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  1. Great news about the Twinotter. As a mainly big jets guy I have always liked the Twotter. And now with the amazing water simulation I hope that includes the sea plane versions 😁 One thing to consider is to add some kind of possibility to "park" with the sea plane (so it doesnt float away with engines shut down in the harbour) which has always been tricky or impossible with even slight wind. Really looking forward to everything Aerosoft will bring to this new simulator. Very excited! Congrats on your important cooperation with Asabo. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  2. Hi! After installing the latest update for Aerosoft A330, I have a small but strange problem. When opening and closing the cargo doors, the text "HYD ELEC PUMP" flickers and when looking in the spot view the doors shake and the sound is kind of "choppy" until the door is opened or closed. The problem doesnt seem to effect the aircraft in any other way. But what might be causing this problem? By the way, the A330 is such a magnificent aircraft to fly in. It is my definitive favorite in my hangar and I use it as much as I can during this corona-summer. I am using P3d v4.5 HF3 (latest version), Active Sky, GSX Level 2, Ultimate Traffic Live and lots of Aerosoft and other add-on airports if that has something to do with this small problem. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  3. Thank you very much for your fast and kind reply. Will stay with P3D v4.5 for the time being. Best regerads Jan Jönsson
  4. Hi! Currently flying P3D v4.5 on new top computer and is happy with that. However my plan has been to switch over to P3D v5, but after reading Aerosoft/Mathijs recommendation to wait until the plattform stabilizes I have stayed away from switching. Now with HF 2 out I was wondering if this recommendation still stands or if many of the issues has been resolved. I have also read here on the forum that Aerosoft was finding it difficult to develop advanced aircraft modells for the P3D plattform. With the P3D v5 hopefully getting more and more stable, will Aerosoft continue development of your superb high quality add-ons for P3D v5 for the foreseeable future or are the problems so big that it is actually better to stay with 4.5 and wait for the new Microsoft Flightsim 2020 (which I will get anyway when it is out, but you got to fly this summer aswell)? I might add that I mainly fly with Aerosoft aircrafts and to Aerosoft or ORBX airports so I want to use the plattform which gives the best quality and stability for these products, thats why I am asking. Thank you very much for all the high quality products we keep on getting from you, year after year! Best regards Jan Jönsson
  5. Would you suggest it is better to stay with the stock data for add-ons if you want to use native ATC, rather than using Navdatapro for add-ons? Best regards Jan
  6. Hi! First of all, thank you for the high quality products Aerosoft produce for the flight sim community. I own the entire AS Airbus family, PFPX and have subscribed to Navdatapro AIRACs. What I like is that its easy to create a flight plan in PFPX and import it into for example the AS Airbus A330 as a company route. However, a problem I have never manage to solve is that the native P3D (currently using v 4.5, waiting for v 5 to stabilize) AIRACs are not updated, and I think thats why when loading a PFPX-flight plan into P3D the native ATC doesn't seem to recognize the plan or they missmatch. I havent found any ATC-add on worth the money yet and for me native ATC is enough. Hopefully someone can assist me with these questions: - Is there a way to get the flight plans created using PFPX with the latest Navdatapro AIRACs to get recognized and followed by the native P3D ATC? - Is there a way to synchronize the AIRAC of the native P3D with those coming from Navdatapro? - If that is possible, are there any side effects (will for example AI-traffic from Ultimate Traffic Live still work?) Best regards Jan Jönsson
  7. Hi! I am trying to figure out how to program one of the buttons on the Honeycomb Yoke to toggle seatbelt and no electronic signs on and off, using the Yokeinput software or FSUIPC in P3d v 4.5. Is there a list of the variables/event ids for the Aerosoft Airbus somewhere or does anyone have any suggestion on how to program these sign buttons? In FSUIPC the AS Airbus doesnt seem to use the standard ids for these sign buttons. The yoke is fantastic by the way, just wished the Yokeinput software were a bit easier to understand and use to program every aircraft in a simple way. So far FSUIPC has been a better choice for programming the yoke. Waiting for the throttle quadrant to come out in the autumn. Hope it will be easier to program. Best regerads Jan Jönsson
  8. Hi! The "problem" seems to be on my side entirely. I have often missed the first waypoint in the flight plan since it has been so close to the departure airport. This seems to confuse ATC. Now when I know about this and always make sure not to miss the first waypoint, everything seems to work fine. Thank you for your replies and sorry for my incompetence...
  9. Doesnt seem to anything to do with that. Get the feeling the ATC just ignores the route and makes it a direct route instead between the airports. I will try and see what happends if I enter it manually.
  10. Thank you for your reply. No, it has not. Best regards Jan
  11. Hi! Actually I dont know if this is a problem, or if it is me doing something wrong. I have no problem making and exporting a PFPX-flightplan in to P3dv4.4. When I load the flight plan in P3d it seems okey, the route is correct in the map. When I load it in the fmc of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional it loads okey and everything looks fine on the screens. I get a clearance from ATC which is to the correct airport. However, up in the air, almost immediately after take off ATC give me headings that dont match the flightpath. It seems to want me to fly more of a direct route to the other airport, and since I dont get the message "resume own navigation", I have to fly the heading given, otherwise ATC protests constantly about my heading... It is like ATC doesnt recognize the flight plan. I have noticed this on all flights planned with PFPX. When I load the PFPX flight plan in P3d, should I save it with another name in P3d or should I not touch the plan at all? AIRAC is updated with NavDataPro. I am using the native P3d ATC. Anyone here has any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  12. Hi! Startade PFPX today, and suddenly PFPX was not working as it usually does. It was as if it did not recognize any ICAO-codes for airports and not possbile to search for airports or other things in the map. I then decided to update to ver 2. And I bought a new subscription for the online database. However, no success. The picture shows what it looks like. Any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
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