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  1. Hehe! The "Keep up the good work" was intended for your development of add-ons to the new simulator :)
  2. Having played around with the new MFS every evening after work this week, I thought I could share my personal initial thoughts. Everything that has to do with graphics, the environment, light, water, weather etc. is what I expected and more (but my own house look like crap though, which was kind of a letdown hahaha). Flying at night is now an amazing experience. Flying in the alps is so beautiful. The water is as real as it gets! I also like the flight dynamics, but I am not a real pilot so cant judge on that, just a feeling (but a real time pilot claimed it is indeed near his real life experience, but maybe others disagree). Light is so much better than I thought would even be possible. I really like that it is now possible to navigate visually. Stockholm (my hometown) really looks like Stockholm. Its not perfect, for example I dont like that the asphalt areas in Stockholm has a green-ish tone, which seems to have with Bing Maps to do (roads are green-ish there tio). And such an Iconic building like the City hall should have been fixed (hoping for Orbx or some other developer to do that). I am a bit disappointed that the default aiport buildings dont have better quality. And also for the hand crafted in the premium deluxe version I had higher expecations. Yes they are kind of accurate, but it is something with the lack of details that still make them pale. Seems like the market for add-on airports is still lucrative, and is really looking forward to for example the Aerosoft Brussels airport! Havent made up my mind with the clouds yet. Sometimes I think they look more like foam, and sometimes they look like the real thing. The default aircrafts I didnt expect much from and I have only chosen one now (the Caravan, easy and stable, inspite I am actually a jet guy) to learn the new platform, but as soon as Aerosoft release something more professional I will never go back to the default ones (same with all simulators I have ever had). ATC and Live AI Traffic is far worse than I expected which is kind of sad (and I have always been flying with ATC in FS and P3D, finding it acceptable, but not good). For me that is an important part of the flying experience so I had hoped that it would be much better at release than what it is. Hopefully it is on the top of the to do-list to make improvements (full ATC service on airports where it should be, correct vectoring, more ATC voices etc) and Live AI-traffic doesnt seem to work at the moment, very low volumes of flying traffic, or none. I also got the impression from the trailer clips that there would be real world airline liveries for the AI-traffic. I have been told it will come, but the trailer made me expect it on release day. At first I didnt like the Camera system, it was kind of a learning curve, but now I really like it, so easy to move around in the cockpit with the mouse etc. Drone is a fantastic idea, but it is not very intuitive to handle. Overall my expecations have been met so far, but that is also because I thought it would be issues the first few months. For me to continue support this platform it is very important that issues start to get sorted within the next few weeks and month. I notice that many gamers who are used to other high quality games seems to have had much higher expecations than me already on release day, and are disatisfied with the quality and many issues at release. Maybe the simmer community should also raise the bar for what to expect? That is actually something good. Why should simmers accept more issues than other gamers? The many complaints in the MFS forum (if they are constructive) are good, because it will hopefully push the devs to make the platform better and better. I hope all who finds issues report them to Zendesk, I have already sent several reports, and already one solved! I hope everyone with download issues and CDTs get their problems sorted by support as soon as possible, because its never fun to pay for software that only causes headache… Something that worries me is how much performance impact add-on airports and aircrafts from external developers will have. I have a quite new high end computer, and it has to work hard to manage the scenery at high quality, but it does it well (turning of V-sync got me much better performance and I cant see any quality issue with that off so far). It is important that add-ons are thouroughly tested for performance, in best case even improving on performance. But anyway, I was excited before release and I am very happy after release. I have already uninstalled P3D (I made a final flight in P3D and realized I could not go back after flying in the amazing environment in MFS). Already next Friday there is a update coming from Microsoft and there will be more. And keep up the good work Aerosoft! Best regards Jan
  3. Hoping for the twin otter this year too But I dont know if that is a complex aircraft to develop or not. Anyway as soon as the CRJ, Twotter and Airbus are out, they will park in my hangar.
