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  1. Hi! First I had this strange problem with the AS Updater not recognizing any of the installed Aerosoft Airports or CRJ for MSFS after installing CRJ through the updater. However that issue was resolved after starting MSFS once again. The updater claim the CRJ is up to date, version But in MSFS Content manager it says version 1.0.4. Why is that and how to know if it has been correctly updated? Best regards (and sorry if this is also the wrong forum to put this issue in. Posted in CRJ, but that was evidently very wrong...) Best reg
  2. Hi! After installing the CRJ through the AS Updater, it doesnt recognize my Aerosoft MSFS software anymore. I have a few Aerosoft Airports and the CRJ which I used to be able to update through the updater. Any clues how to solve the problem? Best regards Jan
  3. Thank you very much for this quick and clear answer! I just downloaded and installed the new version without uninstalling the old and as far as I can see everything is working perfect. Very smooth installation process. I really love the CRJ! Have a nice weekend.
  4. I think the question is: Should or should you not uninstall the old version before installing the new version, or should it be treated as an update where you keep the old version and the update overwrites the old files. Best regards Jan
  5. Hi! I have tried to find information about the correct way of updating the CRJ, but havent found. Sorry if I missed something I should have read somewhere else... I downloaded the new file from my Aerosoft account, unziped and executed the installationfile. Everything went well. Did a testflight and everything is okey. However I see some saying they first uninstalled the old version and then installed the new. Which is the correct way? Should I uninstall and then reinstall with the new version or is it fine to just update like I did? By the way, I absolutely
  6. If it's released today I will have a fun weekend. Otherwise I will have a fun weekend next week
  7. Good to hear! I really liked the A330 for P3D and it is a very good complement to the CRJ and TwinOtter. Looking forward to them all and more to come in the future from Aerosoft!
  8. Thank you very much @Slarti_Bart and @SimWare. I will try that! Best regards Jan
  9. Hi! Thank you Aerosoft once again for a fine product. Have tried to find an answer to this, but haven't managed so far. The buttons on the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke (taxi lights, beacon, landing lights etc) dont seem to be working. Are there any settings I have to change i MSFS (they work in other default aircrafts) or is it not possible in the CRJ to use these buttons at the moment? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  10. Hi again! How come noone replied to my post from 31/12/2020 Best regards Jan
  11. Hi! I ordered my throttle beginning of May together with a new computer from Komplett.se (the largest retailer of electronics in the Nordic countries). I have been in contact with Komplett.se several times as the delivery date has been postponed I think eight times since May. Now expected delivery is in February 2021. They claim they have more than a few 100 orders waiting since Spring (and Aerosoft is their supplier). Reading the discussions here, I wonder is it better to cancel the order at Komplett.se and order directly from Aerosoft, or better to wait? Buying throug
  12. Hoping for the twin otter this year too But I dont know if that is a complex aircraft to develop or not. Anyway as soon as the CRJ, Twotter and Airbus are out, they will park in my hangar.
  13. Great news about the Twinotter. As a mainly big jets guy I have always liked the Twotter. And now with the amazing water simulation I hope that includes the sea plane versions 😁 One thing to consider is to add some kind of possibility to "park" with the sea plane (so it doesnt float away with engines shut down in the harbour) which has always been tricky or impossible with even slight wind. Really looking forward to everything Aerosoft will bring to this new simulator. Very excited! Congrats on your important cooperation with Asabo. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  14. Hi! After installing the latest update for Aerosoft A330, I have a small but strange problem. When opening and closing the cargo doors, the text "HYD ELEC PUMP" flickers and when looking in the spot view the doors shake and the sound is kind of "choppy" until the door is opened or closed. The problem doesnt seem to effect the aircraft in any other way. But what might be causing this problem? By the way, the A330 is such a magnificent aircraft to fly in. It is my definitive favorite in my hangar and I use it as much as I can during this corona-summer. I am us
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