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  1. Yes! I would even pay for an add-on like the Vancouver Harbour Flight Center https://vhfc.ca/ together with some additional seaplane terminals in Victoria, Whistler, Saltspring Island etc.
  2. First IFR flight with the CRJ after update, London City (EGLC - Orbx) to Manchester (EGCC - Macco). Everything went smooth (except this annoying MSFS bug not remembering graphic settings which I think caused the EFB to look a bit strange, must do a new flight to test that...). Intercepted ILS glide slope spot on, almost a perfect landing for being me in slight crosswind. Feels like it is a bit more responsive on the throttle. My trim with the Bravo feels normal. Parked at gate.
  3. No, it is I who am stupid or senile... All is fine. Forgot to arm the thrust reversers...
  4. Hi! I am not getting any reverse thrust at all. I can see both reverse thrust levers moving to full reverse, but the power is on idle. Strange! I have followed the tutorial for calibrating the Honeycomb Bravo. All other buttons engage as they should. I am not using AAO. If I use keyboard inputs, still no reverse thrust.
  5. Quick take-off and landing after Update. Everything working perfectly!!! CRJ weekend ahead 🥳 Yay!
  6. Thanks for explaining. As I understand it the MSFS Marketplace is only updated once a week, on Thursdays (except this Thursday because of technical issues). I know by answers from several other developers for MSFS, at the moment it takes approx. two Thursdays until the update for their products come to Marketplace. Now since you have this special arrangement with Microsoft, do you think they will prioritize the CRJ-update so it doesnt have to wait for two more weeks from now? I have bought it directly from Aerosoft but as I understand it the update can not go live on AS-updater until it is also alive on MSFS Marketplace. Anyway not a big problem for me since I have managed a few workarounds while waiting and it is good and fun to practice handflying the CRJ on all approaches. Best regards and a happy weekend! Jan
  7. After SU5+HF1+HF2 problems with the Jetways at Simwings EDDH, see pic. I know this is a known issue for some airports, and FlyTampa has released a fix for their Kastrup EKCH. Are you to report this problem here or to Zendesk (because I saw a reply saying it should be reported to Zendesk, but this is not a MSFS native airport)? Settings on Ultra (confirmed changing from Ultra to Low back to Ultra). Best regards Jan
  8. 156 votes in total, and now on the official hotfix list from Asobo/Microsoft. Thank you everyone for voting and participating. Read statement about upcoming hotfix for MSFS here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/regarding-your-feedback-upcoming-hotfix/436063?u=joenssonswe Looking forward to the updated CRJ in a few days. Best regards Jan
  9. Thank you very much! Very interesting information 😁
  10. So beautiful! Would you say SU5 complicates development for this project, or doesnt it matter so much as we know there will probably be plenty more updates for MSFS until it is released?
  11. Thank you very much for this informativa answer! Is it normal to taxi with wing and cowl anti-ice on, or is it normally turned on in a later stage during flight?
  12. Hi! This is a question strictly out of interest, not a support issue. When on ground taxing the CRJ 700, with wing anti-ice turned off, you need a little bit of throttle power to start moving. However, when turning the wing anti-ice on, the engines spool up a bit and the CRJ moves on idle. Is that how the aircraft behaves also in real life? I think it is very handy, but would be interesting to know if anyone knows why and if this happens also in the real plane. Best regards Jan
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