  4. It is an interesting observation that the anticipated rise in simmers using MFS will also make it possible to develop more nische products. Could it also be that, flight simming being a slighty more complex type of gaming to learn, will increase the need for expanded support to users from add-on developers? I have been a simmer almost all my life and a satisfied costumer of Aerosoft for many years now. I guess and hope the main focus for you will still be on aircrafts and airports. But do you see the market for expanding to developing more utilities, for example a really good AI-ATC add-on (I have so far never been satisfied with other companies products on this area, the AI-ATC in the new MFS doesnt seem to be that good in the videos I have seen), AI-traffic expansion packs (adding liveries and aircraft types, military ai etc), update for default airport buildings to higher quality in the world, emergency response units for simulating emergencies on the ground etc? I think I can be categoriesed as a "flyging a few hours a month"-guy, flying more during Christmas holiday and Summer. This means I have always focused on building my simworld of add-ons with destinations not very far apart, maybe an hour flight time max. Exploring the surroundings of an exotic place can of course be fascinating, but even then I want to fly point A to point B. Thats why I have never bought high quaiy Airport add-ons for exotic places, because I have had no high quality airport to have as destination pretty close. With many more simmers joining with MFS, and I think a lot of them simmers who will use the sim for a few hours entertainment and then do something else, it might be an idea to consider developing, releasing and/or selling add-on airports in pair or sets of airports which are in a distance close enough for making a short trip, but still take off and land on quality airport scenery (because the on-route scenery already look stunning!). I know that when I find that kind of pairs myself I often buy both airports, even though perhaps one of them might not be my top choice. Fly Tampa St Barth is a very good example of that. To bring in sets of small airports for Island Hoping would also be very interesting now with water and coast looking so amazing. Some spontanious thoughts this morning! Best regards Jan Jönsson
  5. Thanks again, very interesting! In your text you describe it as more complex to develop aircrafts in MFS due to the new, a bit more realistic, flight modell. So you think this will slow production of new aircrafts for this new sim down, taking longer time to get a new aircraft in the hangar so to speak? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  6. Very interesting thoughts! What I have noticed in the different videos I have watched is that some of the main cities of the world look amazing with all the iconic buildings you would expect. Some other cities (like Stockholm where I live) look amazingly accurate but some of the iconic buildings dont (In Stockholm I would narrow it down to The City Hall, Vasa Museum, Victoria Tower and Friends Arena). I know/hope Aerosoft will produce lots of high quility add-ons. Are you planning to integrate updates to some of the most iconic buildings in nearby cities when producing new airports, could make it even more interesting to buy and (hopefully) would not be very complicated to program? Or maybe compete with ORBX on a totally new product line? Really looking forward to see what you at Aerosoft comes up with, as soon as I get my hands on MFS on Tuesday. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  7. Great news about the Twinotter. As a mainly big jets guy I have always liked the Twotter. And now with the amazing water simulation I hope that includes the sea plane versions 😁 One thing to consider is to add some kind of possibility to "park" with the sea plane (so it doesnt float away with engines shut down in the harbour) which has always been tricky or impossible with even slight wind. Really looking forward to everything Aerosoft will bring to this new simulator. Very excited! Congrats on your important cooperation with Asabo. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  8. Hi! After installing the latest update for Aerosoft A330, I have a small but strange problem. When opening and closing the cargo doors, the text "HYD ELEC PUMP" flickers and when looking in the spot view the doors shake and the sound is kind of "choppy" until the door is opened or closed. The problem doesnt seem to effect the aircraft in any other way. But what might be causing this problem? By the way, the A330 is such a magnificent aircraft to fly in. It is my definitive favorite in my hangar and I use it as much as I can during this corona-summer. I am using P3d v4.5 HF3 (latest version), Active Sky, GSX Level 2, Ultimate Traffic Live and lots of Aerosoft and other add-on airports if that has something to do with this small problem. Best regards Jan Jönsson
  9. Thank you very much for your fast and kind reply. Will stay with P3D v4.5 for the time being. Best regerads Jan Jönsson
  10. Hi! Currently flying P3D v4.5 on new top computer and is happy with that. However my plan has been to switch over to P3D v5, but after reading Aerosoft/Mathijs recommendation to wait until the plattform stabilizes I have stayed away from switching. Now with HF 2 out I was wondering if this recommendation still stands or if many of the issues has been resolved. I have also read here on the forum that Aerosoft was finding it difficult to develop advanced aircraft modells for the P3D plattform. With the P3D v5 hopefully getting more and more stable, will Aerosoft continue development of your superb high quality add-ons for P3D v5 for the foreseeable future or are the problems so big that it is actually better to stay with 4.5 and wait for the new Microsoft Flightsim 2020 (which I will get anyway when it is out, but you got to fly this summer aswell)? I might add that I mainly fly with Aerosoft aircrafts and to Aerosoft or ORBX airports so I want to use the plattform which gives the best quality and stability for these products, thats why I am asking. Thank you very much for all the high quality products we keep on getting from you, year after year! Best regards Jan Jönsson
