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  1. Hi! The "problem" seems to be on my side entirely. I have often missed the first waypoint in the flight plan since it has been so close to the departure airport. This seems to confuse ATC. Now when I know about this and always make sure not to miss the first waypoint, everything seems to work fine. Thank you for your replies and sorry for my incompetence...
  2. Doesnt seem to anything to do with that. Get the feeling the ATC just ignores the route and makes it a direct route instead between the airports. I will try and see what happends if I enter it manually.
  3. Thank you for your reply. No, it has not. Best regards Jan
  4. Hi! Actually I dont know if this is a problem, or if it is me doing something wrong. I have no problem making and exporting a PFPX-flightplan in to P3dv4.4. When I load the flight plan in P3d it seems okey, the route is correct in the map. When I load it in the fmc of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional it loads okey and everything looks fine on the screens. I get a clearance from ATC which is to the correct airport. However, up in the air, almost immediately after take off ATC give me headings that dont match the flightpath. It seems to want me to fly more of a direct route to the other airport, and since I dont get the message "resume own navigation", I have to fly the heading given, otherwise ATC protests constantly about my heading... It is like ATC doesnt recognize the flight plan. I have noticed this on all flights planned with PFPX. When I load the PFPX flight plan in P3d, should I save it with another name in P3d or should I not touch the plan at all? AIRAC is updated with NavDataPro. I am using the native P3d ATC. Anyone here has any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  5. Hi! Startade PFPX today, and suddenly PFPX was not working as it usually does. It was as if it did not recognize any ICAO-codes for airports and not possbile to search for airports or other things in the map. I then decided to update to ver 2. And I bought a new subscription for the online database. However, no success. The picture shows what it looks like. Any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  6. Could this be a clue? Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I have tried it a few times now and making sure to turn the fuel pumps off soon after engine shutdown got rid of the problem, at least for now (I think I might I have heard a beep, but not at all so often as when the fuel pumps were on). If I turn the fuel pumps on and wait, after a while the problem comes back, or so it seems. Might be something, or I am just lucky. Must try this more to see if it has something to do with the problem.
  7. This problem started for me after the latest update through the updater (at least I didnt notice this before), but have not found out what triggers it yet. The red master caution light flash for a split second and there is a jeep sound. No message on the ECAM. Sometimes the beep is very short, sometimes a bit longer (but still very short). Comes randomly every 10-25 seconds. At first I thought it has something to do with GSX, because the sound is similar to that when GSX waits for you to do an action. But after turning everything off with GSX, the problem is still there. Will continue to figure this out.
  8. Hi! Have you tried this?: Look at the knob I have highlighted in i red circle in the pic - turn the knob to Auto or ON - it helped me Best regards Jan
  9. Aha! Thank you very much for this quick and clear answer. That is a more advanced feature than I thought - impressive that you have such a small (but important) detail implemented in this aircraft Best regards Jan
  10. Thanks for your reply! Since I asked the question here, I thought it could be good that I also give the answer I got from Carenado support, if anyone else had this problem: 1. The electricity/battery problem has to do with how P3D4 handles turboprop planes. So the issue could not be supported by Carenado. However, my own solution to get rid of this problem was to put in the line "electric_always_available=1" in the aircraft.cgf file. Perhaps not very realistic, but it makes the plane flyable again. 2. The FMS in the SF340 is not very advanced, you only have to enter new departure and arrival airports and then you are ready to go with a new flight plan, very easy. The Saab is a joy to fly, can highly recommend it. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  11. Hi! Thanks again for a fantastic aircraft! And the documentation is as always very good and easy to read. There is one small issue I wanted to ask about (or it is not an issue, it is more I dont know or cant find the answer): Before take-off I press the TO CONFIG-button. Everything is green except the line saying "CABIN - CHECK". This of course is something that doesnt prevent me from flying, but is there a way or somewhere to press to get the CABIN to also be green? I tried to find information about this reading through the documentation, but can not find any about this small thing. Best regards Jan
  12. Impressive work, as always from Aerosoft! Looks good, sounds good, flies good. The documentation is also very good, easy to read, easy to find what you are looking for. Can recommend to read through it, but if you already own the previous Airbus and know how to handle it, then there are only a few things you will have to find out to start flying (but to get the whole depth of this masterpiece it you obviously have to read it all). And my fps are better than for any other aircraft I have, with all high settings, Active Sky, UT Live, ORBX Ftx and Aerosoft Mega Sceneries. This is also one of the first aircrafts that work together with my SAITEK yoke, throttle and switch board equipment out of the box Thanks also for the quick job with the bundle access! Best regards Jan
  13. Hi! Bought the Carenado S340 yesterday through Aerosoft and I think it is a very good aircraft. However I have two issues: 1. On ground, without engines running but with external power on, after a few minutes all electricity go out, impossible to do anything but to reload the simulator. What am I doing wrong? 2. After a flight from departure to arrival airport, how can I get the FMS to reset, so it is possible to enter a new flightplan, withput restarting the simulator? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  14. Hello Shaun! Thank you very much again for your immediate response! I must say, your support is just as good as your products! However, it is I who am stupid! After your last reply i realized that I acctually bought and installed GAP3 a while ago, but after already having installed EDDH when GAP3 did not excist. So after deinstalling EDDH and reinstalling the new version of GAP 3 everything is perfect, no double lines, only very good sceneries!!! Thank you very much and I will continue to be a very devoted fan of your products! Best regards Jan Jönsson, Stockholm
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