting for v 5 to stabilize) AIRACs are not updated, and I think thats why when loading a PFPX-flight plan into P3D the native ATC doesn't seem to rec
  13. Hi! I am trying to figure out how to program one of the buttons on the Honeycomb Yoke to toggle seatbelt and no electronic signs on and off, using the Yokeinput software or FSUIPC in P3d v 4.5. Is there a list of the variables/event ids for the Aerosoft Airbus somewhere or does anyone have any suggestion on how to program these sign buttons? In FSUIPC the AS Airbus doesnt seem to use the standard ids for these sign buttons. The yoke is fantastic by the way, just wished the Yokeinput software were a bit easier to understand and use to program ever
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