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  1. Please disregard as I figured it out. Seems my updater did not update to latest version 2.1 Installed and all is well.
  2. So today I am trying to re-activate T7 profile {both Yoke and throttle), and am not getting the configuration for the Yoke to register. I keep getting "The Selected File is invalid". What am I doing wrong, and what did I mess up this time? All was fine yesterday, so not sure what I did wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Running as admin, and all .json files are stored in a Honeycomb Folder I made on the desktop. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ben, thanks for the reply and help. Since the yoke came out first, the two white buttons on top are assigned to flaps, but since those are now available on the throttle quadrant, I am trying to reassign them. I am using mainly the PMDG T7 settings. My apologies for the lack of knowledge of getting the "profiles" to upload, but hopefully the above explanation covers it. Thanks once again.
  4. Thanks Ben, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how. Believe me I have tried, but am not able to figure out the "events" and what to do with them. I tried deleting the conditions, but that sadly did not work. I am missing something here.
  5. Thanks Ben, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how. Believe me I have tried, but am not able to figure out the "events" and what to do with them. I tried deleting the conditions, but that sadly did not work. I am missing something here.
  6. I have both the yoke and throttle, so I would like to use the white buttons (currently used for flaps) on the yoke for views, but cannot figure out how to remove the flaps settings. Every time I use one of the buttons, which I set up for views in P3D options, it also triggers the flaps (Using the Yoke and throttle settings from the download section). Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  7. Royal Jordanian (only had the A330-200, but would love to get it). https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Royal_Jordanian_Airlines_Airbus_A330-200_JY-AIG_(24883953700).jpg https://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/50803-royal-jordanian-ends-a330-operations Thanks in advance.
  8. The only worthy livery please: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Royal-Jordanian-Airline/Airbus-A330-223/2683655/&sid=423a3fb2ccd4d5583d2f4137560ad497 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Royal-Jordanian-Airline/Airbus-A330-223/2646919/&sid=423a3fb2ccd4d5583d2f4137560ad497 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Royal-Jordanian-Airline/Airbus-A330-223/2609376/&sid=423a3fb2ccd4d5583d2f4137560ad497
  9. Holgi, is there any chance you could "enhance?" Royal Jordanian A320/A321 grey colors to match the A319, if it is easy and you have the time of course. Also :embaressed_s: is there a chance to do JY-AYP for the A319? Thanks either way. Just noticed I posted in the wrong place, sorry. Will post in request section.
  10. Thanks for the clarification Emanuel, I was worried there for a while.
  11. John, you got me confused here, am I braking the copyright law by posting a link to the pictures? P.S. This is a legit question, so thanks for any enlightenment as I link to pictures often with the understanding that this is legal.
  12. 319 Royal Jordanian "Real" (thanks for the 320 repaint Holgi) Oneworld and normal repaint please: http://www.planespotters.net/Production_List/Airbus/A319/3832,JY-AYP-Royal-Jordanian.php http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/265825/jy-aym-royal-jordanian-airline-airbus-a319/ Thanks.
  13. No worries on my side of the fence. I will gladly wait.
  14. Never disapointing, are you! Was wishing for KSAN, but you want to make it worse.
  15. Rafal, so long as you do not try to park furthur up to the left hand side while backtracking Remember to go right.
  16. Mathijs, I want to know if the soon to be released Paris sceneries (3 if I understand correctly) are now compatible with Mega airport CDG. If I remember correctly, you were looking at a tie up with them and it got cancelled abruptly. Thank for shedding any light on this.
  17. Great work as always, and thank you for making FS come to life at the airports.
  18. Looking great. Looking forward to the release.
  19. Well, you have to edit the config files and it works just fine. Can't fly yet as I am still installing everything (slowly with restarts in between this time).
  20. I want to know from owners of eham as to whether it is stable enough now? Should I go for it or not? Thanks for any insight.
  21. Matt, that went out the window two days ago when I decided to finally build a new system. Along with a new monitor, gaming mouse and keyboard, headphones, printer, iphone, ipad ..... Do you know of any believable excuses for the wife ????? P.S. Any spare space on your couch for the next decade?
  22. Funny thing is I intend to
  23. Matt, sadly it is not. He just included the textures.
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