  11. Would you suggest it is better to stay with the stock data for add-ons if you want to use native ATC, rather than using Navdatapro for add-ons? Best regards Jan
  12. Hi! First of all, thank you for the high quality products Aerosoft produce for the flight sim community. I own the entire AS Airbus family, PFPX and have subscribed to Navdatapro AIRACs. What I like is that its easy to create a flight plan in PFPX and import it into for example the AS Airbus A330 as a company route. However, a problem I have never manage to solve is that the native P3D (currently using v 4.5, waiting for v 5 to stabilize) AIRACs are not updated, and I think thats why when loading a PFPX-flight plan into P3D the native ATC doesn't seem to recognize the plan or they missmatch. I havent found any ATC-add on worth the money yet and for me native ATC is enough. Hopefully someone can assist me with these questions: - Is there a way to get the flight plans created using PFPX with the latest Navdatapro AIRACs to get recognized and followed by the native P3D ATC? - Is there a way to synchronize the AIRAC of the native P3D with those coming from Navdatapro? - If that is possible, are there any side effects (will for example AI-traffic from Ultimate Traffic Live still work?) Best regards Jan Jönsson
  13. Hi! I am trying to figure out how to program one of the buttons on the Honeycomb Yoke to toggle seatbelt and no electronic signs on and off, using the Yokeinput software or FSUIPC in P3d v 4.5. Is there a list of the variables/event ids for the Aerosoft Airbus somewhere or does anyone have any suggestion on how to program these sign buttons? In FSUIPC the AS Airbus doesnt seem to use the standard ids for these sign buttons. The yoke is fantastic by the way, just wished the Yokeinput software were a bit easier to understand and use to program every aircraft in a simple way. So far FSUIPC has been a better choice for programming the yoke. Waiting for the throttle quadrant to come out in the autumn. Hope it will be easier to program. Best regerads Jan Jönsson
  14. Hi! The "problem" seems to be on my side entirely. I have often missed the first waypoint in the flight plan since it has been so close to the departure airport. This seems to confuse ATC. Now when I know about this and always make sure not to miss the first waypoint, everything seems to work fine. Thank you for your replies and sorry for my incompetence...
  15. Doesnt seem to anything to do with that. Get the feeling the ATC just ignores the route and makes it a direct route instead between the airports. I will try and see what happends if I enter it manually.
  16. Thank you for your reply. No, it has not. Best regards Jan
  17. Hi! Actually I dont know if this is a problem, or if it is me doing something wrong. I have no problem making and exporting a PFPX-flightplan in to P3dv4.4. When I load the flight plan in P3d it seems okey, the route is correct in the map. When I load it in the fmc of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional it loads okey and everything looks fine on the screens. I get a clearance from ATC which is to the correct airport. However, up in the air, almost immediately after take off ATC give me headings that dont match the flightpath. It seems to want me to fly more of a direct route to the other airport, and since I dont get the message "resume own navigation", I have to fly the heading given, otherwise ATC protests constantly about my heading... It is like ATC doesnt recognize the flight plan. I have noticed this on all flights planned with PFPX. When I load the PFPX flight plan in P3d, should I save it with another name in P3d or should I not touch the plan at all? AIRAC is updated with NavDataPro. I am using the native P3d ATC. Anyone here has any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  18. Hi! Startade PFPX today, and suddenly PFPX was not working as it usually does. It was as if it did not recognize any ICAO-codes for airports and not possbile to search for airports or other things in the map. I then decided to update to ver 2. And I bought a new subscription for the online database. However, no success. The picture shows what it looks like. Any clues? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  19. Impressive work, as always from Aerosoft! Looks good, sounds good, flies good. The documentation is also very good, easy to read, easy to find what you are looking for. Can recommend to read through it, but if you already own the previous Airbus and know how to handle it, then there are only a few things you will have to find out to start flying (but to get the whole depth of this masterpiece it you obviously have to read it all). And my fps are better than for any other aircraft I have, with all high settings, Active Sky, UT Live, ORBX Ftx and Aerosoft Mega Sceneries. This is also one of the first aircrafts that work together with my SAITEK yoke, throttle and switch board equipment out of the box Thanks also for the quick job with the bundle access! Best regards Jan
  20. Hello Shaun! Thank you very much again for your immediate response! I must say, your support is just as good as your products! However, it is I who am stupid! After your last reply i realized that I acctually bought and installed GAP3 a while ago, but after already having installed EDDH when GAP3 did not excist. So after deinstalling EDDH and reinstalling the new version of GAP 3 everything is perfect, no double lines, only very good sceneries!!! Thank you very much and I will continue to be a very devoted fan of your products! Best regards Jan Jönsson, Stockholm
  21. Hello Shaun! Thank you very much for your immediate response. I have attached two screenshots.
  22. Hello! I have uninstalled Hamburg version 1.00 and then installed the updated version 1.03. Now all taxi lines and signs on the apron are double. Any idea why? Best regards! Jan
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