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  1. As for the FMC, I can say that for me, PMDG products are far more complex than I like and the default aircraft are much to simple for me. CS aircraft are just about on the level that I'm on complexity-wise. I also want to say that even if Airbus X is slightly less than your demands are for the FMC and whatnot, the visual model (Both exterior and interior) most definitely make up for it. I have very high demands for a good visual model and I wouldn't change a thing about how the thing looks. The ONLY changes I would make would be a more dramatic suspension and for the aircraft's autobraking systems to be less powerful. (The plane really doesn't need much runway at all to come to a full stop on a runway). I very rarely ever need reversing thrust (although I use it because it's fun!) I think anyone who doesn't 100% demand complete FMC modelling would love this plane. Oh and I am a Boeing man as well, but the Bus is still a beauty to me! Hope this helps - hope you buy this plane, it'll most definitely be worth it. -Matt
  2. They all look so amazing. Especially Mountain Air. Ahhh. It will be a great 2011!!!
  3. I think you should seriously consider reinstalling the Bus and giving it a try through the VC. The VC is something that one has to get used to, but once you do, it's awesome. The Bus is the first addon i've bought without a 2D and after a week or so, I got used to it and it's basically the only plane I've been using for the past couple of months. And also, Aerosoft does have an extensive feature listing on the website and I'm almost certain it states the lack of 2D panels on the bus. Give the Bus another try! It'll be worth it! Happy New Years, -Matt
  4. Thanks for the videos! In my personal opinion, on the AIrbus X, i think that on flaps 2 and 3, the flaps don't come out as much compared to the real A320/A321. Thanks a lot for the info. -Matt
  5. Hawaii Dillingham X is great!! amazing FPS and everything! On a side note, the Airbus X also gets great frames, although it isn't an airport -Matt
  6. Hawaii Dillingham X is great!! amazing FPS and everything! On a side note, the Airbus X also gets great frames, although it isn't an airport -Matt
  7. I noticed this on the A320 and the A321. I don't know, it just looks like they don't come out enough for the first 3 stages. Maybe someone else can find a picture that better shows this? Flaps 1 on the Airbus X is barely different from Flaps 0. Same with Flaps 2 and 3 but moreso with 1.
  8. It appears, at least to me, that on the Bus, that the flaps don't go out far enough on the first 3 settings. The attached photo is of flaps 1 or 2 (i think), and the flaps appear to be much larger and out than the ones on Airbus X. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this. Also, is there anyway to make it so I can move the viewpoint around from the wing view? Thanks so much in advance. (picture link is below) WING -Matt
  9. my A320s wingview problems are solved but my A321s wingviews are still the same!!!
  10. Would love to see any JetBlue aircraft. Preferably N629JB but it doesn't really matter to me
  11. Hey guys, I didn't really know where to post this, but this isn't an issue, this is more a question to repainters... In pictures that I've seen of the BUS, the rear wheels seem more dirty looking and I was wondering if it would be possible to give it that look, rather than the 'clean' look in repaints. I for one would rather see the 'dirty' looking wheels.
  12. Looks beautiful! I fly on Frontier all the time and yes, the animals are on the inside of the winglets also. Great job though! Looking forward to seeing some more from you
  13. Yeah, it's weird and i think you could fix it by moving the eyepoint but it won't let you.
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